Two Ginger Brother Kittens Found In Garden Are Inseparable From Day 1

Nowadays it is hard to find people who are caring and kind, willing to go out of their way in order to help an animal in need. A great example sets Anya Yukhtina who gave a chance to life to two adorable kittens. However, she had no idea how much her life would change after that. Be sure to check out #16, #11 and #6.

20. Two Kittens In The Garden

Anya Yukhtina, who is an event manager and producer in Moscow, Russia, did something very special for two really adorable and cute kittens and her action sets a powerful example for the rest of us. But the way those kittens found their owner will amaze you!

19. A Sudden Surprise

One day these kittens came into the life of Anya Yukhtina in the most sudden way. “My friend’s father found them in the garden of their country house and my friend brought them to me,” she said. Click next to see the two kittens watching a movie together!

18. Fatty And Skinny

The names of these two adorable kittens are Fatty and Skinny, but no worries that don’t reflect their actual shape and size. They seem to enjoy watching movies together and even surfing the web when their owner let them. Click next to see how tiny they were!

17. Little Kitten

When they became part of Anya Yukhtina’s family, they were only ten days old and they were in desperate need of guidance. They were really lucky to be found by Anya, because without her help they probably wouldn’t survive. You can’t imagine where those two kittens found themselves in!

16. A Tough Beginning

At the beginning the things were difficult, but Anya did her best to save these little kittens. It took her about a month to train them to eat without her help, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that Fatty and Skinny managed to start eating all by themselves.

15. Becoming Sick

Unfortunately, when they were almost three weeks old they became ill due to ringworms. Ringworms are caused by an infection that affected their skin and as a result, the kittens had patches on their fur that were red and itchy. Did they recover after all?

14.  Taking A Warm Bath

The vet told Anya that the kittens would feel better soon, but she had to wash them every two days. She also had to have them do medicine shots in order to be cured and healthy once again. Although that took a lot of effort, Anya did her best for them in order to recover.

13. Recovering

It was really difficult to watch these two adorable kittens being in pain and having patches on their fur, but after the right treatment they rapidly recovered and started to explore the world once again. Let’s see how they sleep together!

2. Sleeping Together

Today, Fatty and Skinny are eight months old and they are living with Anya and her family a healthy and happy life, full of adventures and fun. With the right care of their loved ones, they became ready to live and enjoy their life to the fullest.

11. Time For Relaxation

They really enjoy each other’s company and you will never find Fatty very far away from Skinny. These two are inseparable since the first moment. Click to the next page, if you want to watch little Skinny having a bath!

10. Sometimes There Were Fights

Of course, there are times that the two of them are having a conflict and they avoid each other as they prefer to be apart, but at the end of the day, they always end up playing together, snuggling and purring.

9. Hanging Out In The Bathtub

However, these two do everything together. They eat together, sleep and they also like very much to relax into the bathtub for a long time. Who knows what they are thinking about while they are in there?

8. Thinking About World Domination

These two are definitely partners in crime. They adore exploring the world together and planning their next move to dominate the house at first and maybe the whole world. Who knows? But the important thing is that if they put something in their mind, there is nothing standing in their way. If they want something from the table, they will cooperate and take it.

7. Sweet Dreams Little Ones

They enjoy taking long naps all over the house, especially in places that are warm from the sunlight, always curled up together, looking adorable. What do you think they are dreaming of?

6. Playing With Lights

Fatty and Skinny are always curious and they try to explore everything that catches their eye. That means that there is a high chance that you will find them in the most bizarre places that a cat can go. They also really like those bright star lights.

5. Kitten Kisses

They are very affectionate and they try to show to the people that saved them and gave them a chance to live how grateful they truly are, by giving them all the kisses with their tiny mouths. Wait to see them cuddling up with Anya!

4. Having Fun Together

Anya always enjoys spending time with Fatty and Skinny as the three of them make the best team. They cuddle up, play together, relax on the bed, eat breakfast and generally, they have a lot of fun. They are best friends!

3. From Kittens To Happy Cats

Even though they are now all grown up, they never miss a chance to spend time and have fun with their family. Look how they took the exact same pose. Do you wanna know in what bizarre place they found themselves in? Click next!

2. ”If I Fits I Sits”

They still like spending their time in the bathroom and as always, they are together. They usually go there when it is too hot outside and they try to find a place that can protect them from the heat.

1. Together Always And Forever

No matter how old they will get, these two are inseparable, with a loving family behind taking care of them. The fact that Anya took care of them gave them a chance to live and they make the most of it!

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