Shocking Secrets “Pawn Stars” Don’t Want You To Know About

Pawn Stars is one of the most successful reality TV shows in the world. The four characters that you see on screen have their unique charm and they love to drive each other nuts, something which viewers enjoy seeing. However, there are some crazy behind the scenes secrets about the show that the cast of Pawn Stars never want anyone to find out about! But we are going to tell you anyway so stick around if you want to see what kind of “skeletons” Rick, The Old Man, Big Hoss, and Chumlee hide in their closets.

20. Fan Meet And Greet

Even though Rick loves to brag about how much he makes by buying antiques and selling them for a profit, most of the his and the cast’s money comes from meet and greet events with their fans. People who pay a premium will get VIP status and they will take a ride around Las Vegas with the show’s stars.

19. Strangest Item

Rick was asked in an interview what is the strangest item that he ever bought and without any hesitation, the man said that it was a bunch of human skulls. The person who was selling them said that he purchased them from a medical school, but this was never checked out. I bet Rick sometimes wonders where those skulls came from…

18. Prepping Items

Even though the show might make it seem like every customer has an interesting item to sell, this is not the case. The only customers who make it on cameras have been prepped before and Rick and his crew already know what’s coming.

17. Lots Of Visitors

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has become somewhat of a touristic attraction in Las Vegas and it has more than 4,000 visitors per day. Sadly for the show’s stars, only 1 in 100 are actual customers who are looking to buy or sell.

16. Show Memorabilia

Talking about selling items, you might be surprised to find out that the pawn shop doesn’t sell as many strange items as Rick and his crew buys. In fact, the best selling items from the pawn shop are memorabilia items from the show and merchandise such as t-shirts.

15. The Real Manager

While the show might make it seem like Rick and The Old Man are running the store, this is not the case. A man by the name of Travis Benton is the real manager of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

14. Closing The Store

Travis Benton who is the real manager of the store is not happy that Rick and the crew sometimes have to shut it down in order to film scenes for the TV series. How does the manager make any money if his store is not selling anything?

13. Losing Money

Another crazy thing about Pawn Stars is that Rick and his crew lose lots of money on bad deals. In fact, Rick managed to lose more than $100,000 in only one episode because he bought stolen items.

12. Chumlee

Chumlee is the lovable and goofy character of the show, but this seems to be just a persona. Don’t believe me? Well, then you should know that Chumlee was arrested for possession of eight unregistered lethal weapons and bags of drugs which were found in his room. 

11. Diamond Earrings

Rick did many bad deals, but the most infamous one was when he bought a pair of diamond earrings for the price of $40,000 without verifying them. The diamond earrings turned out to be stolen and Rick had to give them back for free.

10. Pawn Plaza

As you can probably tell, Rick is the one that does the shot calling when it comes to Pawn Stars. This is also the reason why he built his own Pawn Plaza mall where people could come and buy ancient relics, weird items and even cookies from a store owned by Chumlee.

9. Touristic Attraction

Reports show that the Pawn Store store is visited by more people than the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Isn’t it crazy how a reality TV show can boost a location’s popularity so much?

8. Bad Pilot

Pawn Stars might be a hit right now, but this wasn’t always the case. Rick tried pitching Pawn Stars for years on end to no avail. He even did a pilot for HBO which is infamous for being so bad that HBO shut down the project right away.

7. Recreating Interactions

There are some spontaneous moments when customers come in with cool items. However, the cameras might not be rolling in that moment and then the customer is asked to recreate the entire interaction so that he can appear on the show.

6. Rick’s Marriage

What many people don’t know about Rick is that he married for a third time with Deanna Burditt. The interesting thing about this is that Deanna Burditt is divorced from a man who was sentenced to jail for assaulting a teenager.

5. Melting Gold

Rick and the crew once bought a bunch of gold coins from a man and decided to melt them. To their surprise, the coins were stolen and Pawn Stars was sued for $50,000 by the original owner of the coins.

4. Unwanted Guest

Another interesting fact about Chumlee is that he was never supposed to appear on set. However, Big Hoss decided to bring him in to shoot a couple of scenes because Chumlee was his friend and he loved spending time with him.

3. Olivia Black

Pawn Stars fans might remember that Olivia Black appeared during a season of the show, but then she never came back. The reason why Rick and his team didn’t want Olivia Black around anymore is because she did a sexy photoshoot between seasons.

2. Celebrities

There are many episodes in Pawn Stars where celebrities come to visit the store. However, the only reason why those celebrities are there is to promote their upcoming movies and projects and not to purchase any items.

1. The Experts

The show makes it seem like Rick has friends who are experts in every area. Although, this is not the case. The director of the show is the one who calls in experts and pays them to pretend like they know Rick and the others.

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