Brave Coyote Couldn’t Stop Smiling, Even Though He Was Hit By A Car

Coyotes are some of the hardest animals ever to catch. Although this is great for their defenses, it’s not so great when they happen to get injured. When one coyote was spotted in terrible conditions, animal workers wanted to help. However, it wouldn’t be an easy task.

21. The Coyote

But once the animal was captured… it was something about him that even the rescuers couldn’t explain! Just wait until you see photo #8!

20. Coyotes

Image: Imgur

Coyotes are known for being notoriously evasive. This trick helps them tremendously in the wild, however, in this one instance it didn’t help at all. When one coyote got injured figuring out a way to trap him was going to be hard.

19. Spotted

Image: Bay Nature

The coyote was originally spotted at a golf course in Ottawa, Canada. While he was there he had been hit by a car and was pretty badly injured. However, that wasn’t the worst of it.

18. Skin Condition


While the coyote was already suffering from a car injury, he also had another condition. The coyote was suffering from a severe case of sarcoptic mange. This is an often fatal parasite that affects the skin.

17. Traps

Image: YouTube

Hearing about the coyote, the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary decided that they would go out of their way to capture the coyote to help. So they began setting up traps around the area. However, they never expected the capture to be so hard. You won’t believe how difficult it was…

16. Crafty

Image: The Dodo

The wildlife sanctuary greatly underestimated just how smart the coyote was. The coyote was able to avoid all of the traps that they set up. This was becoming a very serious situation.

15. Dangerous Situation

Image: The Dodo

Although the coyote was obviously quite crafty, it wasn’t working in its favor. The longer he evaded the traps, the longer his health was at risk. The sanctuary began to grow very worried for the poor coyote. But after 3 days…

14. Three Days

Image: The Dodo

Finally, after three days the coyote was finally caught. It was perfect timing too, as any longer would have been detrimental to its health. However, he was still in bad shape. Something had to be done!

13. Bad Shape

Image: The Dodo

“He was in really rough shape when he first came to us,” Sarah Beauregard, animal care coordinator at the sanctuary, tells The Dodo. “We didn’t think he would make it through the first night.”

But little did they know that this little guy had big plans for his future…

12. Lots of Problems

Image: Facebook/Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The coyote had a ton of health problems. His pelvis was broken and his skin condition had gotten so bad that he barely had any fur yet. This was especially bad considering the cold harsh weather in Canada. Even though he was in pretty bad shape, the coyote had something special that made everyone love him, and you won’t believe what it was!

11. Staying Positive

Image: The Dodo

Still, despite so many health issues boggling him down the coyote managed to stay positive. You see, there was just something about this coyote that immediately stood out. It was his big smile! Curios why he was smiling?

10. Smiling Big

Image: The Dodo

“The thing that really gets me is his eyes,” Beauregard says. “Even when he was at his worst, there was a brightness and hopefulness about them.”

Everyone loved the little guy and was inspired by his courage and positivity, so they did everything they could to make him feel better. You won’t believe what they did next!

9. Getting Treated

Image: The Dodo

Throughout the time that he was being treated, the coyote stayed happy and positive. As he began his recovery, his sweet personality started to show more and more. He was really a sweet animal that was a joy to be around. The next photo is adorable!

8. Shining Personality

Image: YouTube

“He is a sweetheart,” Beauregard says. “Coyotes are shy and timid by nature, but he seems to trust us and know that we are trying to help him. “

7. Refuge

Image: Facebook/Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

For now, the coyote will remain at the sanctuary while he is still gaining his strength. Once he is fully healed he’ll be released back into the wild. In the meantime, the rescue workers are trying their best not to get too attached to this sweetheart. If you’re wondering why, he’s the answer…

6. Human Contact

Image: The Daily Courier

“We are keeping human contact to an absolute minimum so that he does not grow attached to humans,” Beauregard says.

However, the rescuers are having a very hard time with this considering how sweet the coyote’s smile is!

5. Naming Him

Image: Native Animal Rescue

However, since the coyote will be with them for a while, the rescuers have decided that they want to name him. So they made a Facebook post asking their followers what the cutie’s name should be.

4. Rare


It is a very rare thing for a coyote to receive a name while at an animal sanctuary. It is even rarer for it to receive as much love and attention as this one has…

3. Lucky

Image: SFGate

This one coyote got exceptionally lucky in many ways. Although he had the unfortunate incident of getting hit by a car, he was lucky enough to get the attention of a great team of animal rescuers.

2. Getting Attached

Image: Los Angeles Times

Although the rescue workers will continue to work hard to avoid getting attached to this coyote, we wouldn’t blame them if they did. With a smiling face like his who could blame them?

1. Living Well


For now, the rescued coyote will be living well at the animal sanctuary. The staff will continue to care for him as he regains his strength to be introduced back into the wild!

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