2 Deaf Kittens Born Τo Rescued Cat, Depend Οn Each Other Αnd Share Special Bond

Life might be hard for a kitten that has been born deaf. Many may believe that the little kitten will never be able to do what other kittens do. However, that’s not the case for our two little friends who prove everyone wrong. Two little deaf kittens are living a normal life and there is nothing they can’t do that other kittens can. If you still have your doubts, their story will convince you! Make sure not to miss #18, #17 and #14

20. Two Little Snowballs


These two adorable kittens were born with their other five siblings by a stray cat on Valentine’s Day. These two little snowballs were the tiniest among their siblings and they really needed to be taken good care because they seemed really fragile. However, what they discovered after a few weeks will surprise you! Click next to find out!

19. Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions


When the kittens were only seven weeks old, a volunteer from ” Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions” whose name is Holly, took the whole family under her wings from another foster. Do you want to know what Holly found out about the two smaller kittens? Click next!

18. Little Coconut


One of the tiniest kittens was named Coconut and it really needed the help and the care of Holly, due to the fact that it seemed malnourished and very fragile. However, Holly could never imagine the secret of the little coconut and her sibling! Click next to find out!

17. Adorable Opal


The other kitten was named Opal and was really close to Coconut. At the beginning, both of them needed lots of TLC. However, after a few weeks, Holly discovered that Coconut, Opal and their biggest sibling Yeti, were deaf.

16.  The Family


These are all of the seven little kittens that were rescued by Holly. As you can see all of them are white except one that is a tuxedo. So Holly had received many messages from people asking if the kittens were deaf due to the fact that they were white. So she started testing them in order to find out.

15. ” That Is A Nice Robot!”


“People started asking me if they are deaf since they are white. I really started testing it after a couple weeks,” said Holly. “I used the vacuum cleaner and when they were all calm, I’d turn it on and see who flinched or ran. Three out of the seven just looked at it like nothing had happened.”

14. Hugs And More Hugs


Although they are deaf, it was never a burden for them. They are two little kittens ready for adventures and willing to explore everything. As they were born with it, it’s normal for them to be deaf.

13. Well, Hello There


As the time past, all bigger siblings of Coconut and Opal had found their forever homes that would take care of them, protect them and fulfill their needs. As for Coconut and Opal, they had to grow a little more in order to be ready for an adoption.

12. Sweet Dreams


“They follow each other everywhere and sleep together. Sometimes when Opal is out of Coconuts sight, he’ll cry for her. But the sad thing is she can’t hear to answer back and neither can he if she did!” Holly said.

11. “What’s That?”


Coconut and Opal are very close to each other and they have formed a really special bond. They really enjoy spending time together and they never stop to amaze Holly. Due to the fact that they re deaf their other senses have been evolved.

10. Kiss Kiss


“These two are deaf but have developed a keen sense of smell and quick sight so sometimes it’s hard to tell,” Holly said. However, they spend every minute of their time together. They like to play together, sleep and eat together.

9. Big Mama


This is the mother of the seven beautiful kittens that was found stray. Her name is Sadie and she is a very calm cat and ready for adoption as she has raised her own kittens before. “She wants to be near the action. She’s quiet but will occasionally talk back to you in the sweetest little meow.”

8. Relaxing


These two little kittens are truly inseparable. They stick together no matter what. They have formed a so special being stronger that the others that makes them the best partners in crime!

7. Perfect Eyes


Coconut and Opal are two very special little kittens that have a strong will to live and make true everything they want. They are the perfect example to show to people that you have to go on no matter what.

6. A Goodnight Kiss


It is really beautiful the way that these two deaf little kittens have each other’s back. When they are together they can achieve everything they want, as they are stronger that way.

5. Sleepy


Both of these adorable deaf kittens are really strong and they are fighters. They don’t hesitate to try new things as long as they are together. They feel safe together and ready to do everything.

4. “Time Flies”


As the time passes by, they are becoming ready for adoption and the time that they will have a forever home is near. We are sure that they will find a home that will love them, take care of them and remind them how special they are.

3. ” Is That A Fly?”


These two will always be special and people that will understand that, will be the ones that will provide them the perfect forever home for their needs.

2. Little White Kitten


Coconut and Opal are really lucky that their new momr was found, due to the fact that the life on the road for a stray kitten that was born deaf is really dangerous.

1. The Best Team


These two will always be the best team, as they protect each other no matter what. They won’t let the fact that they were born deaf to be a burden for them and they will achieve everything they want for sure.

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