Man Feeds Birds Every Morning, Watch What Happens When He’s A Little Late

This man goes out of his way to feed the birds in his community every morning. However, one morning he happened to be fifteen minutes late. You won’t believe what the birds did when he didn’t show up on time!

20. Birds

Image: birdingingujarat

During the winter, it can be pretty hard for birds to get food. The cold weather prevents them from being able to eat as much as they usually would. Not to mention, less people show up to local parks during the winter to feed the birds.

19. Bird Whisperer

Image: Christina Griffith

However, one man who has been dubbed the ‘bird whisperer’ has decided to go out of his way to feed many of the birds in his neighborhood. However, he doesn’t just feed birds he goes out of his way to feed tons of different feathered friends.

18. Lots of Birds

Image: YouTube

Jitesh Parmar has gone out of his way to feed many different kinds of birds. These include ducks, geese, swans and even seagulls. Parmar stated that his heart went out to the many birds that had nothing to eat in the winter months.

17. Routine

Image: Geograph

So every morning at 8 o’clock a.m, Parmar would head out of his house with a large bucket of bird feed. He would walk over to Roath Lake Cardiff in the UK where all of the birds reside. This soon become a daily routine.

16. Habit

Image: YouTube

Parmar continued this tradition every single day. The birds at the lake soon grew accustomed to Parmar and would look forward to seeing him each morning. However, one morning something different happened.

15. Late

Image: YouTube

On one morning, Parmar didn’t show up at his usual time and the birds were incredibly confused. In fact, they were feeling pretty impatient waiting for him. So the birds decided to take matters into their own wings!

14. Video Footage

Image: YouTube

Parmar had set up a camera to record the birds. He wanted to show his daughter how the birds wait for him each morning. However, this morning he also happened to be late and the unexpected happened.

13. Explanation

Image: YouTube

“This video was actually intended to show his daughters how the birds wait by the side of the road on time. It was just his luck that he was 15 minutes late on this occasion and the birds decided to walk up the direction they usually see him coming,” writes Sreedharan Subramaniam, who shot the video.

12. Heading Over

Image: Huffington Post

Yes, that’s correct! The birds decided to take it upon themselves and track down Parmar themselves. So they decided to walk in the direction that they see him coming from each morning.

11. A Road

Image: YouTube

The birds all huddled up and started to cross the road together. You can see the cars on the road looking at the flock of birds in confusion. It was an odd sight to see, after all.

10. Avoiding Them

Image: YouTube

In the video footage, you clearly see that all of the cars were trying to avoid hitting the birds on the road. After all, it’s not every day you see a roadblock that consists of lake birds!

9. Coming Over

Image: YouTube

Finally, you can see Parmar heading over to the flock of birds. He starts to lead them back over to the lake and they follow without question. After all, Parmar is the hand that feeds them.

8. Crossing Over

Image: YouTube

So Parmar heads in front of the flock and begins to cross the road with them all trailing behind. A car driving over stops immediately and admires the strange sight before him. Finally, they make it over to the side of the lake.

7. Feeding Time

Image: YouTube

Once the birds were safely returned to where they belonged, Parmar began to feed them. In the video you can see him throwing handfuls of bird feed at the birds.

6. Emptying Up

Image: YouTube

Finally, Parmar turns the bucket over and empties the rest of it onto the ground. All of the birds have their heads down as they swallow up their delicious morning breakfast! The video was then uploaded onto YouTube.

5. YouTube

Image: YouTube

The video was uploaded onto YouTube and has since received over 3 million views. Everyone was completely blown away by the birds behavior when Parmar didn’t show up! “It’s funny how the birds know that man with food is coming 🙂,” one user wrote.

4. Disclaimer

Image: YouTube

Sreedharan Subramaniam also put a disclaimer in the video for anyone worried about the birds.

“A big THANK YOU to all the commuters on the road who patiently waited for the birds to get across. No birds were harmed or fed bread in the making of this video,” Subramaniam wrote.

3. Bird Lovers

Image: YouTube

“There are clear signs throughout Roath Lake Cardiff that advise people against feeding these birds bread. A big THANK YOU to others alike who feed these birds on a regular basis too. Yes, we’re a bunch of bird lovers here in Cardiff.”

2. Restoring Faith

Image: YouTube

Many viewers left behind some of the most encouraging comments. Some include: “So nice to see, not just the birds, but that the drivers do not got angry and they do not make make crazy honking, but they peacefully wait, until the street is free.”

1. Great Man

Image: YouTube

It is obvious that Parmar is a great man for going out of his way each morning to feed the many hungry birds in Cardiff. Now these lucky birds get to have a tummy full of food each morning!

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