Service Dog Makes Unexpected Visit To A Prison Yard For A Very Emotional Reunion

Army veterans often go through truly traumatic experiences. That is why so often many of them suffer from PTSD as a result of physical and mental traumas. When one army vet returned he was given a service animal to help him cope with his stress. However, he never expected the emotional reunion that would occur when he met the trainer who influenced his dog.

20. Dogs


Dog’s have been called man’s best friend since the dawn of time. After all, which animal has proven to be by their owner’s side quite like a dog has? This is why many army vets are issued dogs after dealing with stressful events.

19. Army Vets

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Army veterans that return from war often suffer from PTSD that occurs from being on the battlefield. In order to help cope with the trauma, many of them are given service animals that help out. Many dogs are actually being groomed in the most unexpected way…

18. Training

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Service dogs undergo a ton of training in order to be of help to their new owner. A lot of this training has started to occur inside of prisons…

17. Prison Programs

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There are various prison programs that allow prisoners to inmates to give back by training dogs selected to be service dogs. These service programs groom dogs to be the best helpers that they can be. That’s how one vet ended up with the perfect dog!

16. Iraq War Veteran

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Bill Campbell is an Iraq war veteran. For the past nineteen years he had been working as a biologist for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, with the onset with the war in Iraq, Bill decided to re-enlist.

15. Stationed

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Between the years of 2004-2005, Bill was stationed in Iraq. While he was stationed there he worked on security at his base. Then, something terrible happened…

14. Blasts

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One day, his Forward Operating Base was hit with multiple blasts. During the blast, Campbell sustained a brain injury that really warped him. One of the blasts left him with a shrapnel that was too close to a part of the brain that is irreparable.

13. Full Disability

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After having sustained this injury, the army placed Campbell on full disability. Campbell’s recovery process would be a long one, however, he had family and friends that surrounded him with love during this time. Then someone else came into his life…

12. Helping Out

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In order to help Campbell transition back into civilian life smoothly, the army provided him with a yellow Labrador named Pax. Pax would be Campbell’s service dog and help him with anything he needed.

11. Trained

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Pax was trained at the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility in New York. Pax and Campbell quickly connected and the friendship shared between the two was unbelievable to outsiders. These two were incredibly close.

10. Meeting

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Pax was such an amazing dog to Campbell that he wanted to meet the trainer that was responsible for Pax’s great attitude. After all, Pax had helped out Campbell in so many ways that he wanted to thank the woman face-to-face.

9. Correctional Facility

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So Campbell and Pax headed over to the correctional facility in Bedford Hills. As soon as Bill and Pax stepped foot inside of the correctional facility, Bill noticed that Pax was getting very excited. It was obvious that Pax knew where he was.

8. No Idea

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Pax hadn’t been on the grounds of the facility since the day Bill had adopted him. He was thrilled to be back. However, he had no idea that he was going to reunite with his old trainer!

7. Trainer

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Before Pax was adopted by Bill, Pax had belonged to Laura, an inmate at the facility. She had personally trained Pax since he was a puppy. Suddenly, Pax and Laura saw each other again and it was a truly emotional reunion.

6. Emotional Reunion

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As soon as Pax saw Laura he began to leap with joy! He jumped on top of her and gave her a ton of love. Laura couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as well as the dog she raised from a puppy was here to see her again.

5. Walking Over

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Once the reunion between Pax and Laura had simmered down, Bill went over and introduced himself to Laura. She wiped away tears from her eyes as she spoke to Bill and thanked him for coming to see her with Pax.

4. Greatest Gift

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“I realized that by giving me Pax and by taking him from me, they had given me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me in my entire life… it restored a piece of my soul,” Lauri said.

Laura was beyond happy to see Pax once again.

3. Freedom

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Bill was then bought into the training room with the rest of the women and dogs.

“I knew when they told me that he was going to go into PTSD training that he was would make somebody feel a sense of freedom that he gave me, in a place where I was supposed to be everything but,” Laura shared.

2. Teary-Eyed

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There wasn’t a dry eye in the building when Laura spoke out about how much training Pax had changed her life. Everyone could see that the bond between them had never been broken, even after Pax had been given off to his new owner.

1. Sweet Reunion

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It was truly a bittersweet moment shared between dog and trainer when the two were reunited. It was an amazing gesture for Bill to show up at the prison to personally thank Laura for all of her hard word.

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