10+ Things That You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet

The internet has changed the world and there’s no doubt about that. Everyone can watch their favorite TV shows online and never have to turn on the TV and sit through hours of ads again, but did you know doing this is illegal in some cases? There are many illegal things that everyone does on the internet without even knowing about it and today we are going to show you the top 20 things that might get you in trouble.

20. Torrenting Files


Even though most people know that this is illegal, there are still some that have no idea that they are downloading copyrighted files via torrents. There are also stories of people who were fined thousands of dollars for downloading music albums, so be careful whenever you torrent something.

19. Fake IP


This might sound a little bit crazy at first since there are so many people doing it, but faking your IP is illegal! Countries such as the US, for example, have laws that fine people for faking their IP and getting in malicious activities on the internet.

18. The Neighbor’s Wi-Fi


Even though connecting to your neighbor’s Wi-Fi is a great way to get free internet access, we advise you to get your own Wi-Fi network. In case you didn’t know, this activity is called piggybacking and its punishable by law!

17. Cyber Bullying


Do you rage at your teammates when playing online games? Well, you should make sure to avoid doing that as much as possible because cyber bullying is another illegal internet activity that most people don’t know about.

16. Streaming Movies


Even though there are many paid services such as Netflix and HBO Go where people can find their favorite shows, there even more free websites where people can stream movies and shows. However, this is highly illegal and it’s punishable by law.

15. Spam Emails


Don’t you hate getting spam emails? Well, then you should be pleased to know that this spamming someone via emails is an illegal activity and companies or people who do it can be forced to pay fines for it.

14. Fake News


Donal Trump is the person who coined the phrase “fake news”, but did you know that fake news are actually illegal? People who write fake articles in order to damage someone’s reputation will have to answer in front of a judge if the target sends a complaint.

13. The Deep Web


There are many stories about the horrific things that you can find on the Deep Web and this draws many people in. However, surfing the Deep Web is a crime that has gotten many people in jail.

12. Fake Names


We previously talked about fake news, but news isn’t the only thing that people are not allowed to fake. Using a false name online on social media platforms such as Facebook is also a crime that can force people to pay hefty fines.

11. Spending Bitcoin


Buying Bitcoin might not be an illegal activity, but spending it can sometimes be punishable by law. Bitcoin is infamous for being used for unlawful online purchases and this is why governments all over the world are keeping a close eye on people who buy Bitcoin.

10. Changing IP Address


People who are tech-savvy can always manually change their IP address in order to avoid getting detected by certain websites and software. As you would expect, this activity is frowned upon and it can be punishable by law.

9. Using Grooveshark


Do you like using Grooveshark to stream music? Well, then you might want to change to another service such as Spotify or Deezer because Grooveshark doesn’t own all the rights to the songs listed there and this can get people who stream them in big trouble.

8. Selling Items On eBay


Selling items on eBay is not an illegal activity, but it can have some bad consequences for people who don’t report their earnings to the government. You will never believe what’s next on our list!

7. Trolling Online


Yes, trolling online can be fun, but this doesn’t mean that its legal. Trolling can sometimes pass as online harassment and as you can probably tell already, this is punishable by law.

6. Adblockers


Adblockers are a godsend for people who hate having to sit through minutes of ads whenever they want to watch an online video or to visit a new website. However, China doesn’t like adblockers and anyone who dares to use software that can block ads risks facing time in prison.

5. Unlocking Smartphones


Even though you might pay the full price for a smartphone, this doesn’t mean that you get to do everything you want with it. Some smartphones are locked to network carries such as T-Mobile and unlocking it is an illegal activity.

4. Sharing Accounts


While some paid services such as Netflix might encourage account sharing, this is not the case with all services. People who share accounts risk getting banned and even to receive a fine from the government.

3. The Happy Birthday Song


You should never make a celebration video and use the classic Happy Birthday song because your video is going to be taken down. This might sound crazy, but the classic Happy Birthday song has been copyrighted by the Warner/Chappel label.

2. Talking Bad About China


We previously mentioned that adblockers are not allowed in China, but there’s something even worse that people are not allowed to do there. Chinese residents should make sure never to talk bad about China online because this will get them serious prison time.

1. Fake Accounts


The last thing we are going to end our list with is fake accounts. Never make fake accounts on online platforms because you will be accused of botting and this might get you a big fine from the government.

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