Top 20 Motorcycles You’ll Be Dying To Ride This Year

Everyone dreams about riding a motorcycle when they are a kid, but not everyone gets to accomplish that dream! Although, if you are one of the lucky ones and you are looking for some inspiration because you want to buy your first motorcycle, then you arrived at the right place. There is something manly about motorcycles and no one can deny that.

The aggressive sound that the engine makes and the big wheels make everyone who gets on a motorcycle look like the manliest man on the planet! With that said, get ready to be amazed because we are going to show you the top 20 manliest motorcycles ever!


What better way to start other than with an original Harley-Davidson? This company is renowned throughout the world for creating some of the most amazing motorcycles ever made and the 1936 EL is the perfect example of that. This beast of a motorcycle is fueled by a 61-cubic-inch Knucklehead V-Twin that will blow you away!


If the Harley-Davidson looks a bit too old for your liking, then the Zero Engineering T5 Blackie is just exactly what you need! Just imagine how cool you are going to look while riding on this bad boy. Everyone is going to turn their heads whenever you ride around the city revving the big S&S Evolution engine.

18. 2018 ZERO S ZF7.2

This motorcycle is a beast and it has a base price of $10,995. Even though the price tag might be a little too expensive for most people, the 2018 Zero S ZF7.2 makes up for that with the cool design that it sports. An interesting fact about this motorcycle is that it weighs in at only 300 pounds!


Since Harley-Davidson is the most famous motorcycle brand in the world, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that this company will make numerous appearances on our list. Nonetheless, the Robb Handcrafted Cycles Harley is custom made from scratch and it takes more than eight months in order to be built. Isn’t the craftsmanship of this motorcycle impressive?

16. BMW R69S

This beauty was built back in the 1960s and its one of the most powerful motorcycles that BMW ever made. The German engineering makes this motorcycle a beast on the road and because it’s so old, the BMW R69S is categorized as a collector’s item. The next motorcycle will make your jaw drop!

15. DUCATI 1098

DUCATI is always the first brand that comes to mind whenever people talk about fast motorcycles. This incredible looking motorcycle is one of the first superbikes that DUCATI created, and it runs super fast! In fact, DUCATI 1098 is equipped with a brand-new Evoluzione L-Twin which guarantees an amazing experience to everyone who rides it.


If you ever wondered what a $24,000 motorcycle looks like, then this is it! Even though the Deus Grievous Angel is way more expensive than a “regular” car, it will make you feel like you are riding a bike from future. Talking about futuristic looking motorcycles, you really need to check out what’s coming next.


If you are a fan of the motorcycle World Championships, then you already know the MV Agusta F4CC. This bike has ruled the World Championships for more than two decades and it can reach up to 195mph. Can you imagine how much adrenaline your body will start pumping if you ever reach that speed?

12. YAMAHA XT500

Back to the classics, the YAMAHA XT500 first saw the light of day back in 1976 and this bike has held the title of being a “classic” ever since. Even though the XT500 might not reach 195mph as the MV Agusta F4CC does, it makes up for that with its personality and sturdy look.

11. HONDA VFR 800

This bike is commonly known as the “Interceptor” among motorcycle fans and it is equipped with a 782cc sports touring machine which makes sure that riders will feel a strong kick whenever they give it gas. As cool as this motorcycle might be, we need to let everyone know that it’s not for beginners! The huge engine of HONDA HFV 800 is nothing to play with.


Aprilia is one of the world’s most successful motorcycle companies and it owes it all to the “naked” design that it uses. Aprilia Tuono is the perfect example of how good a “naked” motorcycle can look. In addition, this bike is quite affordable and it’s a perfect choice for beginners. You won’t believe how cool the next motorcycle looks!


This is another custom motorcycle and as you can probably tell from its design, it takes lots of time to make. This motorcycle won the AMD World Championship with the amazing design that it sports.

8. IZH 2012 HYBRID

The IZH 2012 Hybrid is the most futuristic looking bike ever! The sleek design makes it seem like Tesla is the company who created it, but this is not the case. Another cool feature that this motorcycle offers is built-in dual airbags that make sure the rider is always safe.

7. 2014 EBR 1190RX

This is the world’s first American superbike and despite that, it borrows some feature such as the design style from Europe. Nonetheless, the 2014 EBR 1190RX is a beast on the track because it’s fueled by an East Troy V-Twin Motor.

6. 2015 HONDA NM4

This is one of the most badass looking motorcycles ever made! Honda combined the safe design of a scooter with the cool looking style of a motorcycle and the 2015 Honda NM4 was the result of that. This cool looking motorcycle runs on a 670cc twin-cylinder engine that has been optimized for fuel economy with automatic transmission.


This is the latest motorcycle from BMW and it offers 110 horsepower. While this might not seem that much, we need to let everyone know that horsepower is much stronger on a motorcycle than on a car since bikes are really light! If you think this motorcycle looks amazing, then you are not ready for what’s coming next.


Bobbers are the perfect motorcycles for people who want everyone to turn their heads whenever they ride around the town. The 2018 Indian Scout Bobber packs a V-Twin engine that puts out 100 horsepower.


There are lots of types of motorcycles and this one falls in the touring category. In fact, motorcycle experts are saying that the DUCATI MULTISTRADA is the perfect choice for people who want to get on the highway and to ride off to wherever the road might lead them.


Just like the previous motorcycle, the SUZUKI V Strom is also a touring bike. What makes the SUZUKI V Strom 650 special is the fact that it can fit on all tracks including adventure, touring, commuting and even cruising.


We are going to end our list with the Triumph Rocket III Roadster. This motorcycle has been designed for men who want to take things to the next level and it generates 163ft-lb of torque which makes it more badass than any car that fits in the same price range.

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