I Quit My Job And Sold Everything To Travel With My Cat Willow In A Campervan

Do you ever wish you could leave it all behind and just go out and explore the world? Everyone dreams about getting in a van and living a stress-free life, but there aren’t that many people who have the courage to do this. However, the fantastic story that you are going to see today will show you the benefits of living on the road and having a trustworthy best friend with you at all times.

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#20. Living The Dream

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Today we are going to show you the story of a man who decided to leave his hometown and travel the world while living in a van. The man’s name is Rich and he is living the dream accompanied by his best friend, Willow.

#19. Taking A Risk

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Even though most people are too afraid to live their dreams, Richard decided to risk it all for a chance to explore the world while living inside a van. The young man knows that the best years of his life are right now and that he shouldn’t waste them working a nine to five job.

#18. Awesome Idea

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Rich says that the thought of living inside a van has always been inside his mind and that he waited for the right opportunity to live a stress-free life for many years. Fortunately, he put aside some money over the years and he doesn’t have to worry about anything other than exploring the world with Willow.

#17. Hard To Say Goodbye

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Rich didn’t hesitate to tell his family and friends that he is going to live on the road for the next couple of years, but the only one he couldn’t say goodbye to was his black cat, Willow.

#16. Meet Millow

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Rich knew that he needed a partner to take on his amazing trips and there was no better candidate than Willow. You won’t believe what Rich has to say about Willow…

#15. Best Friends Forever

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The man says that even though Willow is just a cat, she is his best friend and that nothing is ever going to break them apart. Another cool thing about the relationship between these two is the fact that Rich doesn’t put a leash on her. Do you think Willow ever gets lost?

#14. Getting Lost

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Even though Rich doesn’t put a leash on Willow, he made sure to give her a special necklace that is tracked through GPS. This way, Willow can explore the forests and mountains without Rich ever worrying about losing her. Isn’t this amazing?

#13. Tracker Necklace

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Since Willow is always wearing a GPs tracker around her neck, Rich lets her live her life as a feral cat. What we mean by this is that Rich allows Willow to run around the forest all by herself so that she can explore the world on her own.

#12. Awesome View

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Looking at this awesome view, we can’t blame Rich for deciding not to live a normal life. Incredible views like this one are one of the biggest benefits of living inside a van and traveling the world.

#11. Making Money

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As you would expect, the biggest problem that Rich needs to deal with is making money for food and gas. Fortunately, he has a big fan base and he sells these cool pins so that he can afford to put food in Willow’s bowl and gas inside the tank.

#10. Always Together

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The most incredible thing about Rich and Willow’s adventures is that they are always together. Nothing is ever going to separate them and they are living the most exciting adventure of their lives. Would you ever venture out into the world like this?

#9. Comfy Van

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The van that Rich and Willow live in is not only big, but it’s also super comfortable. Just look at how happy Willow looks while chilling out in the back of the van. Now, this is a happy cat if we ever saw one!

#8. Awesome Pictures

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Rich has made an Instagram page where he posts awesome pictures that he takes all throughout his travels. Rich’s Instagram is quite popular and you will never guess how many followers he has!

#7. Instagram Stars

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The Instagram page where Rich and Willow share their adventures has more than 73 thousand followers. Can you believe this? No wonder Rich and Willow are so popular when they keep posting amazing pictures like the next one.

#6. Always Relaxed

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Rich and Willow don’t have to worry about a single thing in the entire world. The only thing that they need to think about is what amazing location they want to visit next.

#5. Having Fun

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These two best friends love to have fun together and this is what makes them perfect for each other. Did anyone think that a cat can be such a fantastic travel companion?

#4. Car Rides

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Cats are not known to enjoy car rides, but it looks like Willow is special. Some people need to buy special accessories so that they can make their cars comfortable for cats, but not Rich.

#3. Driving Around

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Rich says that the only thing that he wishes Willow would do is to drive. If this were possible, then Rich and Willow would be able to travel at twice the speed they are doing it right now.

#2. Enjoying The Ride

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Nonetheless, Rich is thankful that his cat best friend enjoys car rides. Sticking her head out of the window is one of Willow’s favorite things to do and Rich loves it when this happens.

#1. Final Words

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Rich and Willow are two of the most amazing best friends that we have ever seen and their story is undoubtedly unique. What did you think of Rich’s decision to leave the normal life behind and to travel the world instead?

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