Woman Finds Baby Kangaroo On The Side Of The Road, When She Takes Him Home This Happens

When the Stewart family found a baby kangaroo on the side of the road, they just knew they had to rescue him! However, they had no idea just how well this little guy would get along with their dogs…

20. Driving

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Farmer, Ashley Stewart, and his wife Felicity were driving on the road one day when they both spotted something unbelievable. There on the side of the road was an abandoned baby male kangaroo. So what was he doing all alone?

19. A Car Accident

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Unfortunately, the poor little Joey had just become an orphan. His mother had been hit by a car and passed away. The Stewarts knew that they couldn’t leave the little guy all alone with no one to care for him.

18. Taking Him

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So the Stewarts decided that they would take the little joey in and make him part of their family. They brought him into the car and began the drive over to their family farm in Wittenoom Hills, Western Australia. That’s also when they decided on his name.

17. Naming Him

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The Stewarts decided to name the little joey, Dusty. They quickly brought him over to the farm to take care of him to ensure that he would live. So was Dusty able to gather his strength and get better?

16. Getting Stronger

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Thanks to the help provided by the Stewart family, Dusty began to get stronger and stronger each day. His personality was beginning to shine and he got along really well with the Stewart’s two dogs: Rosie the Collie and Lilly the Golden Retriever!

15. Two Years

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Now Dusty is two-years-old and he is doing great. However, Dusty is also convinced that he is a dog too! The family is completely blown away by his behavior.

14. Dog In Spirit

Image: DailyMail

After spending so much time with Rosie and Lilly, Dusty is absolutely convinced that he is a dog too.

 “He lives on the back patio. We’ve actually had to go and buy a third dog bed for him to sleep in because he used to pinch one of the beds from the dogs,” Stewart explained.

13. Doggy Behavior

Image: YouTube

Dusty has also picked up on a bunch of doggy behavior from his companions. For one, he absolutely loves to ride in the back of Ashley’s truck with the dogs. He’ll also eat with the dogs and ask for scratches!

12. Sneaking

Image: Pinterest

Dusty will also get a bit sneaky with his doggy behavior from time to time. The Stewarts have found him trying to sneak doggy treats before. It’s all very funny and adorable.

11. The Pups

Image: YouTube

So how do the pups feel about all of this? Well, according to the family, they don’t mind at all. The dogs and Dusty are best friends and they all love spending time together.

10. Lilly

Image: DailyMail

Dusty has an especially close relationship with Lilly. “He thinks Lilly is his mum, he’s always grooming her, they’re always together and if Lilly goes out of the yard he pines for her and sort of hops up and down the fence until he’s let out to go with her.

9. The Start

Image: Mirror

Although Dusty’s doggy behavior is highly unusual, it is also incredibly adorable and the family finds it endearing. So how did all of this start? Well, Ashley happens to have a theory…

8. Ashley’s Theory

Image: DailyMail

Ashley began to notice Dusty picking up on the dog’s behavior when he decided to drive down to a dam on the couple’s property. He brought the dogs and Dusty out on the trip with him and placed them in the back of the truck.

7. Hanging Around

Image: Huffington Post

“I loaded the dogs in and he was hanging around and looking up at the truck and so I just picked him up and put him in the back with them,” Mr Stewart told Daily Mail Australia. “I didn’t think too much of it, we drove down and came back together.”

6. Placid Creature

Image: Baby Animal Zoo

“He’s either eating or sleeping. He’s a very placid creature, and every time you walk out the door if he’s not laying in his bed he comes up and wants a pat and a scratch. He even puts his arms up and wraps them around you like he’s giving you a cuddle.”

5. Not A Cat Lover

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Just like a dog, Dusty is also not particularly fond of cats. He doesn’t really get along with the couple’s cat and he much prefers the company of the dogs. “He just likes to hang out with the dogs, probably because he thinks he’s a dog,” Stewart says.

4. A Collar

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Also like a dog, the couple has placed a collar with reflective tape so that they could find Dusty anytime he goes out. “When he was little we used to let him out during the day and he’d go off grazing and wouldn’t come back at night, so we’d have to go looking for him. We just couldn’t find him as kangaroos don’t make any noise and are very still.”

3. Solution

Image: Houston Chronicle

Once we found him he would always come back with us, so we decided to wrap some reflective tape around a collar so when we shone a torch at night we could see him.” The couple is still incredibly shocked at just how close Dusty has become with the family.

2. Unsure

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“In a rural area like this there are always kangaroos around who unfortunately get hit on the road and for various reasons orphaned joeys are found, and so we weren’t sure when we took him home what would happen.”

1. Family Member

Image: Bored Panda

However, Dusty has managed to make himself a part of the family and the Stewarts are incredibly happy and grateful. Thanks to their help they now have another ‘dog’ in their family that is sweet and loving!

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