Stray Mother Dog Steals Pizza For Her Starving Puppies

A mother’s love can never be replaced and this momma dog is no exception to the rule. When this momma dog saw that her puppies were starving, she decided to take action! You won’t believe what  this momma dog decided to do…

20. Lunch Break

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Two office workers were sitting outside of an office park in Palo Alto, California. They were on their lunch break and were getting ready to devour their food. Then, something incredibly unexpected happened.

19. Pizza

Image: Amazing Creatures

The two workers had ordered themselves some pepperoni pizza and happened to look away from their food for just a second. It seems that, however, a second was enough time for a small thief to come by and swipe their food!

18. Stray Dog

Image: Animal Channel

It seems that when the workers turned their attention away, a stray dog had managed to walk over and swipe a slice of pepperoni pizza. The workers were shocked and had no idea how the dog had worked her magic and stealthily snatched it.

17. Running Off


“The starving little dog had jumped up on the table and literally stole a piece of pizza from them and took off running,” Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox told KPIX.

The workers, however, sensed something was wrong…

16. Curious

Image: Animal Channel

The workers immediately sensed that something was wrong with the way the dog ran off with the pizza. Not to mention, the dog looked extremely thin and ragged. They decided to investigate further.

15. Phone Call

Image: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

The workers decided to let the dog walk off with the pizza, after all, if she was willing to risk stealing it then she obviously needed the pizza more than they did. However, they knew they couldn’t leave the situation alone so they called the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in East Palo Alto.

14. Rescue Team

Image: ABC7 News

It took the rescue team a bit of time to get over to the area where the pup was. It took a lot of searching to track down the terrier mix. However, once they did, they were blown away by what they saw.

13. Momma Dog

Image: New York Post

Finally, they tracked down the terrier mix dog, but something about the dog’s behavior told them that something else was going on. So they decided to let the dog lead them to another area…

12. Home

Image: Animal Channel

The dog eventually brought the rescuers to her “home.” At her home they saw a litter of 1-week-old puppies. The rescuers were heartbroken when they saw the condition that the puppies were in.

11. Horrible Condition

Image: WFLA

The momma and her puppies were living out in the open with no real shelter. The puppies were practically starved and the rescuers knew they had to help immediately. It was a hard sight to see.

10. Hungry Dogs

Image: WFLA

“When our rescue staff arrived on scene the hungry little dog led us to her small nest of six tiny one-week-old puppies,” PHS/SPCA’s Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox told KTVU.

It seems that the momma dog had known that the rescuers were there to help her and the babies.

9. Struggling

Image: Animal Channel

This poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies,” Tarbox said. So the rescuers quickly scooped up the family and were on their way out of there.

8. Rescue Center

Image: Animal Channel

The momma and her babies were brought over to the rescue center. While there, they were looked over by a vet and taken care of so that they could all rebuild their strength. Then it was time to find a foster home.

7. Foster Home

Image: Animal Channel

Soon, the puppies were placed into a fantastic foster home where they would stay until ready for adoption. So far, the puppies have been weaned off of their mother but they’re not quite gulping down pizza just yet!

6. Named

Image: WFLA

The puppies were also given some highly royal names as they were named after the British Royal Family. Their names are William, Harry, Duchess Kate, Lady Di, Charlotte, and Meghan. Momma is, of course, Queen Elizabeth.

5. Adoption

Image: Animal Channel

Finally, the puppies grew big enough to be put up for adoption. So far only Kate has been adopted. However, everyone expects that the family won’t have a hard time getting adopted.

4. Lucky

Image: Animal Channel

“This poor little thing was could barely even take care of herself and then to be so hungry that she goes and steals a piece of pizza is pretty phenomenal,” Tarbox said. “But the fact that she did that actually lead to her rescue.”

3. The Shelter

Image: Animal Channel

The shelter has continued to alert everyone about the dogs. They want everyone to know that these cuties are ready to be brought into their forever homes asap!

2. Strong Momma

Image: Animal Channel

If it wasn’t for momma dog’s stealing ways, her and her babies would never have been saved. Even though stealing is never right, in this case we can certainly overlook it.

1. Forever Homes

Image: Animal Channel

Soon all of the pups will find their new forever homes. None of them will ever have to suffer a shelterless life outdoors ever again.

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