The Most Shocking WWE Secrets That Only Die-Hard Fans Know About

Even though the WWE is usually dubbed as the “soap opera for guys” there’s more to it. The wrestlers need to spend lots of years honing their craft and getting good at performing the super moves that we all know and love. Not just that, but there are some behind the scenes secrets that all wrestlers need to learn how to hide in order to offer an entertaining and believable performance for the fans to enjoy. With that said, here are the top 20 most shocking WWE secrets that you didn’t know about.

20. Recruiting Divas

The WWE Divas are known for their beauty, but did you know that back in the day they used to be picked from bikini magazines? Luckily, Vince McManaugh and his team are picking women for their skills and not for looks anymore.

19. The Monster Among Men

Braun Strowman is known as the Monster Among Men in WWE. This wrestler doesn’t have any friends and he will fight anyone who gets in his way! Well, it looks like Braun Strowman is not so mean when he is not working and he is a rather goofy person instead.

18. Editing Shows

Have you ever noticed that taped shows sound better than live events? Well, that’s because the WWE hires a big team of editors who add sound effects to shows before releasing them online.

17. Everything Is Scripted

This might come as no surprise to most WWE fans, but everything you see in the ring has been scripted months ahead. The WWE employs a professional team of writers who script everything.

16. Camera Angles

This secret is not something groundbreaking, but we have to give praise to Vince McManaugh and his team for the hundreds of camera angles that they use. This is why WWE shows look so much better when compared to other combat sports.

15. The X Sign

Even though everything might be scripted, some wrestlers can still get injured inside the ring and the only way they have to tell this to the WWE staff is to cross their hands and a do a big “X” sign.

14. Sweet Chin Music

Is there any other finishing move more iconic than Shawn Michael’s Sweet Chin Music? The secret about this move is that the hard sound that Michael’s shin makes when it hits the enemy in the face actually comes from Michael slapping his thigh with his hand.

13. The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins are the most popular Divas in the WWE and their biggest feud started when one of them had a wardrobe malfunction. Well, guess what! That malfunction was scripted all along and the twins are actually on good terms.

12. Commercial Time

Did you ever notice that the referees are talking to the fighters right before commercials are about to start? Well, that’s because this is one of the secret tasks that WWE referees need to take care of so that the fighters know when to wrap things up.

11. Rehearsals

The coolest things about the WWE is the fact that they do live shows for fans to enjoy. Well, those fans who buy live tickets are not the first ones to see the show because the wrestlers perform those shows weeks in advance so that they can rehearse everything.

10. Hulk Hogan Lies

Hulk Hogan faced Andre the Giant and after a nearly hour-long fight, Hulk Hogan slammed the giant on the ground and won. The WWE started saying that this was the first time ever when someone managed to do the impossible and slam Andre the Giant, but this is not the case because WWE was lying all along. Others have defeated Andre the Giant also.

9. Not Supporting Darren Young

Darren Young is the first WWE superstar to come out as gay and even though the WWE doesn’t want to confirm this, Darren Young says that he started getting treated differently after that happened. Is the WWE against the LGBTQ community?

8. Ear Pieces

We previously mentioned that WWE referees have multiple secret jobs and one of them is to tell the wrestlers to follow the script. The referees have ear pieces and Vince McManaugh is the one who tells them what to say to the wrestlers.

7. Professional Writers

Vince McManaugh and his friends used to write the scripts for the WWE back in the day, but that has changed. The WWE now has a team of professional writers who have written bestselling books in the past.

6. Scripted Promos

Every wrestler has his own promos where they call other people out. Fun fact about these promos is that they are scripted and the WWE gets to choose who the wrestler needs to call out.

5. Live Announcers

The job of being a live announcer is a difficult one, but in the WWE is much harder! The reason we are saying this is because the live announcers wear ear pieces and Vince McManaugh tells them everything they need to point out about the fight.

4. Big Salaries

This might be shocking to most of you, but wrestlers don’t make that much money from the WWE itself. Their main sources of income are advertising and merchandise.

3. The Rules

Vince McManaugh has set a bunch of ground rules for all wrestlers to follow and he doesn’t allow anyone to break them. In case someone does, Vince McManaugh will gladly fine them thousands of dollars.

2. Reinforced Weapons

Even though wrestlers use lots of normal items for weapons such as chairs and ladders during their fights, all those items have been reinforced so that the wrestlers don’t get hurt bad.

1. Wrestler Persona

The last secret fact about the WWE that we want to end our list with is the fact that wrestlers are encouraged by the WWE to keep developing their persona. The WWE wants the wrestlers to come up with their own catchphrases and unique moves.

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