Woman Sees Stray Puppy In The Middle Of The Street, Then Something Amazing Happens

While on a road trip to somewhere new, it is kind of expected that you will run into some kind of surprise. Such was the case of one video blogger who recently saw a stray puppy at a very busy intersection. What happens next is totally surprising. Read on…

20. Meet Fram: The Abandoned Pup


The soon-to-be-named puppy: Fram, was spotted at the side of the road. Actually, it was an intersection which oversaw a heavy onslaught of traffic from various sides. The adorable puppy was a mixed breed, and obviously looked way too disorientated by the looks of it.

19. The Dog Clearly Looked Out of His Mind


When the rescuers spotted the dog, they pulled up besides it. However, they had to wait for over an hour to make contact because Fram looked frightened. No one wanted the poor pup to run in the opposite direction and be hit by a car.

18. Did Fram Escape from a Cruel Owner?


It was later found out that the adorable mixed breed pup was actually abandoned by someone at a very young age. The dog’s neck showed signs of a previously worn collar. Whatever the reasons were, Fram started showing a positive response to the rescuers.

17. The Pup Couldn’t Make Up His Mind


Still, it took a good hour for Fram to decide whether he wanted to hop into the rescue car or not. As the rescuers recall it, the dog couldn’t make up his mind.

16. Things Start to Change for Good Eventually


He would put one step forward and then reluctantly go back to his spot. It’s as if he wanted to come, but the fear of unknown kept the pup from taking that leap of faith.

15. Fram Makes the Cutest Gesture


Eventually, when Fram did make physical contact with one of the kind ladies from the rescue centers, he was happy to shake paws with her! This little gesture clearly showed that the dog trusted his new human companions.

14. Rescuers Didn’t Have Much Time


As soon as Fram was loaded into the rescue car, he was taken to the nearest veterinary. Upon closer inspection, it was reported that the poor dog was covered in ticks and fleas.

13. Fram Had Fleas All Over Him!


Some of them were as thick as pea pods. However, it wasn’t a major ailment and the vet told the rescuers that the dog will be fine after a few medicated baths and couple of meds.

12. The Dog Was Also Treated for Other Ailments


Unfortunately, Fram was also diagnosed with ‘Demodectic Mange’, which kind of prolonged the rapid recovery as the rescuers were looking forward to it. The good thing is that the dog clearly showed signs of putting up a fight against his illness no matter what the situation would be.

11. Fram Gains Online Popularity In No Time


When photos and videos of Fram were shared online, they immediately went viral. Viewers loved the dog for putting up a good spirit and being an overall joyous little pup.

10. What’s Fram Up to These Days?


If you must know, the white polar bear of the dog is not only grown up, but looking considerably healthy and happy. The woman took her to a family in England, who were more than happy to introduce Fram to his other pet friends.

9. Playing All By Himself


You can see Fram mingling with some of the other dogs owned by this family. When he’s not busy interacting with other dogs or the new owners, Fram loves to play tug of war, or with a ball.

8. Watching The World Go By


Sometimes, he stands in the window sill and watches the world go by for hours on end. Fram clearly loves his new home and never forgets to return the kindness with same adorable gestures as the first day of his rescue.

7. What to Do When You Have Found a Stray Animal?


Although Fram’s story is inspirational enough for other people to partake in stray animals rescue, but what if it’s your first time? For starters, you can’t just approach any animal by the side of the road or anywhere on your own.

6. Be Careful While Approaching Stray Animals

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Sometimes, the animals are too scared and they might act on impulse, hence causing an injury to themselves or the would be rescuers. Often time, people do more damage than any good when they are attempting to rescue a dog or a cat for the first time.

5. It Is Good to Build Some Trust First

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First of all, build some trust. You can either wait until the dog in question realizes you as a none threatening entity – such as in Fram’s case, or you can slowly approach the critter by the side and try to pet him.

4. Offer Them Treats If You Can


Another great way to earn a dog’s trust is to offer him food. Regardless, once you have established contact, keep an eye out for animal tags or microchips. If it’s a runaway dog or a cat, the microchip will help you to locate the original owners of the animal.

3. Look for Signs of Previous Ownership

If there is no tag, you are legally obligated to take the animal to the nearest shelter. Some shelters are more than happy to take the dog/ cat off your hands.


Also, animal shelters are the first place where new pet owners come into give a happy home to these abandoned animals. These shelters know what they are doing, and are fully capable of handling such dogs.

2. You Can Also Adopt The Animal

If you have decided against taking the animal to any rescue shelter, then you have to take it to the veterinary’s office. The vet will examine the dog/ cat and may admit it for a couple days until full recovery.


In the mean time, if no one shows up or contacts you regarding a lost dog/ cat, then you can perhaps give the animal a new home all by yourself. You can either keep it in your possession, or print out fly papers/ ads to spread the word in the area about a potential pet candidate.

1. Eventually It Ends on a Happy Note!


Sooner or later, someone will call you to adopt the poor fellow. Make sure that the person doesn’t look suspicious and comes from a decent background. Sometimes, shady people show up with ulterior motives.

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