Blind Puppy And His Seeing-Eye Companion Were Abandoned, But Look At Them Now

Life is difficult for all abandoned dogs, but some have it worse than others! Today we are going to show you the amazing story of Herbie and Hilda, two dachshunds who were left out on the streets to fend off for themselves. The difficult thing about this being that Herbie is blind!

20. Herbie And Hilda

These two adorable dachshunds are called Herbie and Hilda. Even though their smiles are big and bright, life hasn’t been too good for these two dogs. But they aren’t letting that stop them from being happy.

19. Herbie Is Blind

Herbie is blind and this makes it difficult for him to survive on the streets but luckily, Hilda is always there to guide him. You won’t believe why they were thrown out on the streets.

18. Abandoned

The reason why Herbie and Hilda were abandoned is heartbreaking, as the previous owner didn’t want to care for the blind doggy. To make things even worse, the men got rid of them without giving it any second thought and threw them in a stranger’s yard.

17. Thrown Out

The two weren’t only abandoned, but they were thrown in the backyard of a man who wanted nothing to do with them. The previous owner did that because his neighbor had a reputation for rescuing dogs, but he hasn’t been working at the shelter for a long time. So what happened to the poor pups?

16. Staying Together

Even though their faith was looking grim, the two adorable doggies were keeping a big smile on their faces because they were happy to be together. Luckily, the man who found them in his backyard knew exactly what to do with them.

15. Retired

The man who found Herbie and Hilda used to work at a shelter that focused on rescuing abandoned animals. Even though he retired years ago, he decided to do one last good deed and called for help.

14. Calling For Help

The man called the County Dog Services shelter and they came to pick up Herbie and Hilda. However, this is not where the story ends for these two dachshunds.

13. An Impossible Task

The rescuers were determined to help Herbie and Hilda, but there was a big problem and they couldn’t do anything about it. Keep reading to find out what that problem was. It’s unbelievable…

12. Puppies With Disabilities

The problem that the rescuers had no solution for was the fact that most people don’t want to adopt puppies with disabilities. To add more, Herbie and Hilda came as a pair and the rescuers didn’t want to separate them.

11. Special People

The two dachshunds stayed at the rescue shelter for a couple of days until the unexpected happened! Two special people heard Herbie and Hilda’s story and decided to give them a loving home. Can you believe this?

10. John And Dorothy

John and Dorothy Sinnar are the two people who decided that they want to help two dogs in need. Aren’t they amazing? Here’s what happened next…

9. Saying Goodbye

Herbie and Hilda were super anxious to leave, but they made sure to tell Diane (on the left) goodbye before doing that. Diane works at the shelter and she is the one who took care of them.

8. Signing The Papers

This picture shows us Hilda is waiting for Dorothy to sing the adoption papers. People like John and Dorothy are rare and we have to admit that their actions are truly amazing. Who else do you know that would adopt a blind dog and his friend?

7. A Loving Home

Stories like this one are rare because not many people are willing to put it all on the line and take two dogs in their house, especially when one has a serious disability like Herbie does.

6. Happy Dogs

Herbie and Hilda finally have someone to love and care for them. John and Dorothy say that the two dachshunds are super happy and that despite his disability, Herbie runs around the yard all day long.

5. Before And After

Now that we’ve seen Herbie and Hilda’s incredible adoption story, let’s take a look at some jaw-dropping before and after pictures of adopted dogs. Be prepared to shed a tear or two because these upcoming pictures are heartwarming.

4. Incredible Transformation

These dogs were abandoned together by their previous owner because he couldn’t care for them anymore. Here’s what happened to them afterward…

3. Growing Strong

These two pictures are taken one year apart! Can you believe how happy they look like now? The next transformation is even more amazing!

2. Hard Life

Poor doggy, the first picture shows us that he had a rough past. I don’t even want to imagine the troubles that this pooch went through but luckily, someone decided to adopt and love him!

1. Bright Smile

The first picture is so heartbreaking that I can’t even look at it! Good thing the poor doggy got adopted because look how big his smile is now! Let’s hope more people start adopting dogs in need because it is going to make the world a better place.

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