This Dog’s Reaction To Her New Adopted Babies Is Incredible

If you have never seen a dog nursing other animals than her puppies, then wait and see this pooch in China! She’s a great mommy, who after weaning her babies, she offered to take care of three wild kittens. And by wild, we mean tigers and lions! It happened in Hefei Zoo in the Anhui province, and she’s one of the best surrogate mothers ever!

Wait until you see how she cleans them and they even play with the pooch. This is too adorable!

20. Abandoned Cubs

Seeing a dog nursing babies other than her own can be a bit surprising. But this mommy dog in China was quite the perfect match for a few wild kittens. Yes, those are tiger and lion cubs, and we’re melting over here!

19. A Generous Dog

Roaming around the wild park in China, and with pups of her own, this pooch was happy to nurse some other babies too. She was still lactating, but she has already weaned her pups. Then, she received new babies…

18. That’s a Great Job!

As soon as she laid her eyes on them, she was more than happy to lick, cuddle and nurse the tiger and lion cubs. They weren’t by their mothers’ side, because their moms didn’t want them.

17. ‘I’ll Take Them’

When a lion or a tiger mom cannot lactate enough, she could also have less interest in her cubs. Without proper nutrition, care and love, the cubs can become sick, or they will not grow strong. But this dog saved them!

16. Living at the Zoo Together

The cats are an endangered species and the staff at the zoo is doing everything in their powers to keep their kittens alive. And while parenting can be hard work for the lion or tiger moms, this dog has it all covered!

15. Fighting Over the Mum

In the beginning, the babies were a bit reluctant, but then they finally got used to her smell, and the adoption was successful. Now, these tiny beasts are fighting over who gets the most milk!

14. They’re Her Babies

The mother dog doesn’t yet have a name, but the staff at the wild park were thinking of naming her since she’s the star of their park. The cubs will continue to feed on her milk until they grow a bit bigger…

13. She’s Their Best Option

For now, this pooch is the best option to keep the cubs healthy until they grow too big and cannot get enough of the milk supply. The tiger and lion babies are two months old and will only play, sleep or fight over the food.

12. A Loving Mother

The dog knows how to be a good mother, and she does her job pretty well. She cleans, licks and feeds her adopted cubs with quite the enthusiasm! Animals lovers around the world have gone crazy over this pair.

11. Saving The Tiny Kittens

There are more similar cases in Chinese zoos than we thought. Usually, zoos will put dog urine on the fur of the wild kitties to make the pup think it’s her babies. But this mommy didn’t care about the different scent…

10. An Unusual Mommy

Usually, Zoos prefer to find a mother of the same species for the cubs to continue living with the mom until later in life. But if that’s not possible, the next best option is a mother dog. And this unusual mom is perfect!

9. These guys Are Pretty Pleased!

Having a mother dog for tiger and lion cubs is preferred to hand-rearing because they learn more from a four-legged animal than from a human. They get licked and loved by a dog exactly as a lion or tiger mom would…

8. One Year Earlier…

As we have mentioned earlier, many other cases have appeared in the meantime all over the world! In 2005, this dog was living near the same zoo in Hefei. She gladly took two tiger cubs to nurse them.

7. Getting Along

A few years ago, at the Badaling Safari Animal World, these adorable animals were sharing a dog house. The dog nursed this lion cub after his mother didn’t have enough milk to feed all the cubs… This next pair is quite surprising!

6. Sows Are Also Great Mommies

In Sriracha (east of Bangkok), a sow had piglets, and she also had a baby tiger happy to suckle some milk. If this is not melting your heart, then the next photos will definitely will!

5. Pups In Siberia Nurse Tiger Cubs Too

This dog is called Palma, and she loves to play with her ‘pups.’ Next to her, there are Amur, the tiger cub, and a smaller Sumatran tiger cub. They live at the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk.

4. A First Time Mom

When a tiger becomes a mommy for the first time, she can’t produce enough milk. Moreover, she doesn’t know how to feed her cub, so the zoo staff has to take action. Fortunately, this mommy dog was also around to help!

3. The Instinct

Maybe for the tiger mommy, the instinct hasn’t kicked in, but the cubs cannot grow healthy without a mom by their side to love, take care of them and to nurse them.

2. Way Too Adorable

And who could resist these adorable furry babies? They might meow, but they’re sure to melt everyone’s heart! These lion and tiger babies are so lucky to have found the perfect mommies!

1. A Mother and Her Baby

Being a mom seems to be difficult, even for the wild animals. Some are more experienced, and some still have to learn. In the meantime, cubs around the world can count on dogs to find the love and care they need.

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