Cutest Dog Ever Spends 420 Days At The Shelter After Being Abandoned Three Times

Abandoned dogs who can’t find a new family have a difficult life, but this Staffordshire Terrier has it worse than others. The dog’s name is Mona and she has been living at the shelter for 420 days now. The saddest part about Mona’s story is that she was returned by two different families and for the most outrageous reasons!

20. Meet Mona

Mona is a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier who was left behind by her original family. The family needed to move to another city and they couldn’t take her with them. Poor Mona was abandoned at a shelter and she was all alone…

19. Adoptive Family

Considering how pretty Mona looks, it should come as no surprise that she found an adoptive family during her first days at the shelter. Sadly, that family brought Mona back and you won’t believe why!

18. Getting Along With Other Dogs

Mona’s new adoptive family already had a bunch of dogs and for some unknown reason, they didn’t like Mona. As heartbreaking as this is, the adoptive family couldn’t keep Mona around because the dogs would fight.

17. Another Adoptive Family

Mona was super sad and she felt like no one wanted her but luckily, a second adoptive family decided to take the doggy with them after seeing how cute she is. How do you think this worked out?

16. Mona Is Brought Back A Second Time

It seems like Mona is one of the unluckiest dogs ever because the second adoptive family’s youngest daughter was allergic to Mona. The poor Staffordshire Terrier was brought back to the shelter and she immediately became sad.

15. Forever Alone

Poor Mona just didn’t know what to do so that people would like her. This was a heartbreaking moment and the shelter staff knew that they needed to do something about it. Keep reading to see what the staff had to say about Mona’s situation.

14. Returning Mona

“She was returned for no fault of her own, and that’s what makes it a little bit more emotional”, said Brenda Arceo who is the adoption manager at the shelter where Mona is staying. What Brenda had to say next is going to break your heart!

13. Wagging Tail

“When we first saw her come back into the intake area, she was actually very happy and wagging her tail. But once she realized that she was back where she was, she kind of sat down and looked sad”, added Brenda.

12. Cutie Pie

Brenda and her coworkers started taking pictures of Mona and posting them to social media in order to grab the attention of people. Brenda thinks that Mona is surely going to find a third adoptive family that’s going to provide her with all the love and care she needs.

11. Abused And Neglected

The sad doggy we are seeing in this picture is called Penni. Just like Mona, Penni was neglected by his owner and he wasn’t able to find an adoptive family. However, Penni’s story is a bit more emotional than Mona’s and you won’t believe why…

10. Locked In A Basement

This poor doggy was locked in a basement for most of his life. Penni’s owner didn’t care for him and he left him stuck inside that basement, but that ended when a neighbor heard the dog’s cries for help. Things get even better than this for Penni…

9. Penni Is Saved

Penni was successfully saved from his previous owner and the man in this picture adopted him right away! Even though Penni was a shy dog, he felt an instant connection with DeLuca. In fact, DeLuca and Penni were perfect for each other and you will be amazed to find out why!

8. Going On Adventures

Even though Penni was super shy when he was first rescued, his adventures with DeLuca helped warm him up towards other people. Penni doesn’t run away when new people come around him and he starts wagging his tail instead!

7. Exploring The World

Penni lived most of his life behind doors and DeLuca is giving him the opportunity to explore the world. Isn’t it amazing how perfect these two are for each other?

6. Instant Connection

DeLuca knew that Penni was everything he wanted because he felt a strong connection right from the moment he first laid eyes on the dog. Despite his shyness, Penni started licking DeLuca and sat in his lap. This made it clear for DeLuca that he needs to adopt Penni.

5. Risky Adventures

From the looks of it, Penni is not afraid to take on a challenge. Risky adventures are Penni and DeLuca’s favorite activity and this is what makes them a great duo!

4. Challenges

DeLuca says that one of the most amazing things about Penni is how he faces every new challenge with a brave face. Isn’t the Grand Canyon one of the coolest places to climb and explore?

3. Perfect Match

DeLuca likes to think that faith put Penni in his path. The two are a match made in heaven and they were lucky to meet each other. The most amazing thing is how much Penni changed after being adopted by DeLuca and seeing what being loved feels like.

2. True Love

DeLuca and Penni share a strong bond and the only thing that matters to them is to have fun and to always have each other’s backs! Isn’t this what all friendships are about?

1. Abandoned Dogs

Penni got lucky and found the perfect adoptive parent. Let’s hope the family sees Mona and decides to take her in because spending more than 420 days in the shelter is going to take a toll on her.

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