Homeless Man Starts First Day At McDonald’s After Policeman Helped Him Prepare For Interview

Life can be really tough on some people and they end up homeless. You should never judge someone for living on the streets because you can never know what tragic events led that man to this bad point in his life. On the bright side though, there are some people who do everything in their power to help the homeless restart their lives and today’s incredible story might move you to tears!

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#20. Emotional Story

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Today we are going to show you an emotional story about the good deed of one police officer who changed the life of a homeless man forever! If you like stories with a happy ending, then you really need to see this one through.

#19. Homeless People

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As we already mentioned, it’s impossible to know what kind of tragic events led people to become homeless. The worst thing about this is that their messy appearance makes it challenging for them to find a job and sustain themselves.

#18. Stop And Help

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Even though no one likes to admit this, it’s hard to look at a homeless person. If you do, then you feel like you need to do something and help. However, you don’t need to give them money in order to feel better about yourself because you can always help them through other means as you will soon find out.

#17. Meet Tony Carlson

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The man in this picture is Tony Carlson and he is a police officer. Tony is the type of person who would put his life on the line to help others and what he did one day changed the life of a homeless man! Keep reading to find out his story.

#16. Phil Needs Help

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Tony Carlson’s story starts when the police officer finds a homeless man named Phil who needed a little bit of help. Phil wanted to get hired, but he needed to have a clean look, so he bought a second-hand beard razor. Unfortunately, the razor didn’t work and Phil couldn’t shave…

#15. McDonald’s Is Hiring

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Tony Carlson was patrolling around the local McDonald’s when he saw Phil crying. The police officer asked Phil what’s wrong and Phil told him that his razor is not working and he can’t get a job. Seeing this, Tony Carlson decided to help out.

#14. Helping Out

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Without giving it any second thought, Tony Carlson fixed the broken razor and started helping Phil get cleaned up. The incredible thing about this is that Tony Carlson didn’t stop at fixing the razor and he did something else too…

#13. No Mirror

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Tony Carlson knows that shaving without a mirror is challenging and he asked Phil if he could do it for him. Isn’t this amazing? Tony Carlson is a good person and there’s no denying that.

#12. The Story Is Not Over

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Even though Tony Carlson helped Phil get a clean look, our story doesn’t end here. Phil still had a big problem to deal with and he needed the help of the entire community!

#11. Ready For The Interview

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Phil was no ready for the interview at McDonald’s and Tony Carlson came with him to show support. Can you believe how helpful Tony Carlson is?

#10. Not Hired Yet

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Unfortunately, Phil was not hired on the spot because he didn’t have an ID and McDonald’s couldn’t make a contract with him. This broke Phil’s heart. The man did everything in his power to get on the right track, but he didn’t have any luck!

#9. Story Goes Viral

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On the bright side of things, Phil’s story went viral and many people heard about his problem. In fact, you will never believe who heard about Phil’s problem with the lost ID and decided to make it easier for him to get a new one…

#8. Senator Marco Rubio

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US Senator Marco Rubio heard about Phil’s story and he knew that getting a new ID is not easy and that Phil might not ever be able to find a job without it. Therefore, the US Senator decided to make life a bit easier for Phil and he made the police to release an ID for Phil. Can you believe this??

#7. Good Man

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Even though no one would expect a US Senator to step in and help a homeless man who is trying to make things right, Marco Rubio exceeded all expectations! The next picture is going to bring a smile to your face.

#6. Hired!

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Phil was hired by the local McDonald’s as soon as he got his ID. The fact that a homeless person without an ID or a functional beard razor managed to get hired shows us that everyone can improve their lives if they really want to.

#5. Donating Clothes

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After hearing about Phil’s story, the community of Tallahassee donated clothes to Phil so that he can look right at his new job. Isn’t this a nice gesture?

#4. Tallahassee Police Department

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Let’s hope that Phil manages to get his life back on track now that he got a little help from the Tallahassee Police Department and the community.

#3. Happy Man

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The cool thing about this heartwarming story is that Phil is a happy man. He learned that not everyone is bad and even though he might be homeless, he can still make a change in his life.

#2. Wholesome Story

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What did you think of this story? Did you ever expect a police officer and a US Senator to come together and help a homeless man find a job?

#1. Forever Grateful

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Phil will forever be grateful to Tony Carlson for the help he gave him. Not just that, but Phil is determined to work his way up the ladder and maybe even get to be a McDonald’s manager in the future. We wish him the best of luck!

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