Man Carries Fox In His Arms, Wait Till You See Why

When a woman was walking around and spotted a fox limping around she knew she had to do something. After all, she couldn’t leave it alone and in obvious pain. So she called one local wildlife rescuer that quickly arrived on the scene.

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19. Strange

A woman was out in a field walking around when suddenly she spotted something strange. Off in the distance she recognized the figure of a fox. However, this fox was behaving quite strangely. 

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The woman immediately noticed that the fox was walking around with a limp. It was obvious to her that the fox was injured. So what did she decide to do?

18. Phone Call

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The woman knew that she didn’t have the expertise or skills to approach the fox on her own. So she decided to call Dan Martin, a local wildlife rescuer. She quickly told him all about the injured fox and where he could find it.

17. Lucky

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Lucky for the fox, Dan’s office was only a three minute drive from the field. Dan walked over slowly to the fox, who he later named Basil. He didn’t want to scare it off or cause it to injure itself more.

16. Soft Towel

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Dan continued to make his way over to the fox in a slow manner. In his hand he carried a soft towel. It took around 20 minutes but eventually, the fox allowed Dan to approach him.

15. No Fuss

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“After a brief discussion with him (I was doing all the talking) about what the plan was, I gently wrapped the towel around him and scooped him up with no fuss whatsoever,” Martin wrote on Facebook.

14. Examining Him

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As he held Basil in his arms, wrapped up in a towel, Dan was able to see what the problem was. He looked at Basil’s foot and saw the shocking truth. The fox had been shot in the foot.

13. Waiting

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Dan immediately wanted to take Basil over to the vet, however, it wasn’t possible. There were no available appointments for the day. So Dan brought Basil home with him instead.

12. Overnight

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Dan brought Basil home with him to stay overnight. Throughout the night, Dan made sure to attend to all of Basil’s needs. He wanted the fox to be as comfortable as possible, especially with such a serious injury.

11. Gaining Trust

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As they spent the night together, Basil began to trust in Dan more. He could see that Dan was really trying to help him. By that morning, Basil happily cuddled up to Dan and loved being in his presence.

10. Cuddly

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“He became amazingly cuddly,” Martin told The Dodo. “I can only assume he was grateful for the help and all of the treats he had the night before.”

9. Vet’s Office

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While at the vet’s office, Dan stayed with Basil the entire time. He was determined to keep the fox feeling comfortable and relaxed despite the scary situation the fox was in. Then, the vet came over with the bad news…

8. Bad News

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After checking on Basil’s foot there was only one thing the vet could do. The foot would have to be amputated. The vet also stated that Basil must have been bred in captivity because of his friendly nature.

7. Surgery

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The surgery had been scheduled for later that day. While they were waiting, Dan stayed with Basil. He held the adorable fox tight and cuddled up with him while they waited.

6. Staying Around

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“He was so cuddly with me I opted to stay with him for the hour-and-a-half wait for his surgery, which he seemed really happy about,” Martin said. “I was even there as he drifted off to sleep on the operating table.”

5. Perfect

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The surgery went exactly as planned and after Basil was sent to a temporary home at the National Fox Welfare Society. The organization watched over Basil as he recovered from his surgery. Basil was given all the care that he needed.

4. Forever Home

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As Basil recovered, the organization worked on finding Basil a forever home. Once he completely recovered he would be available for adoption. Soon one of the rescuers started to show interest.

3. Following the Progress

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Dan, in the meantime, continued to keep watch of Basil’s progress. He was so thrilled to see that Basil was doing much better since the surgery. He was so happy that he was able to help out in the best way that he could.

2. Handsome Fox

Image: Facebook/National Fox Welfare Society

“I really hope to see him again,” Martin said. “I’ve been following his progress on their web page, and he’s clearly the most handsome fox there.”

1. Wonderful Home

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Thanks to Dan Martin’s dedication, Basil is doing so much better. He is fully recovered and now has a forever home where he is being taken care of! Talk about a happy ending.

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