Adorable Dogs Can’t Wait To Go To Daycare Every Day In Their Favorite Bus

Parents with children in school can breathe relieved that, when they’re away at work, the children are safe in school. Not only the school is a place to learn new things, but it also is like a daycare. And when parents are too busy to take their children to or from school, they have school buses. So, a woman had a similar idea, but for a doggy daycare.

20. Yay, The School Bus Is Here!


Wait until you see the yellow school bus riding around the streets in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It’s filled with adorable passengers that are eager to get to their ‘school’! You won’t believe how happy these pups are to get to ‘school!

19. Good Hands Boarding Kennels

A Doggy daycare in Canada uses a bus to pick up their clients. It is a safe and fast way of getting the pooch to the daycare when the owners cannot take them there personally. You’ll see pups carrying their tiny backpacks at #15!

18. An Amazing Idea

Prepare to be filled with cuteness, as we’re getting more into how the whole bus idea started. You’ll see how much fun thee pooches have all day long, as their owners are away at work. This daycare for dogs is pure heaven!

17. The Best Way To Get to the Doggy Day Care

The schedule in Canada can be quite busy, so pet parents don’t always have time to drop them off at the daycare. And when winter comes, it’s a lot more difficult. But Rachel Haggett and her partner Wayne Devoe had a great idea…

16. We All Love Our Dogs

When Haggett and Devoe founded Good Hands Boarding Kennels in October 2011, they thought it should function like a human school. Haggett said: ‘I figured since we all love our dogs like our kids, it would be fitting.’ So here’s how it works… it’s amazing!

15. Getting Clients to and From ‘School’

So, they thought of a means of transportation. This doggy daycare had room to care for 15-30 dogs every day. But they wanted to have a means of transportation to take their clients to and from the ‘school.’ You won’t believe what Haggett said.

14. The Perfect Vehicle

They saw a small school bus for sale online. ‘We almost bought a cube van, but when I saw this little bus online, I could just picture the dogs in it. We had to have it,’ said Haggett. What do you think, did people love it?

13. A Huge Success

And indeed they had it, making everyone go crazy over how adorable the doggies looked inside the school bus. The yellow bus was a success. Haggett explained that ‘most people use the bus because they get called into work and can’t make our business hours.’ And when it comes to safety…

12. Safety First

He also said that in the winter, some clients prefer to send their pups with the bus. The bus has enough crates to transport ten dogs at a time. It leaves one hour before the daycare opens and leaves one hour after it closes. If you’re wondering how the pooches react when seeing the bus, prepare to be amazed!

11. Here to Play

And some photos like this one are only to completely melt our hearts! Put on the seatbelts! A worker at the Good Hands explained that it would be sad and awful to let dogs at home, all alone. This is what he said…

10. School Spirit

‘I hate the thoughts of them sitting at home all day bored or in a crate when they could be here playing. We’ve got to go get them!’ said one of the staff at the Good Hands. And then, pet owners get into the school spirit…

9. We’re Melting Over Here!

Yes, that’s a puppy carrying a backpack. Some of the backpacks are filled with snacks, lunch, or even a blanket and a toy! Wait until you hear what Wayne said about his experience driving a bus filled with pups!

8. The Barks and Squeals

When asked how the journey with so many dogs inside the bus is, Wayne said that it’s a loud crowd, ‘but other than that, it’s pretty enjoyable, actually. You get to see all the smiling faces and the wagging tails. It’s pretty fun.’

7. Getting to Good Hands

These furry babies are in Good Hands. Once they get on the property, the doggy party starts and lasts until they get back home. At the daycare, the can do whatever they want. Every morning, dozens of excited dogs get out the bus…

6. To the Playground

Whether they sprint to greet the staff, or they go to the playground to jump on the trampoline or play with all the toys there, these pups are having a blast. The daycare is filled with fun toys, a swimming pool, sandpits and seesaws and many more!

5. Opening the Swimming Pool

Haggett remembers when they inaugurate the swimming pool for pups: ‘One of my favorite days was the opening of our swimming pool. The dogs loved it so much. They love when we get something new.’ They also like to party…

4. Celebrating At the ‘School’

These furry students celebrate their birthdays or holidays too. ‘It’s especially nice when families are away for Christmas, and they can watch a video of their dog getting a present Christmas morning,” said Haggett.

3. A Place to Learn

Even if the daycare does not train the pups, these furry students learn from each other how to… sort of taking turns in playing with toys. They socialize and spend all that energy, and when they get home, they’re so happy to cuddle with their owners.

2. Doggy Adventures

Good Hands Boarding Kennels have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, showing their amazing daycare for dogs. They post regular photos with adorable pooches playing and having fun. If we were dogs, we’d want to live there!

1. Doggy Daycare Versus Home Alone

Some dogs might stay at home all alone while the owners are at work, but the pups in Cape Breton have Good Hands Boarding Kennels, where all their dreams come true. We hope more similar organizations will take example! Dog owners would be so relieved their pets are fine and happy while they’re off to work.

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