Mom Says “I Love You” For The First Time To Her Deaf Baby

Babies reacting to different things for the first time are just too adorable not to melt your heart. But what really made our hearts fill with joy was seeing babies with an impaired sense that finally got a chance to see or hear their parents and the world around them! Whether they heard their parents’ voices or the saw them better with a pair of glasses, the moments that were filmed are truly impressive.

The same is baby Charlotte’s tear-jerking story. Charlotte – or Charly as her family calls her, was born deaf… But her parents struggled to make life a wonderful place for their baby!

20. The Second Daughter

Christy Keane was pregnant with her second daughter, prepared to give her firstborn a little sister she could play with. During the pregnancy, Keane’s doctors didn’t see anything wrong in the baby’s development. But then, they tested Charlotte’s hearing…

19. Charly Was Deaf

The diagnosis was confusing. The baby had a bilateral profound congenital hearing loss, which meant that Charly couldn’t hear anything. Neither Christy nor her husband had a history of hearing loss in their families.

18. Shocking News

Although the family was shocked when hearing the news, Christy was ready to know more about the condition and do whatever they could to make their baby happy. Her next words made us reach for the tissues already.

17. You Will Feel Our Love

“You won’t hear us tell you ‘I love you,’ but I promise you will feel it. With every touch, look, and smile, you will feel our love surrounding you sweet girl,” said the mother in the caption of an Instagram photo. But then, this happens!

16. She Gets Her “Magic Ears”!

A little time after Charly grew stronger, the mother gives her hearing aids that would help Charly hear. Nobody knew how the baby would react, because these aids just amplify sounds. The baby’s reaction is incredible!

15. Getting the Hearing Aids

The parents were waiting to see if their baby would respond to the sounds. The whole moment was caught on camera, and we’re all lucky to see Charly’s reaction because it’s absolutely amazing!

14. “I Love You”

When Charly hears sounds for the first time, she doesn’t know how to react. But her mom says “I love you” and talks to her. This baby’s facial expression immediately tell them that she can hear them. Then, Keane says this…

13. A Beautiful Smile

Keane keeps talking to Charly to see if she reacts: “I’ve never seen that face before! Are you emotional? You’re gonna make me cry! I love you. I love you!” The baby pouts and smiles and raises her brows!

12. Sharing Happiness With the World

The mom then shares her story on Instagram, updating her friends on Charly’s situation. She explained that they were all prepared for no reaction from Charly, “so imagine our surprise and delight when she gave us such heartfelt emotion. She is amazing!” What happens next is even more amazing.

11. The Next Step

Keane explains that Charly’s “journey to implants and language development is off to an amazing start!” They said that the next step would be to see if they can try cochlear implants. Months later, Keane has an awesome update.

10. A Happy Moment

Initially, the happy mom of two awesome daughters only shared the video with friends and family. But then, they all encouraged her to make the post public. You won’t believe how much it impacted the whole world!

9. Charly is a Famous Baby

Not only is this baby a pretty girl, but she is now also very famous. The video with her reaction gathered over 18 million views on Facebook and over 13 million views on YouTube. She is ever present on her mom’s Instagram account – theblushingbluebird. But wait, there’s more to the story!

8. Ready For an Implant

Charly got cochlear implants to get used to them before getting to the age of 3. According to experts, babies under three that can benefit from hearing helps them better developing and building neural connections.

7. Out of Surgery

On her Instagram account, Keane wrote: “Our brave little darling Charly is out of surgery and bilaterally implanted!!!” Last week the baby finally heard again after a few weeks of waiting for external processors. She then heard her mom again!

6. Charly Is Thriving!

“The first time we posted a picture in this chair, we were announcing Charly’s hearing loss and our fear of the unknown,” wrote Keane on Instagram. But this week, the little “peanut is 3 weeks post-op, implanted, activated, and thriving!”

5. Seeing For the First Time

The same beautiful reaction can be seen in these next images when this baby smiles and giggles after he finally gets glasses to see his mom. His reaction pulled at everyone’s heartstrings!

4. A Short Happy Moment

The YouTube video only lasts for 30 seconds, but it has gathered more than 2 million views. Leopold Wilbur Reppond, the 4-month-old baby, gets his first glasses and sees his parents clearly for the first time.

3. Hey There!

“Hi lovey, honey, sweetie. I love you!” says his mother Erin Reppond. His father filmed the touching moment, and we’re more than certain that he wasn’t holding back his tears.

2. A Great Present

The little boy just received his glasses, and he is delighted to see the world and his mother for the first time. He grins ear to ear and opens his eyes to take everything it.

1. Happy Babies

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing babies smile and express their happiness. Baby Leo’s mom knew that the smile he had was one showing that he finally saw the world: “That’s a smile we just hadn’t really seen before.”

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