Girl Replaces Her Boyfriend With A Cat

There are tons of different types of love out there, however, one of the purest is the one shared between an owner and pet. When this young woman and her boyfriend broke up she was feeling super lonely. Not to mention, he also took off with their two hairless cats. So when she came across a notice that said “Hairless Cat Found,” she knew it was just the sign she was looking for.

20. A Breakup

Image: Honest To Paws

Rylee Rae was going through a devastating breakup. Her and her boyfriend had cut ties and there was a void in her heart that she needed filled. So she went online to find a new companion.

19. Delores

Image: Honest To Paws

Once she went online she came across Delores the cat. The hairless cat was about two hours away from her and was looking for a new home. She responded to the notice immediately.

18. Cat Person


Rae had always been a cat enthusiast and especially loves hairless cats. When her and her boyfriend were together they shared two hairless cats. However, once he left he took them with him.

17. Looking Out

Image: Honest To Paws

“I was looking for a hairless cat,” she tells The Dodo. “I’ve loved hairless cats since I was a child and was scouring adoption sites for months.”

16. Adoption Page

Image: Honest To Paws

Finally, after looking on adoption sites for months she came across a hairless kitty named Delores. “She is a Skinderlop, which is half Scottish Fold and Half Sphinx.” Delores was not doing well in her current home situation.

15. Bullied

Image: Honest To Paws

“She was being bullied (by other cats) and needed to be in a quiet home with no other pets. She was a perfect fit for our lifestyle,” Rae said. Rae instantly knew that she needed Delores in her life and so she responded to the post immediately.

14. Absolutely


“The post was up for 20 minutes and I messaged them and was like, ‘Please let me love her unconditionally for the rest of her days,’ and they said, ‘Absolutely.’ “

13. Adoption


Finally, it was time for Rae to make the adoption official. So she took the drive over to Niagara Falls, which is where Delores was living. So how did their first meeting going?

12. Amazing Connection


It was destiny,” Rae says. “We are soul mates.” The two of them instantly connected and Rae fell in love with Delores. Everyone could see that these two were meant to be together.

11. First Meeting

Image: Honest To Paws

“I saw her sitting in the window when we drove up to meet her. I came into the house and promptly set up camp on the floor, hoping she’d warm up to me. Within minutes she was climbing up into my arms and I literally squealed with joy,” Rae told Love Meow.

10. Meant To Be

Image: Pinterest

The second I looked into those green saucer eyes, I was infatuated. I knew from the moment she pressed her warm pink skin into my open hands that it was meant to be!” So Rae put her in the car with her and they were off on the road.

9. So Happy

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

Rae is incredibly happy to have Delores in her life. “We are endlessly happy to be in each others company. She brings me so much joy and happiness and she laps up the constant affections with enthusiasm.”

8. Cuddled Up

Image: Honest To Paws

“She is happiest curled up in my lap or hanging out in a scarf doubled as a baby bjorn style carrier and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Delores loves to cuddle up with her new mom and Rae is happy to keep her warm.

7. Hairless


Since Delores is a hairless cat, she can get pretty cold at times. So she loves to cuddle up under the blankets. “When she lays on you she is like a hot water bottle,” Rae says. “And she sleeps under the blankets at night.”

6. Affectionate

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

Delores is always affectionate and cuddly with her mother and Rae is so happy about that! “She is always seeking out a lap or neck to snuggle into and is content being spoiled with your love,” Rae told Love Meow.

5. Clumsy

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

She is clumsy and not at all graceful, but still manages to climb around the house on surfaces to get closer to you, meowing for more attention.” Rae also notes that Delores has blessed her life in more ways than one.

4. Unconditional Love

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

“She’s provided me with an outlet to love unconditionally, beyond the confines of humans. She doesn’t have expectations or require reciprocation for all the good she brings into our lives and it’s a beautiful thing,” Rae told Love Meow.

3. Keeping Warm

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

Rae loves Delores so much that she’s been growing more and more concerned about the cat’s wellbeing during the wintertime. “I’m a little worried about the winter months but I have my mother who is a fantastic knitter and is on the job to make us winter knits,” Rae says.

2. Each Other

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

Together, Rae and Delores have each other whenever one is in need. “She is a real life chicken cherub angel sweetheart,” Rae says. “That’s what she is.” Rae is so grateful that she came across the post when she did.

1. Grateful

Image: Instagram/ryleerae

“She’s pure happiness and I’m grateful for her each and every day.” Rae and Delores are continuing to live their happy lives together. Rae even uploads daily posts on her and Delores on her Instagram account!