Orphaned Chimp Who Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Him, Finally Makes A Friend Who Changes Everything

This poor orphaned chimp was kept tied up by a captor. He was traumatized that when he was rescued he refused to let anyone touch him. Then everything changed when he was introduced to a new friend…

20. Epidemic

Image: BBC

There is currently a horrible epidemic impacting the lives of apes throughout the world. Every year, there are roughly 3,000 chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans that are illegally hunted down by poachers according to a report from the United Nations Environmental Programme’s – Great Apes Survival Partnership.

19. Sad Circumstances

Image: The Dodo

However, even if an ape is able to escape the poachers and survive the sad reality is that they are often left alone and vulnerable. As poachers kill off their parents, these apes are left susceptible to very bad circumstances.

18. Held Captive

Image: Daily Mail

When one baby ape’s mother was killed by poachers his whole world turned upside down.  The ape was then held captive by a poacher and tied up to a chain every night. It was a horrible situation.

17. Offered

Image: Chimpanzee Facts

The poacher was attempting to sell the little ape in Cameroon. However, word of his cruel treatment of the ape got out and soon animal rescuers were on the case. They so badly want to free the baby from this terrible life.

16. Rescued

Image: Discover Magazine Blogs

Finally, the day came when the 10-month-old ape was rescued. Ape Action Africa intervened and were able to get him away from the poacher. They then named the chimp, Farah.

15. Mission

Image: Pinterest

Ape Action Africa works very hard to help out apes in bad situations.

Their motto is: “Ape Action Africa is passionate about great ape conservation in Cameroon. Our goals are to address the immediate threats faced by gorillas and chimps in Africa, and to work with communities to develop long-term solutions to ensure their survival in the wild.”

14. Primate Park

Image: Daily Mail

Farah was immediately brought over to the Mefou Primate Park. However, Farah was so traumatized by his past experiences that he refused to let anyone touch him. The rescuers were very distraught by this.

13. Making A Change

Image: YouTube

The rescuers at the park knew that they couldn’t let Farah be so sad and traumatized. So they started to come up with an idea that would help out the chimp. So what did they do?

12. Tons Of Care

Image: Kcur

So rescuers began to dedicate round-the-clock care for Farah. This went on for weeks, however, they still weren’t building up his trust with them completely. So the staff decided to go about things a little differently…

11. New Friends

Image: YouTube

In order to better gain his trust, the staff at the park decided to introduce him to three new friends! So how did Farah react to his new friends? Did he push them away like he did with the rescuers?

10. Open Arms

Image: youtube.com

As soon as Farah was introduced to the new chimps he immediately opened up to them. Everyone at the primate park was shocked by his reaction. They didn’t know he would be this warm and loving.

9. Introductions

Image: YouTube

Farah was introduced to three different chimps: Lomié, Paula, and Jenny. Each one of them has a very distinct personality that fits perfectly with Farah and his needs. It’s been a joy for the rescuers to see them all interact.

8. Inseparable

Image: Daily Mail

Now all of the chimp’s are practically inseparable. They do just about everything together like playing, eating, and just spending time with each other. The staff are so happy that they introduced them.

7. Foursome

Image: Daily Mail

Farah has a unique relationship with each one of the chimps! For example, he loves to reach out to Lomié when he wants some love and affection. However, when he’s looking to chill out he’ll head over to Jenny for some relaxation.

6. YouTube

Image: Daily Mail

Recently, a video was uploaded of the chimps interacting was uploaded onto YouTube. The video shows the lovely interactions shared between Farah and the other chimps. Viewers have gone wild over the footage.

5. Viewers

Image: YouTube

One viewer commented saying, “I could watch baby chimpanzees all day long! So glad they have each other!” Another shared, “Good work APE Action Africa 😉😍 thanks. The world needs more organizations like you in order to save all kind of animals.”

4. Visitor

Image: YouTube

One viewer in particular had actually met Lomié once before. They commented saying,

“It is so lovely to see Lomié giving hugs to Farrah. Lomié was the smallest chimp when I was at Méfou.”

3. Ape Action

Image: YouTube

Ape Action has been continuing their work with Farah and many other chimps. They are dedicated to helping rescue many other chimps from similar situations. Their mission is to free them from horrible situations.

2. Social Group

Image: YouTube

For now, Farah is enjoying his new social group and is having a great time with his friends. This tiny chimp has made such great progress since he was first brought over to the primate park.

1. Amazing Team

Image: TheDodo.com

Without the help of such amazing rescue teams, who knows how Farah’s life could have ended up. Thanks to them he has been given a wonderful second chance at life that he is enjoying with his new friends.

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