Dog Owner Leaves A Note On Her Front Door, It Becomes Viral For The Cutest Reason

If you were busy, then you should stop and check out Sir Charleston Chew, an adorable senior pug that also goes by the names Muffin Toes, Puffins, Chi Chi, and Butters, among others. He’s been quite popular these last two years for the cutest thing ever.
To say Charleston won the internet’s heart is an understatement! He’ll also win yours once you listen to his story.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

26. The Beloved Pooch

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Sharla Wilson’s beloved pooch is also one of her greatest joys in life. You see, the famous pug is a rescue and he has been by her side since he was only a puppy. They’ve been together through thick and thin for more than 11 years.

25. Charleston Got Really Old

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

A few years ago, with old age, Charleston has lost most of his sight because of cataract. However, he’s learned how to ask for attention by howling in a very weird and crazy way… He even howls at things he smells but he cannot reach at! Here’s Sharla’s description of those howls.

23. The Alien Sounds

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

“It’s the most horrific sound you’ve ever heard,” she said in an interview with The Dodo. “His howl is crazy. It’s a startling noise, to say the least. It sounds like some sort of alien life form.”
But the problem was Sharla decided to move into a new apartment building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For Charleston, that only meant unfamiliar places and bumping into walls!

22. Getting Lost… Again

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Since Charleston moved with his mom, he gets lost in the new place and begins howling for his mom when he gets lost in a corner. In the morning, his trips to the water bowl are filled with adventure, said Sharla, who has to get up and find him: “I have to physically touch him — then he’s happy and well again. He just wants to know where I am.”

21. A Great Friend

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

“He’s been my light during some tough times. He’s been my friend. He’s been everything,” said Sharla, heartbroken that he struggles without his eyesight, but doing everything in her power to keep him comfortable.

As for the howling, you might wonder what was the neighbors’ reaction to the noisy pooch…

20. Neighbors Might Be Alarmed

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

If you’ve never heard “alien-like” howls before, then you should know that neither Sharla’s neighbors have heard such sounds. But the woman couldn’t leave behind her beloved companion. She knew the old spoiled pooch was coming along, no matter what.

But then the howling got more frequent!

19. Leaving For Work

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

Sharla had no other way but hope for the best and go to work, leaving Charleston alone in the new unfamiliar house. He wasn’t ready to be left alone in that place, so he began howling and howling every time he bumped into things.

So far, nobody complained about the noise, but how much would the neighbors take it? That’s when Sharla came up with a great idea…

18. Making Sure the Neighbors Understand

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Since Sharla didn’t want to disturb and knock on each and every neighbor to explain the situation, she created a sign and posted it in the hallway.

“I was told that it was a quiet building, so I made a note thinking we’d get ahead of it. I put this sign up as an advisement,” she explained, not knowing how viral the sign will become! You won’t believe what the sign said!

17. Noticing a Photo

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

That day when Sharla taped the sign on her door, one of the neighbors noticed the photo and the message. She couldn’t help laughing when she saw the adorable pooch and the message, so she took a photo of it, posting it on Twitter. Here’s what it looks like in the next photo. Get ready to have your heart melted!

16. The Sign Went Viral

Photo: Courtesy of Familypet

To Shaila’s surprise, this sign she taped on the hallway went viral. Her landlord took a picture and posted it on Twitter which got thousands of retweets and likes. How do you think Shaila reacted to this?

15. Popular Dog

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

As the Twitter post was becoming viral, more and more people were falling in love with Charleston Chew. Sharla couldn’t believe what was happening and she was happy that her neighbors didn’t get angry with Charleston Chew’s howling.

But you’ll never guess how many things changed since this story happened…

14. Charleston Chew is Adopted

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

The first thing that Sharla decided to do after seeing how many people fell in love with her dog was to tell everyone that she is an advocate of adopting animals and not buying them. She hopes that other people would start adopting dogs in need and save them from shelters.

She also told us this heartbreaking thing about her pooch…

13. Serious Health Problems

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

On the downside of things, Charleston Chew was struggling with some serious health problems like diabetes and cataracts. This was making it difficult for Sharla to take care of the pug, financially speaking. Hearing this, some pet companies decided to give Sharla a helping hand. Here’s what they did…

12. Viral Picture

Photo: Courtesy of Upworthy

The picture of Charleston Chew was getting more and more popular on Twitter and this grabbed the attention of many companies. Seeing how Sharla needed some help in order to take care of her lovely pug, pet companies donated some cool stuff to her. Keep reading to see what goodies Sharla and Charleston Chew received.

11. Donations

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

One company gave Sharla a free shopping spree on their website which allowed her to buy lots of healthy food and squeaky toys for Charleston Chew. That’s not all! Sharla also received a camera to help her check on Charleston Chew while she is working.

10. Local Celebrity

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

It didn’t take long for Charleston Chew to become a local celebrity and everyone wanted to take pictures with him, especially the neighbors. How do you think Charleston Chew felt about this?

9. So Much Love

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Sharla and Charleston Chew couldn’t believe how much love they were receiving and the adorable pug was a little bit shy about meeting new people at first. However, he quickly became comfortable and started taking pictures with everyone.

8. The Right Choice

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

From the looks of it, Sharla’s decision to move to Pittsburg was the right choice. She got a nice job and her loving pug got tons of new friends who loved being around him. This is a win-win situation for both of them!

7. Good Boy

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Charleston Chew is a good boy and everyone who came to visit him brought some delicious treats with them. Charleston Chew was no longer alone and he had lots of treats! The pug was super happy!

6. Great Neighbors

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Sharla still can’t believe how great her new neighbors are. She initially expected everyone to hate her and Charleston Chew because of the noise the pug was making, but the exact opposite happened!

5. Adorable Pug

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Sharla hopes that Charleston Chew’s story is going to show people that adopting animals is the right thing to do. Even though the ones in pet stores need saving as well, the ones at shelters are more likely to be “put to sleep” if no one adopts them.

4. A Noble Cause

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Isn’t it amazing how Shaila is using the popularity of Charleston Chew to shine light on serious matters such as animal shelters? Now this shows us that Shaila is a great person who fights for a noble cause!

3. Sweet Dreams

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

Shaila says that it didn’t take long for Charleston Chew to become comfortable around his new home and that he now sleeps all day long. This is great because Shaila can leave for work without having to worry about her pug.

2. Happy Pug

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

All that matters now is that Charleston Chew is finally happy in his new home and that he doesn’t howl for Shaila every time she leaves. Also, Charleston Chew is a local celebrity and he is going to receive lots of belly rubs every time Shaila takes him out to the park.

1.  A Pug’s Story

Photo: Courtesy of AnimalChannel

Shaila’s decision to create that clever sign was what caused her neighbors and the entire world to fall in love with Charleston Chew and this was really clever of her. Nonetheless, what did you think about this heartwarming story?


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