Puppy Was Abandoned With The Saddest Message On Her Body

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There are thousands of stories about abandoned dogs, but this one is going to send shivers down your spine! Today we have a heartbreaking story about a little pup who was abandoned in the middle of the park, but that’s not the worst thing about it. The way the pup was abandoned will shock you!

20. Taking A Walk


Our story starts with a couple who was talking a walk in the nearby park. The two people were looking for a bench with a nice view to sit down and that’s when they spotted something terrifying in the distance! You won’t believe what it was.

19. Terrifying Sight


What the couple spotted was a dog sitting in a steel cage, in the middle of the park! To make things even worse, the dog was covered in writing and what it said will send shivers down your spine!

18. FREE


One of the dog’s sides said “FREE”. The dog didn’t look too good and it seemed like the previous owners mistreated it. This was a heartbreaking thing to see, but what was is written on the dog’s head is even scarier!

17. Good Home Only


The people who abandoned the dog this way wrote on its head “Good Home Only”. Why would they leave the dog in the middle of a park if they wished to give it a good home?

16. Gift Of God


The most terrifying thing about this whole ordeal is that the dog’s right side said: “I am a gift of GOD”. I cant’ even imagine what type of people would write stuff like this on their dog and then leave it in a cage in the middle of a park.

15. Sad Doggy


This should come as no surprise, but the dog was really sad and it couldn’t stop crying. Seeing this, the couple who found him decided to call the police for help because they didn’t know what else to do.

14. The Local Police


The local police moved quickly and arrived at the park in a matter of minutes. However, the police officer said that there isn’t that much that he could do for the sad doggy other than to take it to an animal shelter. Keep reading to find out where the doggy ends up.

13. Ross County Humane Society


Fortunately, the Ross County Humane Society animal shelter had a free spot and they were able to take the sad doggy in. Can you guess what was the first thing they did when the dog arrived there?

12. Warm Bath


The first thing that the animal shelter volunteers did for the dog was to give it a warm bath. Although, this is easier said than done because the dog was scared and didn’t want to come out of the cage. Isn’t this heartbreaking?

11. Feeling Better


The volunteers were able to calm the scared doggy and to give it a bath. The dog was finally feeling better and it realized that the volunteers wanted to help out. You won’t believe how the volunteers named the dog!!

10. Marvella


The volunteers saw that the doggy is a girl and decided to name her Marvella which is French for Miracle, what was written on her. The next picture will make your heart melt!

9. Happy Doggy


Days after being saved, Marvella was feeling happy and she didn’t have a care in the world. While this is good news, the volunteers still needed to find an adoptive home for her. 

8. Adoptive Family


Finding an adoptive family for a dog is difficult, but the volunteers were doing their best. They took pictures of Marvella and posted them all over social media in hopes that someone might want to adopt her. Do you think this worked?

7. Viral Pictures


Fortunately, the pictures of Marvella’s story went viral and someone decided to adopt her. Can you believe how fast things are turning for the better? Keep reading to see Marvella with her new family.

6. Loving Family


It seems like Marvella did get a “good home” in the end. The family who adopted Marvella saw her story on social media and they instantly knew that a dog like her needs a loving home. Don’t you think this is amazing?

5. Previous Owners


The one thing that creeps me out the most is thinking about what type of people Marvella’s previous owners probably were like. Good thing the dog is not with them anymore.

4. Rough Past


Even though Marvella has a rough past, she can put all her memories behind her. The only thing that matters is that she has a loving family and no one is ever going to hurt her again.

3. Safe And Happy


Marvella is safe and her new owners feed her delicious treats every single day, especially since they know about the way Marvella was mistreated and abandoned in the middle of the park. To make things even better, Marvella even made a new friend!

2. New Friend


Marvella’s new owners already had a dog and to their surprise, Marvella and the other dog became best friends right from the moment they first met. It seems like Marvella was destined to arrive in their home.

1. Heartbreaking Story


Marvella’s story is a heartbreaking one, but at least her story has a happy ending. There are many other dogs who get abandoned but don’t have the same luck as her. Let’s hope things like this never happen again.

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