Hotel Where You Can Live With Giraffes Who Asks For Cuddles Through Windows

Brenna Holeman is a blog writer and a traveler lover. On her blog, she writes about every amazing travel and experience she had using a lot of humor. On her last trip, she visited East Africa, where she saw parts of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. However, the highlight of her trip was her visit at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. Her experiences will truly amaze you. Make sure not to miss #18, #14 and #13

20. A Typical Breakfast

Giraffe Manor was established in 1930s and now is a boutique hotel which includes 12 rooms and the Giraffe Centre is really close and it is a home for 12 giraffes. For many people visiting that hotel would be a dream come true, but does its cost deserve it? Click next to see a family o Giraffes hanging out!

19. Hanging Out

Giraffes are wild animals, so it may be a chance that they won’t interact with people. However, they know when it’s their feeding hours, so they get ready and start sticking their heads into the building in order to be fed by the guests, who are waiting with buckets full of grass pellets. Do you want to see a giraffe having breakfast with Brenna? Click next!

18. I Just Came To Say Hi

You May think that it is a dream come true and it is. However, that dream is a bit pricey. The cheapest room at Giraffe Manor is about $550 per adult. There are also bigger rooms and the hotel is really popular destination for honeymoons, but obviously, they are a lot more pricey. Don’t miss Brenna sharing a cup of coffee with a giraffe. Click next!

17. Do You Want Some Giraffe With Your Coffee?

So does that stay worth the price? According to Brenna it surely does. It’s a unique experience that everyone has to live once in his life. It is not a cheap vacation, but it worth every penny without any hesitation.

16. “Hello”

The cost is a bit high but it doesn’t cost more than the amount of money that someone would spend for a night in Florence in an average Four Seasons room, cause their junior suite costs the same price. However, in that hotel, you wouldn’t be able to feed the adorable Giraffes!

15. A Great Deal

The Giraffe Manor also provides, which is included in the price, tree gourmet meals and afternoon tea. It also has a well-known spa and incredible service. So you don’t pay just for the stay, you are also provided for free with all the above.

14. Perfection

The hotel also has many places where you can sit and relax, enjoy your meal, or just stop for a minute and appreciate the all nature that you are surrounded from. The landscape is really eye-catching so it really worth it to just stand back and relax.

13. Romeos And Juliet

Giraffes are endangered species and they need to be taken good care. Thankfully, Giraffe Manor really provides them with everything they need. They have a lot of space, food, water and care. They also live a peaceful life without anxiety and fear.

12. “That Is Delicious”

The hotel is open only for guests who are staying in it and you can’t go as a visitor just for coffee. However, the hotel sometimes organizes some open meals for those who are not staying in its facilities.

11. Friendly Creatures

Every Giraffe has its own personality so, if you’re lucky enough you will manage to meet the friendly once and the more outgoing so you will be able to feed them by hand without scaring them away.

10. “Where Is Everyone?”

You have to be prepared to have giraffes sticking their heads into the windows waiting for food. You don’t have to be scared, they are really friendly creatures, but most of the time hungry. So make sure that you have your bucket full of grass and everything will be okay!

9. Having Fun

It is really relaxing to sit on a window and feed a giraffe while you are chatting with your friend. It may sound bizarre, but you will never know if you never try!

8. “What Are You Doing?”

That is a typical breakfast for a guest in the hotel. You will always have to deal with curious giraffes wanting to see what you are doing and trying to steal your croissants. However, who wouldn’t want to have breakfast with a giraffe, even with a less croissant.

7. “I Am Here, Too”

Giraffes aren’t the only animals that you will see in the Giraffe Manor. You may also have some other visitors that want to meat you and maybe eat some of your food. So in the hotel, it is possible to see some warthogs hanging around the gardens.

6. The Accommodations

The hotel is really clean and the staff is always around to help you with everything. You will never be without guidance as every one of the staff is willing to help you and make you feel comfortable like you are at home.

5. ” Is Anybody There? I Am Hungry”

While you stay in Giraffe Manor you will be able to take a lot of pretty photos, but you have to act quickly. If you don’t act quick the only thing that you will be able to show to your friends is a blurry giraffe. At least it will be better than no giraffe, don’t you think?

4. Giraffes Everywhere

Everything in the Giraffe Manor reminds guests about giraffes. There are paintings with giraffes, giraffes made of wood on the chest and in general the whole feeling that the hotel gives you makes you think that you are a part of wildlife.

3. The Rooms

The rooms are really comfortable and very nicely decorated. Everyone in there would relax and watch wildlife out of his window. Also, kids under the age of 11, take a free stay. So everyone could come with his family, too.

2. “It Was A Pleasure To Meet You”

That vacation was one of the most interactive with the wildlife, Brenna had. She fed the giraffes, she cuddles up with them, they drunk tea and coffee together, they had breakfast and they spend a lot of time observing each other and that was a bless.

1. A Goodbye Kiss

According to Brenna, her visit in Giraffe Manor was an unforgettable experience and she really recommends to every animal and especially giraffe lover to visit the hotel. She is determined to visit again the hotel just when she has enough money. When you want to drink your coffee with giraffes you have to pay the price!

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