Teenager’s Act Of Kindness Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

Are you in need of a heartwarming story that will restore your faith in humanity? Worry not, this one is exactly what you’re looking for.  At some point in life, we all reach the conclusion that small things make the life worth living. It’s not about fast cars and expensive houses, life it’s about the kindness of people, solidarity and compassion. The protagonist of this story has it all and impressed everyone with his kind-hearted gesture. 


24. A Customer


Matthew Resendez is the boy who warmed everyone’s hearts with his amazing gesture. He was working at Burger King at that time, not knowing he was about to become famous. His evening was just another usual day of work and serving people until someone arrived at the restaurant.

Matthew’s shift was going as usual, until a man entered the restaurant. This person was totally different than the regular people you’d see in the small restaurant located in San Antonio, Texas. As a matter a fact, he did draw everyone’s attention…

23. The Stranger


He did not look like he was from around the neighborhood; but then again, anyone could enter and get some food at the Burger King. However, this man was poorly dressed and probably had no money to buy dinner. What was he looking for?

22. A Homeless Person


Young Matthew saw the man and realized he was homeless. Nonetheless, he knew that people should be treated equally in any circumstance, especially in the workplace. Thinking about all of this, Matthew saw the man approach the counter…

21. Some Coins


The man approached the counter where Matthew was serving and looked on the menu. After that, he started searching through his pockets and found some coins. Taking them all out, he counted a total of almost 50 cents. Matthew was looking at the handful of coins…

20. A Big Question


The man got closer to the cashier’s counter and held his breath for a second. Then, he took some time to ponder his option and asked a heart-wrenching question. Prepare some napkins because this story is getting all teary…

19.  Something To Eat


The homeless man asked if the small sum is enough to allow him to buy something to eat from the menu. This kind of question would make anyone incredibly sad and Matthew Resendez is no exception from the rule.

18. He Had To Make A Decision


The simple and short answer would probably be ‘no’ and the man would’ve left defeated to another place. But Matthew’s character did not allow this to happen. He was raised to be kind to people and he knew this man needed help…

17. A Wish


He had to do something to help the poor man and make sure he took the right decision. Instead of refusing the poor man, Matthew kindly asked him what would he like to eat if he were able to afford it. His answer brought tears to our eyes.

16. Something to Eat


When Matthew heard the man’s answer, he had to fight back his tears. The man answered that he was incredibly hungry and that anything from the menu would be greatly appreciated. Then, the young man told the homeless man the following…

15. Compassionate Young Man


Matthew then informed the man to sit down at a table from the restaurant and wait for his food to be ready. The young boy then ordered a large and filling meal that would definitely cure the man’s hunger. The most surprising thing?

14. A Good Deed


Matthew paid for the whole meal himself. The man thoroughly enjoyed his meal and thanked young Matthew for his generous gesture. After that, Matthew carried on with his job. Little did he know that his deed didn’t go unnoticed! What happens next is mind-blowing!

13. Unexpected Witness


Matthew had no idea that someone witnessed the whole scene and the consequences would be so unexpected. His kind deed made him famous and he even got a huge surprise. Check out the rest of the story and prepare to be amazed at #3!

12. Proud Parent


Later that day, at the end of his shift, Matthew went home and told his mother what happened and what he did. Michelle Resendez, Matthew’s mom, was so impressed and please with her son’s actions that she even posted about it on Facebook. 

11. Proud Mom Moment


After hearing what her son did, she had to show how much she appreciated his grand gesture. ” Proud mom moment! So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing I’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man”, Michelle wrote on her Facebook page.

10. Admiration


Matthew’s gesture gained a lot of attention and admiration from family, friends and people who read Michelle’s post. In the upcoming days, Matthew and his mom received tons of words of praise and recognition, which led to the story becoming famous.

9. Positive Reactions


Janie Mora, who also read the post written by Michelle, said “So nice an so kind of him. You raised a beautiful person and we need more young men like him in the world”. Miranda Marie reinforced the previous comment by saying “Such a good young man”

8. Proud Family


The list of people impressed by Matthew’s gesture kept growing. Ruben Jr. Livas, Matthew’s grandfather, responded to Michelle’s post as well. This time, the man congratulated his nephew for his good Christian values and also adding a touching quote.

7. Gaining More Attention


The grandfather added in his comment teaching of the Bible! “Proud of my grandson!”, he wrote. “Matthew 25:35: I was thirsty and you have me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”. His reference from the Bible attracted even more people.

6. The Grandma


Matthew’s grandma did not forget to show her admiration for her nephew either: “Matthew, you and an amazing young man with a big heart. God will continue to bless you always! Love grandma”, she commented on Facebook. Other people also added words of praise: “Michelle, you and Mark always had good values as long as I known y’all. Y’all did a good job!”

5. There’s More To It


But the story did not end here. Matthew’s impressive gesture at the restaurant did not go unnoticed, because someone was closely watching him. “The story could end there and it would be a happy ending”, Michelle Resendez added to her post.

4. Rewarding Actions


In the restaurant, there was another woman who witnessed the whole thing. She wanted to show appreciation for Matthew’s actions, which she did in the most amazing way. “Not only did she write to the company to let them know about the caring employee that had been working for them, but also rewarded my son with a very generous tip”, Michelle said.

3. Big Tip


Michelle revealed in her post that Matthew received not less than $100 for his good deed. “That was awesome of Matthew to do this. I’m gonna share [the story]. We will have kids with golden hearts…proud of you Matthew…you never know when an angel is watching”, a commenter added. 

2. Famous


Many people were impressed by Matthew’s story that the post gained more than 40,000 shares on Facebook! “I need to share this and should be passed on…viral on social media. Act of kindness goes a long way. Great job Matthew!”, Lisa Steve VanAmburg wrote.

1.A Lesson


Michelle’s post gained more than 160,000 reactions from all around the world. Her proud mom moment received admiration and praise for her wonderful son. He certainly taught us all a lesson about compassion and kindness! Great work, Matthew!

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