Skirting The Issue Teenage Boys Wear Skirts To School To Protest No Shorts Policy As Britain Bakes In 34C Heatwave

School dress code and uniforms are a really controversial discussion. Each school has its own policy according to dress code and every student is obliged to follow every rule or he will face punishments. However, what should people do when these rules affect the school life of students and their uniform becomes a burden on them and their learning process?

22. School Uniforms

You won’t believe what some students did in order to defend their right to be comfortable at school. Don’t miss #18, #14 and #12!

21. A Bizarre Action

One day something really bizarre happened at the Isca Academy, Exeter. Five pupils decided to go to school wearing skirts as a summer uniform, but the reason behind this action will truly amaze you!

20. No Shorts Policy

The reason behind that action was the policy of that school that had banned pupils to wear shorts as a summer uniform, something that enraged not only the pupils but their parents too…

19. Hot Summer Days

On hot summer days, they were forced to wear long pants, however, there was an even deeper reason why the boys wore skirts and it will blow your mind!

18. “No To Shorts? Yes To Skirts!”

Apparently, pupils seemed that they had discussed the event with the ban of the shorts with their teachers but what they told them seems taken from a movie. Here’s what made them angry…

17. The School

Their head teacher told them, obviously jokingly, that they could “wear a skirt if they liked”. So that’s exactly what they did! You’ll be shocked to read what the woman said about the protest…

16. Heat Wave

“However, children tend to take you literally and so five boys turned up in skirts today – and because she told them it was OK there was nothing she could do as long as they are school skirts.” The headteacher claimed that about 50 boys were planning to wear skirts to the Isca Academy in Exeter, Devon, and protest with the others after asking girls from school to borrow their skirts. Do you think parents were also angry about their kids’ decision?

15. A Proud Mother

It was really difficult for the pupils to wear their official uniform in school while Britain was baking in 34C heat. That’s the basic reason why they protest trying to convince the head teacher to change her mind about the “no shorts policy” in summer. And that’s not all! Soon, other schools joined them and the parents are angry as well…

14. All Together With One Purpose

Claire Lambeth, a 43-year-old mother, said she was “very proud” of her son Ryan, 15, for coming up with the idea of the protest. She said: “I think it was a great idea. The school is being silly. This is exceptional weather.” Curious to see if the protest changed anything? Read along!

13. Goal Almost Achieved

Headteacher Aimee Mitchell said that the school would take into consideration to change its policy about the shorts after discussing with the students and their parents. She said: “We recognize that the last few days have been exceptionally hot and we are doing our utmost to enable both students and staff to remain as comfortable as possible”. But other schools reacted as well!

12. Many More Protests

That’s not the only protest by students in order to change the uniform policy. There have been a lot through the years in many schools because uniforms will always be a controversial subject as far as the policy of each school is concerned.

11. More Convenient Uniforms

However, uniforms shouldn’t bother the students at any time. They should keep them warm in winter and help them not to get too hot in the summer.

10. No Exceptions

Uniforms should keep students comfortable in any case, boys and girls without any exception in order to help them be more focused on their classes and school.

9. Taking Over The Internet

The boys’ protest had affected social media, too. Trey Stokes tweeted: “Great idea guys on the skirts stay cool.” User Charmayne added: “Love it, ridiculous uniform policy in the heat we’ve just had.” “However, with the hotter weather becoming more normal, I would be happy to consider a change for the future.”

8. “You Could Wear A Skirt”

One mum yesterday also said: “My son wanted to wear shorts but was told he would be put in the isolation room for the rest of the week.” As a response, the head teacher told them, ‘Well you can wear a skirt if you like”, but she was obviously sarcastic.

7. A Great Risk

The decision to start all of these would be really hard to make, due to the fact that the students that were participating could have gotten into trouble and face punishments by their school.

6. An Act Of Bravery

What those students did was pretty remarkable. They fought for their rights and that was definitely a really important experience and they took a precious lesson on how to team up.

5. A Team

They learned that together they are stronger than each alone. They team up and fought for their rights without hesitating or being afraid of a possible punishment.

4. Support

Besides how brave the students were, they also had a lot of support from their families and from many other people all over the world that learned about the event from the internet.

3. A Great Example

Their action moved many people who work in places where the dress code is so strict that makes the workers feel uncomfortable. A typical example is that of a call center worker who was forced to go home because he was wearing shorts on a really hot day. The next day, he returned wearing his mother’s dress as a protest.

2. Trying To Make People Understand

That event was a try by the students to make people understand that the uniform should make their life at school easier and their learning process more comfortable, not the opposite.

1. Weird Rain

Over than 20 flood alerts gave a closure to the heat wave and almost 60,000 lightning strikes hit for 24 hours. The heat wave was replaced by rain and thunderstorms and the atmosphere was really foggy.

The rain gave an end to the torturing heat wave. However, many hope that the change of weather will not make the protest come to an end for the sake of future heat waves.

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