Kitten Found In A Mailbox Is ‘Delivered’ To The Right Person

Who doesn’t love looking at kittens and cuddling them? Well, it seems that not everyone is so happy about it. Unfortunately, a kitten was quite in some danger when it was ‘posted’ to the shelter two months ago. It was a regular day in Hawthorne, California, when the staff at the spcaLA South ay Pet Adoption Center heard a meow in the most unusual place.

One of the staff at the shelter heard a meow. She believed it was coming from inside the building, where they had many kittens, but it was actually coming from outside. She went to the door and she couldn’t believe her eyes!

20. Sounding The Alarm

Los Angeles animal shelters, agencies and organizations are completely overwhelmed by the increase of kittens in the spring. On the spcaLA Facebook page, they wrote: ‘the kittens are coming. They’re coming in litters, as singletons, with and without mamas.’

19. A Kitten in the Mailbox

But one kitten, in particular, was going to come in a mailbox. It sounds funny at first, but if the staff didn’t notice the noise, it could have had a terrible outcome. The poor kitty was only 2 weeks old…

18. In Great Danger

SpcaLA President, Madeline Bernstein stated that ‘abandoning an animal is a crime and very cruel.’ She also added that the ‘kitten could have easily died inside the mailbox.’ Thankfully, a staff member found it…

17. Searching for the Meows

Ana Bustilloz of spcaLA related how the mailbox kitten was found, saying that ‘Our staff heard meowing, and it didn’t sound like it was coming from the cattery. She searched and couldn’t find the source inside the building…’

16. There He Was!

Then, Bustilloz continued saying that the staff member finally ‘checked outside, and when she opened the mailbox, there he was.’ The tiny cat was two weeks old, and it was crying for his mom.

15. The Mailbox Kitty

The staff member immediately took the kitty inside. He was dehydrated and weak, but he kept making tons of noise to tell everyone he’s a fighter. He was taken to the vet to see how he was holding on…

14. Getting Hydrated

The tiny kitten needed some fluids, said Ana: ‘He was dehydrated and lethargic, but once the vets administered fluids, he began to perk up.’ However, the kitten needed to be bottle fed.

13. Getting a Name and Some Milk!

The kitty was named Brett and Ana then said that because he wasn’t yet weaned, he needed milk, so they got ‘a Foster Volunteer to bottle feed him until he was able to eat on his own.’ Brett was getting better…

12. Touch and Go

On their Facebook page, spcaLA said that ‘it was touch and go at first,’ but after getting some milk and care from the volunteer, ‘the little boy perked up and began to thrive.’ Then, something amazing happened!

11. A Personal Caretaker

Brett made it only with the help of his caretaker, who cared for him round the clock. This is why even volunteering to foster kitties or pups can help save many lives. Brett kept growing and became a playful tuxedo cat, stealing everyone’s hearts.

10. The Cutest Kitten Ever

Brett is now a playful and active kitten, ready to begin his journey into a new home. He is almost nine weeks old and ready to face the world ahead. But Brett needs a loving family to thrive… So, he had his last vet check…

9. Up For Adoption

All the kitties from the animal shelters get their microchips, get neutered or spayed, and as soon as they’re healed, they’re ready to get adopted. Brett was getting his last vet checkup, and he was ready for a new home.

8. A Snuggly Cat

Usually, it’s easy for kittens to get adopted, because they’re playful and absolutely adorable. So, Brett, not only being his playful snuggly self, but he is also a superstar, appearing in many news outlets all over the world.

7. The Mailbox Kitty

Dubbed as the Mailbox Kitty, as soon as the spcaLA South ay Pet Adoption Center held their Adoption event, Brett was definitely getting his forever home. He wouldn’t need to worry about food, a cozy come, and love!

6. A Great Update

We wanted to see what happened with Brett, and we found the great news, accompanied by this next adorable photo. The staff at the spcaLA posted an announcement on their Facebook page. This is what they said…

5. ‘Brett AKA Mailbox Kitty’

On 11 May, the Facebook post on the spcaLA page wrote: ‘Brett AKA Mailbox Kitty has been adopted! He is living in Redondo Beach with his new mom and feline sibling.’ Here he is next to his new happy mom!

4. He’s so Adorable!

A volunteer at the shelter, Kathryn Flores, commented on the previous photo that ‘I was so happy to have been there volunteering when he went home. He’s so frisky and adorable!’ But Brett’s not the only cuddly kitty at the shelter…

3. Animal Lovers Around the World…

If you love animals and wish to help, go to the local shelter and help out with items or be a foster or volunteer. The shelters, organizations or agencies always welcome items, donations and adopters!

2. Help Save Lives

If you’re in LA, go check out the balls of fur at the spcaLA South ay Pet Adoption Center. If Brett’s story melted your heart, check the other kitties like him and make a difference.

1. A Happy Ending Story

Brett’s story had a terribly sad beginning, but it now has a happy ending, thanks to everyone who has helped nurse him back to health. He is now in good hands!

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