The Essential Guide On How Normal People Use Essential Oils

Who doesn’t want to learn more about hacks on how to use nature as your sidekick in making your life easier? Let’s check out how awesome essential oils are. Here’s how you can easily use them in everyday life, be it to relax, clean the house, clothes, keep bugs away and many other things.

And that’s not all! If you’re thinking of creating some homemade cleaners, toothpaste, detergents or air fresheners, we’ve also added a few tips about how to start using essential oils in these products. There are more than 10 essential oils that should be in your shopping list next time you want to try out some of the next tips. Let’s get started!


Have you heard of melaleuca oil? It’s a native Australian tradition to use this oil, known as tea tree oil to treat colds, heal wounds, help with coughs, sore throats, and skin problems. It sounds miraculous, considering that this oil is not just antiviral and anti-inflammatory, but it also has anticancer activity. Here’s more about this amazing oil for skincare tricks at #9.


The list wouldn’t be complete without lavender oil. There are 39 species of lavender, each having different properties, but they all contain a lot of linalool, linalyl acetate, eucalyptol, and camphor, which together make lavender oil a good sedative, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anesthetic and antiviral.

It’s not just good-smelling, it can also lift your spirits. Now let’s see how it’s the best and safest way to use them.


If you have vents in your house, put some essential oil on clothespins and then clip them to the floor vents – the air will flow over the pins and make your home smell fresh! You can also add a few drops of oil on a napkin or cotton ball and vacuum it, then continue to vacuum the house. Again, your house will smell great! And that’s not all!


You don’t need to use perfume anymore. Pick your favorite scent – the perfect one for this weather would be cinnamon – and add two drops of essential oil to a scarf. You’ll literally spread waves of happiness around you!

Just pick one of these tips and start incorporating essential oils in your life, be it for relaxing, taking baths, or cleaning the house.


We know you love your favorite coats or dresses, so keep moths away and make them smell great with a mothball that you can make all by yourself. Get some cotton balls, put a few drops of cedarwood essential oil and just place them in the drawers. Isn’t that great?

Start using whatever oil you want, and you’ll see how awesome they are – you’ll definitely want some more!


Lemon is the definition of freshness and cleanliness, and you might have noticed it’s marketed in a lot of cleaning products. The oil is antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic. In a diluted form, it’s great in using it in skin care products to diminish wrinkle appearance, promote circulation and tone the skin. Plus, it improves the mood. Here’s the next trick on how you can get energized.


Add that lemon oil drop and another drop of peppermint essential oil in your palm, but the palms together and inhale that scent for about half a minute. It will energize you and make you more productive. Essential oil reduces stress and allows you to be more focused. And that’s not all!


Grab that bottle and use some drops if you feel nausea. You can also use it with your lip balm to invigorate you and feel that smell all day long. Peppermint oil also treats headaches, it’s antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and it numbs any pain you have on the skin.

Here’s what’s so great about these essential oils…


These oils each function like a little helper in the house, but they’re also like a super medicine to rid you of a nasty cold or cramps – like this next trick with XXX oil.

Why are these oils an all-time favorite? They come with health benefits too, check them out at #9. A popular essential oil is also made from citronella. Let’s see what we can use it for.


The best bug bracelet ever is one made from cotton or leather, on which you can drop a mix of citronella or lavender to keep bugs away. Also, it smells great! That’s not the only way to use citronella. Mix it with eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oil to keep bugs out of your pantry!

Here’s what else citronella, also known as lemongrass is good for – check out this tip at #7!


When you want the opposite of lemon oil, you must try the cinnamon oil. It’s sweet, spicy and warm. It comes with a musky smell, and it makes all things smell exotic. Egyptian used them as a medicine, and today it can be used topically to soothe pains and muscle aches. It’s a natural preservative, and it’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Who knew cinnamon is that awesome?


Tighten your pores with tea tree oil. Use a few drops of the essential oil to witch hazel, and you’ve got yourself the best toner ever! Shake up when you use it to mix the oil with the witch hazel and avoid your eyes as you clean the face with a cotton pad saturated in the mixture. Now let’s use olive oil for this awesome nail trick.


Olive oil is a carrier oil which is perfect to be used in combination with essential oils to dilute them. Mixing a few drops of frankincense essential oil and olive oil is the best treatment for cuticles. Massage them in, and you’ll have beautiful crack-free nails with no dry cuticles!


Lemongrass, also known as citronella, is great for cleaning products. However, Indians have used it for treating gastrointestinal issues and fever – the grass is also known as fever grass. This essential oil is also antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Next time when you’re sick, take a bath in which you’ve added a few drops of lemongrass oil.


This oil smells a lot like the herb you put in the food, and it’s the perfect herb you can find in skincare products not just because it’s so amazing, but also because it is a great preservative. Inhale rosemary oil and your heart rate, and blood pressure will increase, as well as your immune system. It also increases brain wave activity and decreases stress hormones!


The amazing essential oil from clary sage is great for circulation, it’s astringent, antiseptic and antibacterial. It has a sweet aroma, and the scent is believed to have antidepressant effects, as it regulates hormones.

The next oil will take your breath away – literally!


Eucalyptus essential oil can quickly clear your airways and take your breath away. It’s strong but does a hell of a job if you want to freshen the room. It’s a pesticide and can kill bacteria, mites, weeds, fungus, and the best moth and bug repellent you want in the pantry.


Reduce anxiety with this oil! Studies have found that inhaling it, the sweet orange oil can make you feel cheerful and ready to face the world. However, if applied on the skin, rinse it off in the shower, because the oil makes the skin photosensitive.


You can make your moisturizer using cocoa and shea butter and add some essential oils to make your lotion smell amazing! We told you we found great ideas, and they’re so easy to use!


After so many ideas and tricks you’ve seen in these images, you are now an aromatherapy master! You know what these oils are good for, and that you can actually benefit for them and use them for many things: the house, your clothes, to relax or to ease colds and pains.

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