Brazilian Man Adopts Seven Tigers And Raises Them As His Own Family

Tigers are some of the world’s most dangerous beasts, but to Ary Borges they are just house cats. As crazy as this might sound, Ary has seven tigers as his pets! The man saved them from a life with the travelling circus and the tigers consider him to be their owner because of that. You won’t believe how incredible some of these following pictures are!

20. Ary Broges

This man is Ary Borges and his story starts back in 2005 when he saw two tigers being neglected by a travelling circus.  Ary knew that he needed to help the tigers, but no one expected him to do what he did!

19. Adopting Dan And Tom

Despite this not being a very safe thing to do, Ary decided to adopt the two tigers who were called Dan and Tom. How do you think his family reacted to this?

18. Exotic Cats

Ary’s family was amazed to see him bring the two tiger brothers home, but they were a bit scared. Although, who wouldn’t be scared to live in the same house with tigers? The risky part about this is that Ary had two daughters, but he was confident that the tigers wouldn’t hurt them.

17. Ary’s Daughters

“I was never worried about my daughters coexisting with these animals”, said Ary. As we can clearly see from this picture, the man trusts the two tigers so much that he allowed his two year old niece to ride on his back. Isn’t this amazing? And that’s not all!

16. Growing Up Together

Ary’s kids sure had an amazing childhood with these tigers around. Who else can say that they ride around a tiger in their spare time? Nonetheless, Ary’s kids started loving the tigers more and more as they grew up.

15. Not Scared Anymore

“At first we were scared of them, but as time went on, we saw them every day, gave them baths and water, and we started to fall in love with them. We never thought we could live with such ferocious animals” said Ary’s daughter.

14. Tiger Cubs

The tigers ended up giving Ary five cubs and the man couldn’t be happier about it. The coolest thing about this is that the seven tigers weren’t Ary’s only animals! The man had more ‘pets’ including a monkey and two lions!

13. Sharing Beds

Now that the tigers cubs were playing around Ary’s home, there wasn’t that much free space left in the house and everyone started sharing beds with the small adorable cubs. Can you imagine how awesome it must be have a tiger cub as your house pet?

12. Strong Bond

Even though Ary and his family share a strong bond with the seven tigers, people just aren’t able to see that and they report Ary for not having a license to raise the tigers. How do you think Ary reacted to this?

11. Not Giving Them Up

Ary says that he is not willing to give his beloved tigers up and he is doing everything in his power to keep them around. Even though most people are against it, Ary hopes that his friendship with the tigers helps people to understand that he is simply providing them with a loving home instead of a traveling circus.

10. Legal Permits

As the reports against Ary were stacking, the government got involved and told Ary that if he didn’t get his proper licensing he is going to lose them. Luckily, Ary didn’t waste any time and he quickly got all the papers he needed. Although, the government still forced Ary to do something that he didn’t like…

9. Getting The Tigers Fixed

The only thing that Ary couldn’t avoid was getting the tigers fixed so that they won’ t have anymore cubs. Ary followed what the government wanted because that was the law, but he wasn’t happy about it!

8. A Noble Cause

“We believe the work we’re doing to help the animals is a noble cause” said Ary. Even though not everyone sees tigers with loving eyes like Ary does, he hopes that his family might be able to raise awareness.

7. Raising Awareness

Ary believes that the pictures of his family and the tigers are going to help raise awareness on the horrors that tigers who are owned by travelling circuses need to go through. Let’s hope that Ary achieves his goal!

6. Love and Trust

There is a strong bond between Ary’s family and the tigers. No one can doubt the fact that Ary’s tigers love his family and this shows us that with a little bit of care, even wild beasts such as tigers can become house cats.

5. Playing Around

Ary says that one of his favorite things to do when someone new is visiting his house is to play around with the tiger’s mouth. This always scared the new visitors while Ary has a good laugh about it.

4. Expensive Diet

The most difficult thing about having seven tigers as house pets is feeding them. The wild animals eat mostly meat and this diet can get pretty expensive. Nonetheless, this is all worth it to Ary because the tigers are just like his kids.

3. Overweight Tiger

When one of Ary’s tigers became a little bit overweight, his daughter took the animal in the pool for exercise. Can you imagine how scary it must be to get in the water with a real tiger? Luckily, the animal loves swimming with Ary’s daughter and he means her no harm.

2. Pool Time

The tiger loves swimming in the pool with Ary’s daughter so much that he doesn’t want to jump in if she isn’t around. Now this is truly incredible!

1. Tiger Family

As amazing as living with tigers must be, we have to admit that most of us wouldn’t have the courage to do that and this is why Ary and his family are truly special. Let’s hope the government doesn’t bother Ary and his family anymore so that he could live in peace.

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