Puppy Is So Happy To Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail

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There are thousands of little puppies that no one wants and the only ones willing to take them in are shelter houses. However, shelters can’t keep them forever since they would be overcrowded and their main goal is to find adoptive families for animals who need a loving home. On the downside of things, not everyone is willing to adopt shelter dogs and this makes it difficult for them to find a forever home.

20. Meet Matilda


This little pit bull pup is called Matilda and there’s something special about her. Even though Matilda lived most of her life alone on the streets, she is still a super happy dog. Matilda wags her tail every time someone comes close and this melts everyone’s hearts.

19. Shelter Dogs


Shelter dogs are not known for being too happy. They live in small cages and they don’t have anyone to love and care for them, but not Matilda. Matilda doesn’t seem to care about that at all since she always has a smile on her face.

18. Waggin Her Tail


Little Matilda starts wagging her tail whenever someone comes to see her and she doesn’t stop until that person is gone. This made Matilda a favorite in the shelter and every volunteer loved taking pictures of her.

17. Playing Around


The best thing about Matilda is the fact that she loves human interaction. As you can see from this picture, the little pup plays around with the volunteers. I think it’s safe to say that Matilda is one of the cutest pitbull pups in the world!

16. Adoptive Family


Even though the shelter volunteers love to have Matilda around, they still need to find her an adoptive family. The shelter doesn’t have that much room and the volunteers can’t afford to have Matilda for too long. Do you think the pup is going to have a difficult time finding a forever home?

15. Happy Pup


Considering that Matilda is super cute and that she wags her tail whenever someone comes to see her, you would think that finding an adoptive family is easy for her, but this is not the case. There aren’t that many people who adopt stray dogs and Matilda is having a difficult time finding someone to love her.

14. A Loving Home


The only thing this little pup ever wanted was someone to love and care for her, but getting her wish was proving to be more difficult than expected. However, one of the shelter volunteers had a great idea about how to find Matilda a new home. Keep reading to find out what the idea is.

13. Brilliant Idea


One of the shelter volunteers saw that Matilda was struggling and decided that she wants to give her a helping hand. The volunteer had a brilliant idea about how to get someone to adopt Matilda, but she wasn’t sure if it will work or not.

12. Santina Sanders


Santina Sanders is the volunteer who took an interest in Matilda and her brilliant idea was to take cute pictures of the pup and to post them on social media, in hopes that someone might want to adopt her.

11. Animal Lover


Santina is known for being an animal lover and she has lots of Facebook friends who share the same interests. Therefore, a woman named Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo decided to adopt Matilda after seeing how cute she is.

10. Matilda Is Adopted!


Weeks after being placed in the shelter, Matilda finally found someone to take her in and she had Santina Sanders to thank for. This picture shows us Matilda getting into the car and driving towards her new home.

9. Going Home


Matilda realized that she was going to a loving home right from the moment she was taken out of her cage. The little pup could feel that her new adoptive owner loved her!

8. Matilda Is Shy


The woman who adopted Matilda already had two bigger dogs at home and Matilda was a little shy when she met them for the first time. The next picture will make your heart melt!

7. Best Friends


Matilda didn’t take long before she started feeling comfortable around her new owner’s other dogs. In fact, the pooch became best friends with the bigger dogs. Isn’t this amazing?

6. Belly Rubs


Life wasn’t good for Matilda at first, but she finally had someone to love her. Not just that, but Matilda’s new owner loves to give attention and belly rubs which make the little pup even more happier than she was before.

5. Toys


Another great thing about Matilda’s new owner is that she has lots of toys from when her other two dogs were little and Matilda gets to play with all of them! I bet that Matilda loves to play all day long.

4. Napping


Matilda’s new owner says that the one thing this pup loves to do more than anything else is to take naps. Matilda falls asleep all around the house and her new owner says that this amuses her very much.

3. To The Park


Matilda is now going to live a great life alongside her new owner and her other two dogs. Instead of being stuck in a cage inside the shelter house, Matilda will be able to go on walks around the park and have fun. Talking about having fun, you need to check out the next picture.

2. Having Fun


Even though Matilda loves to take naps all day long, the little pup is filled with energy. Her owner says that Matilda runs around the house and plays with everything she finds. Isn’t the little pup just the most adorable thing ever?

1.Growing Up Together


Matilda and her owner’s kid are both going to grow up at the same time. These two will go on amazing adventures together and their childhoods are going to be amazing. Don’t you think so?

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