Turtle Tangled In Fishing Line Refuses To Say Goodbye To Her Rescuers

21. An Unsual Suprise Awaits Rescuers

If it weren’t for a vigilant team of rescuers, this rare hawksbill turtle would have never made to see the light of the day. Oceanographers in Kenya had a great story to share after a normal rescue incident turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Read on…

20. Meet Sasha – A One-of-a-Kind Hawksbill Turtle


The soon to be named gorgeous sea turtle had a rough meeting with a couple of fishing lines and plastic disposal pieces. Since people have started to become more careless with how they dispose off waste material into the ocean, the aquatic life has constantly been under threat.

19. Poor Sasha Needed Immediate Help


Such was the case of Sasha, a rare hawksbill turtle that is already on the verge of extinction. When rescuers spotted Sasha off the coast of Kenya, they realized that the turtle was an entangled mess.

18. The Turtle Got Into alot More Trouble Than Expected!


In a desperation to free herself, poor old Sasha got herself further messed up in the fishing line. One of the rescuer from Local Ocean Trust reported that they had no idea that the situation would be so serious for the poor fella’.

17. If It Weren’t for the Fisherman…


Sasha was initially spotted by a local Kenyan fisherman, who immediately called the Local Ocean Trust center. These guys are pretty professional when it comes to doing rescue operations in water.

16. Sasha Was Unusually Friendly For a Turtle


Anyhow, Sasha immediately developed a sense of trust with the rescuers. While they were busy cutting off the fishing lines, the turtle didn’t resist much. “She was cooperative, and clearly went along with the whole rescue operation”, said one of the rescuers from LOTS.

15. What Is This Turtle Upto???


Once Sasha was freed and the caregivers “thought” that she was ready, they set her free. But guess what??? The turtle swam around a little bit but it looked like it was having some issues with her cute lil’ fins.

14. Sasha knew Exactly what to do!


The gorgeous hawksbill turtle swam back to her rescuers, indicating that she trusted them the most. How incredible is that?

13. Sasha Was Brought In Eventually


The Local Ocean Trust agents took the turtle under professional care immediately. Once Sasha was brought back in, a close examination was performed on the poor turtle.

12. The Turtle Was Clearly Having a Hard Time

They found out that Sasha struggled to breath when dipped in a water trough. Maybe she was tangled for a long time in the dreaded net, or she tried too hard to flee.


Whatever happened, there was swelling around the turtle’s neck. Also, they found additional lesion marks around the fins and different parts of the body that were directly exposed to the fishing line.

11. The Net Would Have Claimed the Turtle’s Life

National Geographic

The fishing net would have killed Sasha if she was left alone in the ocean for too long. They could see the swelling on her neck, which made it hard for the poor old sap to breathe underwater. As for the damage to the fins, it was preventing Sasha to dive or go deeper into the water.

10. Fortunately, Sasha Was Under Professional Care!

National Geographic

The team put the turtle into a medicated hospital tank. They also treated her wounds and liquidated the tank with a betadine solution to accelerate the healing process.

9. No One Thought That The Turtle Would Recover

National Geographic

Everyone thought that Sasha would take a long time to recover, but to their surprise, she bounced back in no time. One of the correspondents said, “Sasha made a quick comeback and clearly enjoyed being able to swim freely without having to drag the big heavy lump of nets behind her.”

8. After 22 Days In Rehab…

National Geographic

The turtle spent 22 days in rehabilitation under LOTS’ care, but showed no signs of depression. Sasha was not only active, but she’d also swim across the tank to the rescuers for a pat. This clearly showed that the turtle recognized her human companions and wanted to return the favor with love.

7. It was time to Don Snorkels Once More!


Finally, it was time for the rescuers to return Sasha to a safe spot in the ocean. The funny thing is that despite of being fully treated, the turtle once again came back with a surprise.

6. Sasha Literally Swims Back to The Rescuers!


Sasha refused to go back to the ocean. She could swim, but she wanted closure with the rescuers. It’s as if the turtle felt vulnerable in the same ocean where she was once rescued from.

5. The Turtle Refuses to Go Back to the Ocean

Local Ocean Trust – Kenya

After a bit of swimming around and stalling, the LOTS rescuers had no choice but to take Sasha back home. The turtle was eventually released inside a marine national park.

4. Guess, It’s Time to Find An Altrenative Environment for Sasha


Fortunately, for Sasha and her new fellow companions, fishing is strongly prohibited in the marine national park. “She should be safe there. We hope that she will long a healthy and happy life under constant protection,” said one of the rescuers.

3. The Rescue Agency Needs to be Checked Out


Local Ocean Trust runs one of the very few aquatic rescue centers in Kenya. The group is locally recognized – so whenever a fisherman spots a poor turtle or anything out of the ordinary, they know who to call.

2. If You are a Sea Surfer, You Should Know This…


According to LOTS agents, sailors, tourists and fishermen have become immensely careless over the last 2 decades. People throw all kinds of garbage into the water, thinking that it will sink to the ocean’s bottom, but most of it causes more damage to the innocent fish.

1. Beware of Your Surroundings In The Water!


Thousands or turtles fall victim to fishing nets, coke bottles, straws and other plastic made substances which they mistake for food. Thanks to the Bycatch Net Release program that is responsible for educating people about sea etiquettes, at least Kenyans have grown aware of the endangered aquatic species, and how to protect them in best way possible.

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