Great Dane Approaches His Sick Brother’s Bed, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog’s Back

Not many dog owners are responsible for their pets. For example, a Philadelphia woman’s neighbor had a Great Dane in their yard. The poor dog was tied up all the time, breaking the woman’s heart. The dog’s name is Princess, and she was in bad health and very skinny. What really outraged the woman was when she found out that the dog was pregnant.

The woman gathered some courage and went to talk to the neighbor about Princess. Little did she know that she’d help save an entire litter! Let’s check out the story and learn more about Princess and her puppies.

20. Adopting Princess

The woman convinced her neighbor to let her adopt the dog. She took Princess to the vet, where they found out that the poor dog was pregnant. She was only 11 months old, too young to bear pups. Then, she found out this horrible news…

19. Ten Puppies

Princess gave birth to ten puppies. The rescuer contacted Anna Mosko who is an independent rescuer that works as an office manager at a vet clinic. She offered to help her find homes for the puppies. Mosko took them all home.

18. Close to the Vet

Mosko took care of the puppies, and they were safe, always ready to be taken care of at the World of Animals Veterinary Clinic in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. The problem with the puppies was that they were the offspring of backyard breeding…

17. Backyard Breeding

One of the persons that adopted two of the puppies is Alicia Fox. She said that it was ‘a classic backyard breeding where little to no thought was put into the breeding. They both had dogs from the same litter and bred them for money.’

16. Health Problems

Quinn and Gray were born in May 2016. All ten puppies looked healthy, but four of them soon started to shot health problems. These problems were caused by the inbreeding. Two of the puppies, Quinn and Gray, had scoliosis, spinal issues and bone deformities.

15. Adopting Quinn

Alicia Fox and her husband Brian adopted Quinn. They saw Quinn when he was five weeks old and chose him because ‘he was the laziest in the litter. His personality seemed to fit what I wanted in a Dane,’ said Alicia.

14. Quinn Had Trouble Walking

Until nine weeks, Quinn had some weakness in his hind legs, but later, he couldn’t walk anymore. Fox said that they ‘were told that Quinn may deteriorate quickly and would only have a quality of life for four months tops.’ Mosko gave them an option…

13. Gray Was Fostered By a Massage Therapist

‘We were given the option to opt out of adopting Quinn many times,’ said Fox. But they didn’t give up. As for his brother Gray, he and another sibling went to live with a foster, who is a massage therapist. Fortunately, he responded well to massage therapy.

12. Getting Quinn and Gray Together

Alicia and Brian decided to foster 5-month-old Gray, thinking he might help Quinn recover: ‘We thought that having Gray around might influence Quinn to start walking on his own.’ You won’t believe what happens next!

11. Gray Helped His Brother Walk

Before Gray came to live with the Foxes, Quinn couldn’t stand on his own. But now that he had Gray around, he was able to stand on his own, without the need to be supported. This is what Fox said about their Great Dane puppies.

10. The Family Adopted Gray

‘Gray influenced Quinn to walk more because he wanted to follow Gray around,’ explained Fox. Seeing that it showed promise, they decided to adopt Gray too. It’s been more than a year and a half, and these two pups have been through a lot.

9. Quinn Got A Lot of Therapy

Quinn got a lot of physical therapy, but Gray’s presence is what also helped him through it. As Quinn went to weekly sessions of acupuncture and hydrotherapy, Gray tags along. If he gets left alone at home, he will cry until his brother comes back, said Fox.

8. Not Actually Great Danes

‘Gray will cry until his brother comes home, and he likes to run to my car to be reunited with his brother,’ said Fox. Because both pups had stunted growth, they weigh almost 70 pounds and are smaller than the average Great Dane. So, they’re Small Danes!

7. Daily Therapies at Home

The family bought a cold laser and pulsed electromagnetic field devices to offer their pups therapy every day at home. They spend a lot of time every day to keep their special needs pups happy and healthy. They monitor the dogs’ diet, give them physical therapy exercises and more.

6. They’re Still Playful Puppies

Even with that schedule, the pups enjoy sitting on comfy beds or couches. They love to chew on their sticks, and Gray also likes to fetch his toy. They also get to stay with their mom at the horse barn, where she works with children.

5. Gray Loves to Play With Quinn

These pups’ favorite game is called ‘bitey face,’ where they chew each other’s faces. Fox explains that ‘Gray is the only dog that will play with Quinn. Other dogs just ignore him.’ She also said that even if they get along very well, they are very different from each other.

4. Quinn is Introverted

‘Gray is outgoing and extroverted. He loves everyone and everything. He’s very enthusiastic and gets excited easily,’ said Fox. Looking at Quinn, you’ll see an introvert: ‘He takes a little longer to warm up to new people. He is very opinionated about any activity, and his facial expressions can easily tell you that.’

3. Great Babies Rescue

Quinn is still not walking on his own, but his life is a lot better next to his brother. He also receives a lot of support from a rescue group called Great Babies Rescue. Everyone knows that Gray is the one who made Quinn to struggle…

2. Gray Makes Quinn the Happiest Pooch Ever

‘Quinn’s energy level and happiness level definitely became higher because of Gray,’ said Fox. To help with the expensive costs of treating Quinn and Gray, the family has a GoFundMe page. Alicia’s words brought tears to our eyes…

1. Never Give Up

‘Gray and Quinn have taught me that you should never ever give up and you are always capable of more than what someone else thinks. It is up to you to push through to your goals and not be afraid to rely on help from friends,’ concluded Alicia Fox.

It’s so great to see that these two brothers would stand by each other and carry on with their lives!

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