You Won’t Believe How This Grieving Widow Keeps Her Husband’s Memory Alive

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult things that someone can go through in life. Things get even worse when that person was beside you since you were in high school. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Velvet Poveromo when her husband Charlie passed away. Although, the wife decided to keep Charlie’s memory alive by doing something truly incredible.


Velvet and Charlie used to be a happy couple. They were hard workers who lived a happy life, but most importantly, they loved each other. Not just that, but they have been together since high school!


There aren’t that many people who end up marrying the person that they dated in high school, but Velvet and Charlie did it! These two have been together for a couple of decades until something terrific happened…

18. CHARLIE PASSES AWAY Velvet Poveromo

Sadly, Charlie had a heart attack and he passed away. Velvet couldn’t believe that her beloved husband was not around anymore. However, she needed to do her best and try to deal with the grief. 


Years passed since Charlie died, but Velvet was still in shock. She found it hard to believe that a heart attack took her husband away, but she didn’t have any other option than to figure out a way to keep his memory alive. She made some signs for people to read and remember his husband. What’s the connection between the two? Here’s how everything started… 

16. GOOD MAN Velvet Poveromo

After Charlie passed away, Velvet started receiving messages from everyone who knew her husband telling her that he was a good man and that they all miss him. This moved Velvet to tears and she knew she had to do something about it.

15. HARD WORKER Grissini Ristorante

Charlie used to work at a restaurant called “Grissini Ristorante” and everyone who ever met the man told Velvet that they loved him. In fact, some of the restaurant’s customers didn’t even come to visit if he wasn’t working. Can you believe this?

14. MAKING JOKES Grissini Ristorante

The customers told Velvet that her husband was always making people laugh with his jokes and that he treated everyone as an individual. He always stared people in the eyes when talking to them and made sure that everyone is happy.


Velvet was happy to know that her husband was such a beloved person in the community, but she still couldn’t bear the thought that he will be forgotten, so she came up with a brilliant idea to make sure that never happens.

12. GOOD DEEDS Velvet Poveromo 

One thing that Velvet found about her husband Charlie is that he would take care of strangers whenever there was a heat wave. Keep reading to find out how he did that.

11. HEAT WAVE Grissini Ristorante

Charlie knew that not everyone is fortunate enough to work in a restaurant or office during the heatwave, so he always bought bottled water and handed it to people who worked on the streets. Isn’t this amazing?


Charlie wanted to make sure that no one suffers because of the heatwave and that people can get hydrated even in the worst of times. This is one of the reasons why Charlie was so popular in the community and why his wife came up with such a brilliant idea to keep his memory alive.


Velvet knew that she would never be able to help as many people as her husband did, but she decided that it’s worth giving it a shot. Without giving it too much thought, she went to the store and bought a water cooler. Keep reading to find out what she does next.


Velvet filled the cooler with bottled water so that everyone who struggles during the heatwave can keep themselves hydrated and away from harm’s way. The most heartwarming thing about this good deed is the message Velvet wrote on a cardboard.


“In case you were unaware, my husband Charlie passed away suddenly at age 57 on March 10th. I will do my best to continue to provide bottled water” wrote Velvet on a cardboard that had Charlie’s picture on.

6.  FEEDBACK Velvet Poveromo

It didn’t take long for Velvet’s social media to get filled with messages from strangers who were thanking her for continuing Charlie’s tradition. Isn’t this amazing?


Everyone in the community was glad that Velvet was keeping her husband’s tradition alive and they thanked her for her act of kindness. However, this is not the only thing that the community did for Velvet…


Seeing how putting out coolers filled with bottled water so that hard workers can keep themselves hydrated was keeping Charlie’s memory alive, other people wanted to follow in Velvet footsteps and do the same.


The first person to put a cooler outside her home was none other than Velvet’s sister-in-law. Soon after Velvet’s story went viral people from other states started doing the same.


It didn’t take long for “#CHARLIE’S COOLER”  to start trending on social media platforms and people all over the US began to offer cold drinks during the heatwave. How do you think Velvet feels about this?


“Pay it forward” is what one of the strangers wrote on his cooler. Velvet says that she is amazed her husband’s story has moved so many people and that her dream is to have a “Charlie’s Cooler” placed in every state of the country.

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