Husky Abandoned In Bad Neighborhood Is So Spoiled Now

Puppies like this one in our story have a great happy beginning. They get a home and a family and get to grow up with them. They get attached to the family and then, one day, something unexpected happens. Unfortunately, many huskies like this two-years-old pooch grow up, and owners don’t know how to handle them. In Phuket, Thailand, and in many other parts of the country, huskies are abandoned on the streets and have to fend for themselves.

A dog that once had a home and regular meals can find it difficult to survive on the streets and Nessie the young husky didn’t seem to have a chance…

20. They Got a Call

An organization called Soi Dog Foundation who rescues stray dogs and cats in Thailand got a call from a person saying that there is an abandoned husky in the neighborhood and it doesn’t look too good.

19. Many Similar Cases

The rescue team at the foundation have unfortunately had to rescue many huskies so far. According to the foundation, ‘huskies are popular here in Thailand, a country where the climate does not suit them whatsoever.’

18. Neglected For a Long Time

Unfortunately, when the rescue team saw Nessie, they knew that her state was because of being on the streets for a long time. Her skin was in bad condition, the body had several wounds, and her eyes had heavy discharge…

17. Matted Fur

Nessie’s fur was all matted, and her eyelashes fell off. Maeve Henry is a spokesperson for Soi Dog Foundation explaining why she was on the streets: ‘In Thai society, a lot of importance is placed on appearance.’

16. Thais Love Cute Puppies

‘Huskies, with their blue eyes, are very popular,’ added Maeve Henry. But she also knows that huskies are very energetic. As puppies, everyone loves them. But when they grow big, the adorable fluffs are too much to handle for many…

15. What You’re Getting Into

Owners that get a husky must also know the breed, and Maeve says that ‘Thais love cute puppies, but don’t like the work that goes along with having a big, energetic dog like a husky.’ And most of the cases end badly for the pups.

14. Abandoned…

Take for example this sweet girl, who the rescuers named Nessie. She was neglected for a long time, thought Maeve Henry. The pup was anemic, had crusty eyes and wounds around the legs. She had demodectic and sarcoptic mange too…

13. A Terrible Shape

Nessie might have been in deplorable shape, but she would always enjoy being around people. ‘Rescuers couldn’t believe how friendly and affectionate she was, despite her suffering,’ said Henry.

12. Kisses To Everyone!

‘She just wanted to kiss them and be close to them,’ said Henry. The rescue team waited for Nessie to finish kissing them and took her to the vets. In just two weeks, she got better, and in two months she made a full recovery!

11. Great News!

On their Facebook page, Soi Dog Foundation wrote that ‘things have changed for Nessie,’ and that she ‘began to turn a corner and it is simply wonderful to see the way she smiles today and how much love she has for everyone she meets.’

10. Nessie Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Henry saw that Nessie ‘realized she was being helped,’ as she couldn’t contain her happiness when the rescuers were around. And then, her life would change again, bringing a lot more happiness!

9. Far In the United States…

They’re called ‘The Devoted Barn,’ and they devote their time and resources to help animals and teach people about respecting them, no matter what species they are. This is what they said about Nessie…

8. Nessie Was on Instagram

‘When I saw Nessie’s picture on Soi dogs Instagram I knew exactly where she needed to be,’ wrote the Devoted Barn on their Facebook page. They continued, saying that a foster dad would love taking her in.

7. She Would Go to the U.S.

‘I sent the link over to my friend and Max’s(rocky) Foster Dad, and thankfully he agreed to take her on,’ they said.

6. Nessie Landed in NYC!

The update on where Nessie was said that she landed safely in NYC and that a friend of the Devoted Barn took her from the airport. Now Nessie has a new life, and a new name: Matsi. She will also need a new home!

5. The Right Home

Henry explained that huskies need a proper home. They need to consume their high level of energy and prey drive. And when they get bored, they can make quite a mess, says Henry.

4. The US Situation Is Not Great

Huskies in the U.S. don’t have a great life either. Many owners abandon them after they realize how difficult these dogs are to please and they dump them when there’s too much to handle!

3. The Direwolves in Real Life

Since the direwolves from ‘Game of Thrones’ became so popular, the ones in real life are our huskies. And that meant a great number of owners that were immediately put off by the high needs of such a breed.

2. A Great Outcome

Matsi’s story has a happy ending. She is waiting for an owner that can deal with her need for freedom and constant stimulation and play. Henry said that she received videos from her foster dad and she is still the loving pup they fell in love with in Thailand.

1. Wagging Tail

It’s hard to miss that happy tail, and Henry can’t stop but feeling accomplished when she saw ‘her happy and wagging her tail.’ Foundations like Soi Dog and the Devoted Barn make these happy endings possible, and they couldn’t do it without the help of their team of volunteers, fosters, and donations.

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