Man Saves Horse From Slaughterhouse After Noticing Weird Neck Tattoo

Joanie used to be a racehorse who won many prizes, but everything changed for the worse when Joanie stopped winning. This poor mare was born in Illinois in 1999 and her entire life has been a struggle, but her biggest challenge was escaping the slaughterhouse. Luckily, Joanie crossed paths with someone who saw her pain and decided to help out.

20. Meet Joanie

This brown mare is Joanie and as the tattoo from her neck points out, she spent most of her life running in races. Sadly, time caught up with Joanie and she wasn’t able to run anymore.

19. Joanie Is Sold Off

Despite being a loyal horse and winning lots of races, the people who owned her decided to sell Joanie after she wasn’t able to run as she used to. You won’t believe who bought her!!

18. Amish Family

Joanie was sold off to an Amish family who put the poor mare to hard work. Joanie was used for field work until she couldn’t move anymore. Seeing that the animal wasn’t fit for work, the Amish family sold her to an auction house…

17. The Slaughterhouse

Knowing that Joanie is not fit for work anymore, the auction house wanted to sell the brown mare to slaughterhouses. Right when this story was turning grim, James Castano spotted Joanie. You won’t believe what this man did for the mare.

16. James Castano

James Castano runs an animal sanctuary and he was visiting the auction house in order to raise awareness. However, everything changed when he saw the number “25” tattooed on Joanie’s neck and you will never guess why!

15. The Neck Tattoo

The neck tattoo was made by the auction house to make it easier for them to recognize Joanie. The reason why this grabbed James’s attention is that he has the same number tattooed on his body! You won’t believe what this number means.

14. Loving Grandfather

James Castano has the number 25 tattooed on his body as an homage to his late grandfather who helped raise him as a child. Seeing how Joanie had the same tattoo, he knew that faith put the animal in his path. The next picture will send shivers down your spine!

13. Pin Fire Markings

James Castano felt a connection with Joanie and he wanted to save the poor mare from being taken to the slaughterhouse. However, he knew that he needed to move fast after seeing these pin fire markings on the horse’s legs. You will be shocked to find out why those marks were put on Joanie’s body!

12. Racehorses

“They give them to racehorses. It’s pretty much like a shot of acid to freeze the tendond or muscle. So when they have an injury or they’re not performing their best, this is supposed to make them not feel that area”, said Jack Castano. Can you imagine the pain that Joanie had to suffer all throughout her life? But things were about to change for the poor animal and you won’t believe what happened next!

11. Determined To Help

James knew that if he didn’t rescue Joanie, the horse would suffer a grim faith. However, there was still one problem that James needed to solve first. He didn’t have the money to purchase Joanie from the auction house. Luckily, he came up with this brilliant idea…

10. Asking For Donations

James swallowed his pride and asked his friends and Instagram followers for donations. To James’s surprise, everyone started donating and he quickly got enough money to purchase and save Joanie. 

9. Loving Home

James took the brown mare to his farm and that’s where Joanie felt loved for the first time in her life. James already had a bunch of horses on the farm and Joanie became friends with them. Isn’t this amazing?

8. Great Man

Not many people would spend their hard earned money and ask for donations in order to help animals in need and this makes James a great man. However, Joanie is not the first animal he saved. Let’s see what his farm looks like.

7. Meet Willow

This cute little goat is named Willow and she is the farm’s mascot! James says that he loves being around animals and he wants to save as many as he can!

6. Visitors

The farm has tens of animals and people love to visit and take pictures with them. James says that he always feel happy when people come by and spend some time on the farm because he thinks this will help the visitors understand that all animals deserve to live a happy life.

5. Running Around

As previously mentioned, Joanie is not the first horse that James saved! Beauty, Bumble Bee, Flash, Jack and Starlite are also living on James’s farm. The most amazing thing about these horses is that they always bring a smile to people’s faces because they love running around all day long.

4. Happy Horse

Joanie got lucky because James Castelano was visiting the auction house at the right time. The mare’s story took an amazing turn of events, but all that matters is that Joanie is happy now.

3. Life Savers

James is a life saver and there’s no doubt about that. Let’s hope that he gets all the funds he needs to keep saving other animals in need.

2. Goofing Around

Joanie is now living happily with all the other horses. James loves taking pictures of his animals, especially when they are goofing around like in this picture.

1. Incredible Story

What did you think of Joanie’s story? I think it’s safe to say that Joanie got lucky because James spotted her and that the number “25” neck tattoo grabbed his attention. Nonetheless, what James did is amazing and Joanie is going to live a happy life because of that.

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