See What Happens When A Dog And Her Adoptive Tigers Are Separated

Just like humans, animals who grow up together create powerful friendships. The most amazing thing about this is that it happens even to animals of different species and today’s incredible story about a dog who is the surrogate mother of a tiger is going prove that.

20. Apex Predators

Even though tigers are apex predators, this doesn’t mean that all of them are mean. Just take a look at how this little cub is playing around the dog’s face. Isn’t this cub the most adorable thing ever?

19. Meet Gema

Despite their differences, these two animals share a strong bond between each other. Gemma, the dog, adopted the furry cub and decided to take her as her own. How do you think the tiger cub feels about this?

18. Playing Around

The tiger cub is named Veda, and even though she is one of nature’s fiercest predators, she loves to fool around with Gemma. On the downside of things, the reason why these two are together is quite heartbreaking…

17. The Myrtle Beach Safari

The little tiger cub was saved from the wild after being abandoned by her mother and taken to the Myrtle Beach Safari rescue center. Things were not looking good for the little cub, but everything changed when she met Gemma!

16. Permanent Resident

Gemma is a permanent resident at the Myrtle Bech Safari, and she always took an interest in the animals that arrived there. The rescuers say that Gemma was always curious about tigers, especially the ones who didn’t look happy. Seeing this, the rescuers came up with this brilliant idea…

15. Surrogate Mother

Seeing that Gemma was always curious about the little tigers, the rescuers decided to place Gemma with one of them and see what happens. You won’t believe what Gemma did when she found herself in the same cage with a tiger!

14. Fearless Dog

To everyone’s surprise, Gemma started licking and caring for the little tiger that she was put in the same cage with. The rescuers were happy to see this and decided to allow Gemma to become Veda’s surrogate mother. This is a win-win situation, and the next photo will show you why!

13. Licking The Cub

As this picture shows us, Gemma loves the little tiger cub. Despite their differences, Gemma adopted Veda as one of her own and is providing her with all the love and care she needs. This is a great thing because abandoned tigers need a mother in order to survive.

12. Fierce Beast

You know what’s even crazier than Gemma’s relation with Veda? The fact that Veda is not the first tiger that Gemma helped raise. According to the Myrtle Beach Safari employees, Gemma adopted 12 tigers and cared for them as if they were her own puppies! And that’s not all!

11. Huge Size Difference

I think it’s pretty obvious that most dogs would run away from a tiger, but not Gemma. Even though tigers grow to be three times bigger than her, Gemma showed that she is fearless and helped care for them. Keep reading to see what the rescuers love the most about Gemma!

10. Friendly Helper

The rescuers say that Gemma helps them calm the little tigers. Veda, for example, gets anxious when she needs to take baths, but she quickly calms down when Gemma comes around. Isn’t this amazing?

9. A Mother’s Love

The most incredible thing about Gemma is that she provides Veda with all the love she needs to grow up big and strong. A mother’s love is hard to find, but Gemma is more than happy to care for Veda, even though she gets nothing in return. The next picture will make you smile!

8. Adorable Cub

Even though Veda is super adorable in this picture, she will soon grow way bigger than Gemma. I bet that climbing on top of Gemma is not going to be an option once Veda reaches her full size.

7. Sharing The Same Food

Another great thing about Gemma is that she helps the little cub eat. Getting small animals to eat healthy food is difficult, but the rescuers say that their job gets a lot easier when Gemma comes and eats from the same bowl because Veda follows Gemma’s every move.

6. Fooling Around

While fooling around is Veda’s favorite thing to do right now, this will not be possible once she gets bigger. In fact, the next picture will show you how big Veda got when she reached six months! 

5. Veda Is Six Months Old

Six months passed since Gemma adopted Veda and as you can clearly see, Veda is not a cub anymore. Make sure to keep reading because the next picture is jaw dropping!

4. Running Around The Park

Looking at this picture, Gemma is surely going to have some problems whenever Veda feels like playing around. Luckily, Gemma is fearless and she isn’t letting Veda’s size advantage scare her!

3. Not Backing Down

Even though Veda is way stronger than Gemma now, the dog never backs down! The most incredible thing about this is that Veda realizes how courageous Gemma is and makes sure not to hurt her.

2. Veda Respects Gemma

As crazy as this might sound, Veda never scratched Gemma! The rescuers say that Veda respects Gemma for all the love and affection she gave her. Have you ever imagined that a tiger and a dog would share such a strong bond?

1. Motherly Love

There is a mother-daughter relation between Gemma and Veda, and seeing them play around is incredible. Let’s hope that Gemma keeps helping other tiger cubs who need a surrogate mother!

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