The Most Powerful And Fearsome MCU Heroes

Superhero movies are making billions of dollars for Hollywood studios. Every celebrity who gets cast as one of Marvel’s hero makes the biggest role of their careers, but why is that? Well, people grew up reading Marvel comics which means that every hero has a huge fan base. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out the top twenty most powerful Marvel heroes Stan Lee and his colleagues have created along the years. Make sure to stick until the end because you will never guess who sits on the number one spot.


People who only watched the Marvel movies and didn’t check out the books will have no idea who this hero is. Emperor Vulcan is the brother of Scott Summers (X-Men Cyclops) and he controls all forms of energy which makes him very powerful.


Does Magento even need an introduction? He is the most popular X-Men villain ever and he is renowned for being able to manipulate anything that has metal in it, including a person’s blood flow! Now this is a really scary power.


Hyperion is Marvel’s version of Superman. Therefore, Hyperion has super strength, speed and he can even shoot beams out of his eyes. What makes Hyperion special is that he can heal himself with cosmic energy.


Does the green skin give away who this hero’s father is? Skaar is the son of Hulk and he is even stronger than his dad. There is a comic book where Skaar destroys the unbreakable armor of the Juggernaut with one punch!

16. ODIN

Odin is another Marvel hero that doesn’t need an introduction. Odin is depicted as the God of all Gods in Marvel comic books and he is the father of Thor. You won’t believe who is next on our list!


Star-Lord is everyone’s favorite character from the Guardians of The Galaxy movies. Star-Lord is played by the funny Chris Pratt, but don’t be fooled by his jokes. Star-Lord is the son of Ego, a living planet, and he inherited some of his powers.


Just like this hero’s name implies, Eternity is an omnipotent entity that has been “alive” from the beginning of the time. There is nothing that can hurt or touch Eternity because he is… eternal.


Phoenix is a powerful cosmic entity that lives inside the mind of Jane Grey from the X-Men, therefore giving her immense power that cannot be matched by any other X-Men member. This is why Jane Grey is getting her own movie that’s scheduled to launch in 2019.


The fact that Galactus is nicknamed as “The Devourer of Worlds” should let you know that he is no one you want to mess with. What makes Galactus even more powerful is the alien technology which is combined with biology that he uses to devour planets of their lifeforms.


Magus is another Marvel character that many people don’t know about because he can only be spotted in comic books. Comic books pair up Magus’s power level to the same as Galactus and the cool thing about Magus is that he can take any shape he wants while being immortal at the same time.


Deadpool or the merc with a mouth as some of you might know him is the funniest character in the entire Marvel universe. Deadpool is a highly skilled martial artist but this not what makes him powerful. Deadpool is immortal and he possesses superhuman strength, agility and health regeneration which makes him a great assassin.


Sentry appeared in comic books as a failed attempt to recreate the super solider serum that made Captain America who he is. Even though the experiment to recreate the serum failed, this made Sentry much, much more stronger than Captain America. He is said to have the power of a million exploding suns.


Silver Surfer is working under Galactus because he made a pact with the World Devourer to leave his planet alone in exchange for his services. What makes the Silver Surfer worthy to be on our list is his ability to manipulate Cosmic energy which makes him basically unbeatable.


If you are a Marvel fan, then you already know who Doctor Strange is. Doctor Strange holds the title of being the Sorcerer Supreme and he can control time! To top it all off, the only person in the world who is smarter than Doctor Strange is none other than Tony Stark.


Thor is the God of Thunder and he wields Mjolnir. This hero is the son of Odin and his power is tremendous. He can take high amounts of damage without feeling any pain and his recovery rate is insane. Not just that, but his strength level is off the charts!


Just like Thor, Hercules is the son of a powerful God and he is name Zeus! Hercules possesses superhuman strength and he has regenerative healing that makes him a force to be reckoned with. Comic Book experts say that his strength level is equal to the one of Sentry and Hulk.


The only thing that we need to say about the power level of the Living Tribunal is that not even Thanos who was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with all stones didn’t dare to challenge him to combat.


Vision is the result of combining Vibranium (the world’s strongest metal) that was used to make Captain America’s shield with an Infinity Stone. Nonetheless, Vision can levitate, phase through solid objects and nothing canphysically hurt him.


Even though we have yet to see Captain Marvel on the big screen, we already know that she is getting a Blockbuster movie next year. Captain Marvel is so powerful that he can fly though a sun or even punch a moon, something which has yet to be seen in a Marvel movie until now.


The One-Above-All is known as the most powerful entity in the whole Marvel universe. The reason he is so powerful is because he represents Jack Kirby and Stan Lee who are the creators of the entire Marvel Universe.

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