Couple On Safari Trips Sees Fierce Lioness Carrying Something In Her Mouth

Nature is scary, but this is why so many people go on safari trips. Even though you might be kept at a safe distance while driving in safaris, you never know what you might stumble upon. This is exactly what happened to a couple who visited the Kruger National Park in South Africa and spotted a fierce lioness carrying something strange in her mouth.

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#22. Scary Moment

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Our story starts when Graeme Mitchley and his wife went to visit the Krueger National Park in South Africa. The couple wanted to get up close and personal with some of nature’s fiercest beast but they were not ready for what they saw…

#21. Fierce Lioness

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One of the top attractions at the Krueger National Park in South Africa is a big lioness. People love to see her run around the park. Not just that, but the lioness also likes to stay for photos and this is what makes visiting the park such a special experience.

#20. Deadly Beast

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Even though the lioness is a beautiful animal to look at and admire, we should never forget that she is a deadly beast. In fact, the people who work at the Krueger National Park always need to be careful when antelopes start running around. Check out the next picture to find out why.

#19. Favorite Meal

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Antelopes are a lionesses’ favorite meal and this is why the staff is always careful when the two animals cross paths. However, the staff doesn’t interfere if the lioness decides to attack because they need to let nature run its course.

#18. Staying In Packs

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The only defense mechanism that antelopes have against predators is to stay in packs. But what happens when a baby antelope strays off from the pack and ends up all alone?

Sometimes, things take unexpected turns…

#17. Baby Antelope

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This is the first picture that Graeme Mitchley took of the lioness. He noticed that she was holding a baby antelope in her mouth and decided to take pictures of the event. However, what happened next made him drop his camera!

#16. Something Is Wrong

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For some unknown reason, the baby antelope was still alive and the lioness was not biting it. Something strange was going on and Graeme Mitchley wanted to find out what so he kept taking pictures.

He was expecting the worse, but then he was left speechless…

#15. Mother Instinct

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It looks like the lioness’ mother instinct kicked in because she had no intentions to hurt the baby antelope. Graeme Mitchley couldn’t believe his eyes what was happening. The next picture will shock you!

#14. What’s Happening?

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Imagine a deadly beast showing off its wounds from a fight and walking around with a live antelope calf in its mouth. You’d think the poor calf met its end, but in fact, this lioness was only carrying it!

Graeme held his breath and continued photographing the moment…

#13. Deadly Gaze

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What would you if a lioness would look like this at you? Now, this is a scary scenario that no one wants to find themselves in. On the other hand, the baby antelope didn’t feel the need to run.

Then, he is again surprised by the lioness!

#12. Stay Still!

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After finding the perfect spot, the lioness lets down the calf and takes a few steps behind it, measuring it carefully. Then, like a cat, she taps the calf on its head to check if it’s moving. But the baby is still, waiting… Then, the lioness gets closer and makes an unexpected move.

#11. Licking The Baby Antelope

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To make things even crazier, the lioness started licking the baby antelope. The fierce predator was cleaning the animal who was supposed to be its prey.

Then she does this adorable gesture that confused everyone!

#10. Careful Touch

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The most incredible thing about seeing the lioness playing around with the baby antelope is just how careful the lioness was when it touched it. The lioness didn’t want to hurt its new friend and it was gentle around him. But how long will it last? – let’s find out!

#9. Getting To Know Each Other

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It didn’t take long for the baby antelope to start trusting the lioness. The animal probably realized that his pack has abandoned him and that the closest thing he has to family is the lioness in front of him.

So he stays close to this gentle predator…

#8. First Steps

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The lioness didn’t stop at licking the baby antelope because it also helped the animal take its first steps. Why do you think the lioness is acting this way? Is it just a game for her or she is actually taking care of the baby?

#7. Maternal Instincts

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From the looks of it, the lioness’ killer instincts were overrun by maternal instincts and this is why she didn’t want to hurt the baby antelope. Now, this is something that you only see once in a lifetime.

#6. Crossing The Road

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Just like all caring mothers do, the lioness picked up the baby antelope and helped her cross the road safely. Good thing Graeme Mitchley kept taking pictures because no one would believe this ever happened.

#5. Protective Mother

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We think it’s safe to say that the baby antelope is never going to have to worry about predators ever again. Who is ever going to dare to hurt him as long as he has a big lioness as his mother?

#4. Teaching Him The Ways

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It’s going to be interesting to see how the baby antelope is going to grow. Will the lioness still take care of him when he becomes bigger? Or will she let him roam free?

#3. Unexpected Turn Of Events

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If there’s something we can be sure about, then it must be that this is not what Graeme Mitchley expected to happen when he first saw the lioness carrying a baby antelope in her mouth.

#2. Mamma Lion

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This baby antelope got lucky because this story would be a whole lot grimmer if another lioness caught him. Keep reading to see what experts have to say about this story.

#1. She Probably Lost Her Cubs

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Experts are saying that the only reason a lioness would act this way with a baby antelope is that probably lost her own cubs and that her maternal instincts never left. We can only hope that their theory is correct. What do you think?

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