Stray Kitty Under Truck Finds Forever Home After Melting A Man’s Heart

When a man headed to his vehicle, all ready to head off home, a kitty was lucky enough to get noticed. She was under his truck, stretching on the man’s tire as if she was saying ‘this one has enough pressure’! And the vehicle’s owner, Marc Farrington, noticed two tiny white feet and had to check under the car. Little did he know that this cute kitten will steal his heart.

21. Oh, Hey!

Guess what the man did next? We have completely melted over this kitten, and once you read the whole story, you’ll see why!

20. Smart Kitten

Spotting two puffy white things under your car can only mean one thing: there’s an animal under it, and you should check it before getting in the car. So did Marc Farrington, but this kitten tricked him into doing this…

19. I’ll Just Stare Back

Getting to a better position, Marc saw a scared kitty looking back at him. He completely melted when the kitten looked him in the eyes. So, he took his phone out and wanted to share the moment with his fiancée.

18. Look Who I Found!

Marc started snapping a few photos, waiting and looking around to see if there was a mamma kitten around. Later, he also posted the images on Reddit, explaining: the mama kitty ran off… and ditched the kitten…”

17. JustAnotherGoodGuy

Marc’s name on Reddit is JustAnotherGoodGuy, and you’ll soon understand why. He kept waiting for the mother of the kitten, but he realized that it was all in vain. So, he sent his fiancée a photo of the kitten, asking this…

16. Can We Keep Her?

The man was so in love that he asked his fiancée, Ann Lundeen, if they could take the kitty in. And if you wonder what her reaction was, this is what she said.

15. Look At That Face!

‘Of course I said yes. Who could say no to that face?’ – Said Ann. And soon after Marc took the kitten home, they went with her to the vet. Meanwhile, his photos on Reddit became viral, and people kept asking him about the cat…

14. A Viral Kitten

The adorable kitty’s face went viral on Reddit, and the community was already asking Marc if it was a he or a she. They found out at the vet, said Marc: ‘we found she’s a she.’ And they then gave her a name that will crack you up!

13. Axel the Kitty

Lundeen explained how they came up with the name: ‘A friend suggested her name be Axel, given the circumstances in which she was found,’ and then Lundeen added how they came up with the full name…

12. Axel Roads

‘Another Redditor suggested her full name be Axel Roads, and so now it is,” said Lundeen. And the world was in awe with tiny Axel Roads! At the vet, they also found out that she was only 4-5 weeks old. What happened next will amaze you!

11. A Great Family

Axel Roads is now the luckiest kitty in the world. Her family also has a young dog in the house, and he loves to play with her. This is what Lundeen said about their new member of the family once she got all comfy in the house…

10. Playing With the Pup

‘Our 2-year-old dog (another rescue) loves having a playmate who interacts with him’ said Ann. She also said that Axel ‘purrs when she’s near him, and chews on him and plays chase with him.’ This is too cute!

9. A Patient Old Cat

The family also has an old cat: ‘Our 19-year-old cat is not impressed, but since he has raised two puppies, he is very patient with her as she chews his leg and tries to eat his food.’ We couldn’t stop laughing!

8. An Indoor Cat

The family will spay Axel when she grows a little older, and they hope she will live in the indoors: ‘She hasn’t shown all that much interest in being outdoors as yet.’ Lundeen said that perhaps the kitty loves these things…

7. A Tiny Viral Kitten

‘I think she knows she’s found a good thing with us: a warm bed, plentiful food, playmates, and love,’ said Lundeen. And the melting story and photos reached over 2 million views and as many hearts. Wait until you read some of the comments!

6. Check the Reddit Post!

If you check the Reddit post, you’ll find funny comments like these ones:

Q: ‘How much does (the kitty) charge for wheel alignments?’

A: ‘Room and board. And a pound of flesh, one scratch at a time.’

And that’s not all!

5. She’s a Keeper!

The last updates on Axel Roads showed the kitty on the sofa: ‘Now she’s sitting on the sofa with a full belly. Life got a lot better for her two weeks ago… she’s a keeper.’ And looking how happy they all are, we know Axel is living the life!

4. A Purring BMW

Not all cats wonder under cars. This housecat wanted to go for a trip with her owner, but she chose a wrong ‘seat.’ Princess was stuck inside the engine, and she took a long ride, almost starving until she was finally noticed.

3. Princess Was Fine!

‘We opened the bonnet, and there she was, stuck inside the engine,’ said the woman who was on the road for days. ‘She was also very thin as she hadn’t eaten for two weeks, but she’s walking around now as if nothing happened.’

2. Stop the Car, Save a Life

If you’re a cat owner or just a thoughtful person, always look under the car, under the hood and anywhere else where tiny animals can hide. You’d be more relieved to know that you saved a life!

1. Check Under the Car and Under the Hood

And if you do find a kitty checking out your tires or stopping your car in the middle of the road, take her home. She might end up being your best friend. And she could be a great mechanic like Princess, who checked the engine for free!

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