Adorable Calf Abandoned By His Mom Now Thinks He’s A Dog

If there’s something everybody knows about highland calves, then it must be that they are stubborn and cute. Today’s amazing story is going to show you what happens when someone puts an adorable highland calf in the same house with a bunch of dogs and I bet that you can’t guess how the dogs react to this!

20. Meet James

This little guy is called James, and he is the star of our story. Sadly, his story doesn’t start on the right foot since his mother rejected him… but luckily, the farmers who are taking care of him decided to adopt him as their pet.

19. Adam And Emily

Adam and Emily Hopson are the two farmers who decided to adopt James as their own after seeing that his mother didn’t want him. However, you are never going to guess what Adam and Emily’s main goal is!

18. Eating Natural Food

The reason why Adam and his wife started working on the farm is because they want to eat healthy food and not the stuff that is sold in stores. Adam knows the horrors that go through meat processing farms, and he doesn’t want to play a part in that…

17. True Farmers

Emily’s family has been living on this farm for a long time. In fact, the farm has been in her family from the 18th century. Therefore, taking care of animals is in her blood. However, Adam and Emily quickly realized that they would never be able to hurt any of the animals that live on their farm.

16. Little James

Even though Adam’s initial plan was to work on the farm to get healthy food for his family, he and his wife fell in love with the animals and didn’t want to hurt them. The adorable calf named James is the one who helped grow their love for animals.

15. Being Abandoned

For some unknown reason, James’s mother abandoned him at birth and didn’t want to feed him. Seeing this, Adam knew that he needed to do something about it, so he took the poor baby calf into his home. You won’t believe what happened next!

14. Adam Is Worried

At first, Adam was worried that James might get in fights with his house dogs. Little did Adam know, James would become best friends with all of them! The next picture will bring a smile to your face.

13. Adorable Little Calf

As we can see, Adam loved all the animals around the farm, and this is why adopting James as his own was an easy decision to make. On the downside of things, Adam and Emily knew that they need to take James to the vet to get him castrated. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned…

12. Serious Health Problems

As if being abandoned by his mother wasn’t bad enough, the vet saw that James had a serious health problem. Keep reading to find out what the vet found out!!

11. Bad Infection

As the vet was shaving James’s belly to get him ready to be castrated, the vet saw that James’s navel was open. To make things even worse, the navel was infected. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, the vet said this to Adam and Emily…..

10. Putting James To Sleep

The vet advised Adam and Emily to put James to sleep. The navel infection was bad, and the vet said that James would have a hard time healing. Luckily, Adam and Emily didn’t want to do that and decided to give James a second chance at life.

9. A Second Chance

Even though the little calf was struggling with a serious illness, Adam and Emily decided to help him make it. Although, Adam was still worried about how his house dogs were going to react to James being around….

8. New Friends

Despite Adam’s worries, James got along with the other friends. In fact, the little calf became best friends with them shortly after being allowed to stay in the house. The next picture is going to leave you in awe!

7. Happy Friends

It didn’t take long for James to start feeling better and the little ball of fur started playing around with the dogs. Adam couldn’t believe his eyes, but he was happy that James was getting along with his dogs.

6. Strange Behavior

The strangest thing about seeing James play with the other dogs is that he started thinking that he was a dog too! Keep reading to see what he does whenever Adam’s dogs come around!

5. Fluffy Dog

James started licking the dogs and running around the yard with them. Even though this was a bit weird, Adam and Emily were happy to see that James made new friends, especially since the other calves didn’t want to play with him.

4. Internet Sensation

Emily started posting pictures of the little calf on Instagram, and to her surprise, the little ball of fur became an overnight internet sensation. People started contacting Emily and asking her for other calves that they could adopt. What do you think Emily thought about this?

3. Doing The Right Thing

Emily realized that people just wanted a calf that would act like James and she decided not to give any of her other calves for adoption. Emily was doing the right thing because those people didn’t have a huge farm where they could raise the animals.

2. Feeding Time

Isn’t it amazing how James eats from the same bowl as his dog friends? The little calf must really believe that he is a dog!

1. Amazing People

James’s story is incredible, but the most amazing thing about it is how dedicated Adam and Emily are to help animals in need. Nonetheless, do you think James’s dog-like behavior is strange or adorable?

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