Rescued Pangolins Released Back Into The Wild Ιn Thailand

It is really sad to think that many animals are endangered due to the way that people treat them. Among many animals, that’s the case for pangolins, too. That species is endangered due to the fact that people sell pangolins on the black market for their meet and their scales. However, at least our story has a happy ending for pangolins! Make sure not to miss #18, #16 and #14!

20. Freedom

Although many people want pangolins for their meat and scales, there are others that fight for their species and they try to stop that cruelty that pangolins are living everyday. In our story, these people achieved that. Click next to learn more!

19. ” WFFT”

Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand and the LWRC, managed to save 48 pangolins that were destined to be sold on the black market. There were 17 more pangolins, but they died due to the stress as they were kept in really small shipping crates. Click next to learn more about what pangolins had gone through!

18. Cruelty

Pangolins are a very common sight on the black market as a kilogram of their scales costs about 500 US dollars. Sadly it is estimated that about a million pangolins have been captured only the last decade. It is believed that pangolins are the most sold animals on the black market. But how does the smuggling takes place? Click next to find out!

17. “LAO”

Sunda pangolins are endangered animals that are sold for their meat and scales.  Also, reports imply that these animals are being smuggle first to Malaysia and then to Thailand and Laos which is a local transitional center for the big east black markets like China and Vietnam.

16. Releasing Time

Here you can see the moment that the pangolins arrived at LWRC stacked into small plastic crates. That shows us how they have been treated until the rescuers managed to save them. It is really a shame and what the rescuers saw when they opened the crates will make you really understand the cruelty that these animals had been through. 

15. Heartbreaking Sight

When the rescuers from LWRC opened the plastic crates, what they saw broke their heart. In each plastic crate there were at least two pangolins that were inside plastic bags. The bags were also tied in order to prevent pangolins from escaping.

14. Hello There

That’s the time when the rescuers are freeing the pangolins from their plastic bags. At first, the rescuers were really worried about the number of pangolins that would have survived after the cruel treatment that had been through.

13. A New Life

So when the rescuers freed pangolins from their plastic bags, found out that 48 pangolins were fine, but sadly, 17 had died due to the stress they had been through. However, the 48 pangolins that survived have been released in protected areas.

12. Investigating

The pangolins, after being released, started investigating their surroundings due to the fact that they were in a new environment. So they started exploring everything in their new home.

11. Playing Together


After their release it is obvious that the pangolins are feeling safe in their new home and we are sure that they are enjoying every minute that they are spending there. They seem to really enjoy being with their friends and knowing that from now on they are safe.

10. Sweet Dreams

These pangolins are so adorable sleeping all together. They must really enjoy each other’s company although they are not pack animals. However, it is obvious that they are having a very good time all together.

9. “I’m Going To Find You Little Ants!”

Pangolins eat ants that they find inside the stems of trees, or under the ground. They have a really long and sticky tongues, which are often longer than their own body and they consume up to 20,000 ants a day and about 73 million ants a year!

8. Examination

After the pangolins were rescued and freed from their plastic crates and bags, the rescuers started examining all pangolins in order to see if they were healthy. Look how calm that pangolin looks. He may be able to understand that now is in good hands.

7. Sleeping

Pangolins, like to sleep on trees, while they are curled up. The reason why they sleep this way is due to the fact that their scales will protect them if anything tries to attack them while they are sleeping.

6. Having Fun

These pangolins seem to really like their temporary home. They are all together having fun and spending their time searching for ants to eat, sleeping and exploring everything. They are safe now and they know it.

5. About To Be Released

Here you can see pangolins being in their crates ready to be released in the wild. However, they will be released in protected areas, where there will be no hunting. They will be able to live a normal life again.

4. Back Into The Wild

After the rescuers from LWRC released the pangolins back into the wild, each pangolin followed its own path. Now they will be protected in the areas that they are located and maybe some day they will not be an endangered species.

3. A tragedy

Here you can see many dead pangolins waiting to be sold on the black market. The sight reveals the cruelty that pangolins have been through and the extent of how much people have lost control. It is a shame to torture and kill these innocent animals.

2. Endangered

Pangolins, as well many other animals, are endangered because of us. It is a shame to torture animals and hunt then if the purpose of the hunting isn’t the need of food. It’s a shame especially the fact that pangolins are sold so uncontrollably on the black marked that they are the most trafficked animal in the world!

1. A Family

Every animal in the world has the right to spend their life in peace that nature provides them. On the other hand, we do not have the right to disturb their lives and the balance of nature by killing them, selling them on the black market or harming them in any form.

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