Parents Of Missing Child Soon Notice He’s Not the Only One That’s Vanished

The countryside is the best place for a family to raise their children. All the open space and green fields and so many animals make childhood a magical place. For Brock and Courtney Urness, life was like a fairytale. But one day, Carson, their three-year-old boy, simply disappeared in the wheat farm and that’s when everyone started to panic.

The forecast wasn’t friendly either, heavy rain was expected that day, and there were many places the boy would hide. Then, Courtney noticed something else…

20. A Happy Family

Brock and Courtney Urness lived happily in Cooperstown, North Dakota. That’s where they lived, running a wheat farm and caring for their two children and their golden retriever, Copper. The pup was a rescue…

19. Cooper Was Abandoned

When he was only a puppy, Cooper was found on the side of the road. He was abandoned, so the Urnesses took him home. He had a family that was happy to play and love him. And he loved them back, especially the oldest child, Carson.

18. Always Together

When Copper got to his new home, he met his best friend: Carson. Whenever the three-year-old boy would go out, Cooper would be there, playing with him. These two were always together!

17. Playing With the Toys

Courtney would look out the window and see Carson playing with his toy truck and with Cooper who either slept by his side or played around the yard. But one spring day, Carson went missing and so did Copper…

16. Late for Dinner

As always, Carson and Copper were outside, playing. Courtney thought that he’d get back inside once he was hungry, but it was getting too late. ‘I figured he’d start getting hungry sometime,’ she said.

15. Panic Settled In

Carson didn’t show up for dinner that night. And Cooper was missing too. Courtney started searching for her son around the house and on the farm, under the tractors and in the barns. Hours passed, and her son was still missing!

14. They Called 911

Courtney said: ‘I lost it.’ Brock was also very worried. So, at about 8:30, seeing that they couldn’t find the boy on their own, they called 911. The only thing that comforted Courtney was that Cooper might have been with the boy.

13. Find Cooper, and You’ll See Carson

The only comfort Courtney and Brock got was that Cooper was missing too, said the mom: ‘You start thinking the worst. But then again, I knew that Cooper was gone. If anybody was going to find [Carson], they’d just have to find Cooper.”

12. The Emergency Team

As soon as they called 911, an emergency party was formed. Being a small town, everyone in the city joined to search for the missing boy. You won’t believe how many people gathered to find Carson!

11. An Unbelievable Effort

Almost 200 people were on foot, some were horseback, and there were ATVs too. A plane and a dog were also there to help! All gathered to find the missing boy. But the weather was getting worse…

10. Low Temperatures and Rain

North Dakota in May has low temperatures at night and rain was also getting closer. That meant that farmlands would soon become mud puddles. This made everyone work extra hard to find the Carson and Cooper before the rain started!

9. Seven Hours Passed

It was 2 a.m., and for seven hours, authorities and searchers couldn’t find the boy or the dog. Search parties on foot were sent home due to the dangerous forecasts. After the search team disbanded, someone knocked on the couple’s front door…

8. A Knock on the Door

Hope was not yet lost, but when someone knocked on the front door, after the search team was sent home, Courtney feared the worst. But then, the person says: ‘We found them.’ This is what happened…

7. A Mile Away

Southeast from their farm, a mile away, a firefighter named Pat stumbled upon a lump in the grass. Then, he called for Carson, and the ‘lump’ responded! And right on his side, Copper was there to stay with his buddy.

6. Together Whatever May Happen

Cooper didn’t just lay near Carson. For many hours, he laid on top of the wet boy to keep him from freezing! The great gesture made Courtney and Brock cry. Courtney said that Cooper is a great dog, but never thought he’d do that!

5. A Proud Dad

‘I just didn’t realize he’d actually be, like, lying on him and keeping him warm—and protecting him. I was really proud of him,’ said Brock. As soon as the boy and the dog returned home, Carson was taken to the hospital.

4. He Was Fine!

The boy was taken to the hospital to see if he was in good health and except for a few torn clothes, he was alright. Then, a few days after the incident, he told his mother this funny thing about Cooper…

3. He Kept Me Warm

‘He came up to me today and he said, ‘Mom, I was really scared. But Cooper laid on me… he kept me warm’’. Then, Courtney asked her boy if Cooper also kept his feet warm. This is where Carson had a serious complaint!

2. ‘No, Not Those’

Other than giving the dog credit for being a good buddy and a hero, Carson was a bit disappointed that Cooper didn’t keep his feet warm! This kid is such a goof!

1. Returning the Favor

Who would have known that the family that rescued a puppy would see the day when the puppy would save their son’s life? Thanks to the heroic dog and his instincts of protecting his best friend, the child survived through the harsh weather and was back home!

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