Man Risks His Life To Save A Drowning Koala, Then This Happens

The world is filled with incredible people who are more than willing to risk their lives in order to help others. There are thousands of incredible stories that would bring a smile to your face, but this one tops them all! This incredible story is about a poor koala who somehow managed to get into a river.

The tiny animal was too tired to swim to the shore but was rescued by a man who happened to walk by and noticed the koala struggling to survive.

20. Heartwarming Story

The man decided to risk getting scratched or worse, just because he couldn’t stand the thought of not helping a tiny soul who needed him. With that said, let’s see how this incredible story starts.

19. Adorable Animals

If there’s something that we can all agree on, then it must be the fact that koalas are some of the most adorable animals in the world. There is something special about seeing them climb through trees and have fun.

18. Defensive Strategies

The cool thing about koalas is the fact that they have defensive strategies that keep them safe from predators. Koalas will climb trees in order to stay away from predators like snakes for example, but there is something that koalas can’t do and you won’t believe what it is…

17. Bad Swimmers

The one thing that koalas can’t protect themselves from is water. These fluffy animals are bad swimmers and they are the first ones to suffer whenever a flood comes through the jungle. But the little guy you’re about to meet was lucky to be spotted by a man who was walking nearby…

16. Drowning Koala Dodo

Our story starts when two friends were walking next to a lake and spotted a tiny koala struggling to stay at the surface. Seeing this, one of the men decided to take his shirt off and jump in the water in order to catch him. Although this is easier said than done as you will soon find out.

15. Extending The Branch Dodo

The man tried extending a branch so that the koala could grab on to it. However, the scared animal didn’t realize what the man was trying to do and didn’t want to grab it. This left the rescuer with no other choice than to go deeper in the water.

14. Deep Water

Not having any other option, the man decided to try and grab the koala. This is when his friend yelled, “Don’t grab him, he can scratch you!” But how else was he supposed to take the tiny creature out of the water? Then this cool thing happens…

13. Guiding The Koala

The man knew that touching the scared koala is not a wise decision and he decided to try and guide it towards the shore. Sadly, the koala was so exhausted that it could barely keep its head above water level…

12. The Koala Starts Swimming!

From the looks of it, the koala realized that the man is trying to show him the way to the shore and he started swimming. The two men were happy to see that the poor animal still has some strength left and they rooted for him to make it to the shore.

11. Taking A Risk

The man saw that the koala could barely breathe and he decided that he needed to take a huge risk so he grabbed the koala by his fur. Can you believe how brave this man is?

10. The Koala Gets Scared

The koala didn’t know what the man was trying to do, and it started getting even more terrified when it felt his touch. The poor animal must have been so scared…

9. Almost Out

Now that the man was holding tight on the koala’s fur, he started pulling the little guy towards the shore. He was almost out of the water then this scary thing happened! Keep reading to see what happened next.

8. Too Tired!

The koala was so tired that it could barely stand on its feet and it feel underwater. Good thing the man was holding tight because he pulled the little guy right out.

7. A Little Help

The scared animal finally made it out the water! Even though the koala got a little help from the human, no one can say that he wasn’t strong!

6. Safe

After being minutes away from drowning, the koala was finally safe on the shore. How do you think the man who helped the koala feels about this?

5. Happy

The man says that he is happy the koala made it out of the water. He doesn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if he and his friend didn’t walk around the lake that day and noticed the koala struggling to swim.

4. Sharp Claws

Remember when one of the men scream not to grab the koala because it has claws? Here’s the explanation. Koalas are built to climb trees, and this is why they have really sharp claws. Therefore, the man couldn’t get too close to the drowning koala without risking getting cuts on his arms.

What happened after the tiny creature was taken out of the water?

3. Run Run Run

Now that the koala was out the water, the little fella ran straight for the bushes. Who was waiting for him there?

2. The Family

Right before leaving, the two man said they spotted a group of koalas who were probably waiting for their friend to be rescued. How awsome is this?

1.Valuable Lesson

We think it’s safe to say that this koala learned a valuable lesson that day. This fluffy animal is surely never going to jump in the water ever again!

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