20 Signs You Might Be In A Toxic Relationship

No relationship is perfect, everybody knows this simple truth. When two people decide to start a relationship, they come with their own baggage and conflict is sometimes unavoidable. However, for the most part, a good and healthy relationship will make the partners feel secure, cared for and respected. But what happens when these conditions are not met?  The relationship becomes toxic or in some cases, even abusive. In order to recognize or, even better, prevent this kind of unfulfilling relationship, you have to know the signs.

#20. No Support System

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A toxic relationship is always about feeling superior or in control of a partner. A toxic partner will try to separate you from your friends and family at any cost! Why? Because when you’re isolated, you’re easier to be controlled and manipulated by a toxic significant other.

#19. Certainty

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When you’re in a healthy relationship you are sure of your partner and their intentions. In a toxic relationship, you are always in a constant state of doubt, skepticism and uncertainty. These feelings are a result of the toxic behavior your partner may exhibit.  When you’re not sure of things, they can easily interfere and make the decisions for you.

#18. Their Reaction To Success

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A strong indicator of a healthy relationship is the partner’s reaction to your success and accomplishments. If they feel proud and happy for you, that means they’re 100% dedicated to your happiness. On the other side of the coin, if they make you feel bad about your success, it means they don’t want you to grow and realize you’re better off without them.

#17. You Feel Like You Don’t Matter

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This usually happens when your toxic partner is also extremely narcissistic. They just have to be in the spotlight, while you should always be grateful you get to be called their significant other. In a toxic relationship, you will feel like your opinions and feelings don’t matter and you always strive to be acknowledged.

#16. They Are Controlling

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Probably one of the most obvious red flags in a relationship is about control. If your partner has to control and decide every aspect of your life, then you might be in an unhealthy relationship. Most people who are in this kind of relationship also feel like the life they’re living it’s not their own or they just lose their sense of self and identity.

#15. Feeling Drained

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Usually, after you spend time with your partner you feel happy, energized and satisfied. However, when you’re involved with a toxic person, you feel like you poured all your energy and resources in satisfying them. The worst part of all is that, even then, they don’t feel like you did enough and always demand more.

#14. All Give, No Take

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When you’re in a good, healthy relationship you are in a constant state of giving and receiving. Well, in a toxic relationship, things are exactly the opposite. The toxic partner demands and demands without giving anything back or even considering your needs and desires. Their happiness is the number one priority and you are responsible for it!

#13. Drama

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In any relationship, conflicts arise. There is no perfect couple on this planet and a little banter never hurt anyone.  However, if your relationship is all about starting drama, irrational arguments and pointless fights, that’s a sign of a toxic relationship. A loving partner will always look for ending the conflict and finding a compromise that will make both people involved happy.

#12. Growth

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Do you often feel like you have to take care of your partner? Like their wellbeing is the most important thing to the point where your goals, plans and aspirations are forgotten? Well, that means your partner is a negative influence on you and your life. Two people in a relationship strive to achieve their goals together. Everybody has a chance to grow and be successful.

#11. Criticism

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A little bit of criticism nicely said is always welcomed. No one is perfect and a loving partner will make sure you become the best version of yourself. But when there is always conflict, constant criticism and your significant other never gives you a break, the relationship becomes a problem. The sad part is, the constant fighting will leave you wondering if you are actually valuable and worthy of their “love”.

#10. Feeling Trapped

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If you always wonder what it would be like to break up with your partner or just run away, it is a strong indicator your relationship is not good for you. After a while of being in such a toxic relationship, you start to question your worth or whether you will find someone to love you. Or even if you want to end things, you feel a sense of responsibility for your partner.

#9. Constant Betrayal

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Being in a healthy relationship allows you to be yourself and act accordingly. You feel safe and able to be vulnerable in front of someone else. However, in a toxic relationship, you always have to betray yourself, your thoughts and feelings, always wear a mask and compromise every aspect of your life. If you don’t recognize yourself anymore, then maybe it’s time to evaluate your relationship.

#8. Abuse

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A toxic relationship will always have a specific percentage of abuse in it. Whether is emotional, mental or physical, this is a clear sign your partner does not care about you or your wellbeing. If you feel like your independence is limited, it’s time to set some clear boundaries!

#7. Communication

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One way to tell if a relationship is healthy or not is to take a look at how both partners communicate. Is there a back-and-forth dialog or just one person has the right to voice their opinions? Do they get in a conflict quickly or avoid it as much as possible?

#6. Trust

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One of the most important things in a relationship is trust. If there’s no trust whatsoever, you will always wonder and questions your partner’s intentions and desires. Moreover, the lack of trust doesn’t allow the development of intimacy and vulnerability between the people involved.

#5. Hostile Environment

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Being in a healthy relationship creates a calming and soothing atmosphere between the two lovers. The partner becomes a home and a safe place. However, in a toxic relationship, you are always surrounded by negative energy and you just feel uneasy and overall bad.

#4. Walking On Thin Ice

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If you always have to analyze your actions and anticipate the potential consequences of what you did or said, then the relationship is unhealthy. Always being afraid you will upset your partner and thinking two steps forward can be exhausting and unfulfilling.

#3. Friends And Family Dislike Them

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If your mom or best friend say they disapprove of your significant other, it means they are onto something. When you’re involved with someone, you tend to turn a blind eye when they do or say something unpleasant. However, your family and friends will always tell you the hard truth.

#2. Constantly Remembering The Good Times

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In the beginning, your partner was sweet and caring. However, as time went by, they showed their true colors, which was not a happy sight. A toxic partner usually tries to be perfect in the beginning in order to attract and deceive you. If you are always anchored to the past, it means you are probably in love with the person they were, not who they are right now.

#1. Constant Challenges

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Any relationship has to face a challenge from time to time. If you feel like you always have to work on something or to move mountains, it means your relationship is unhealthy. Usually, couples work through their problems and try to fix them, instead of always creating battles and issues.

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