Rescued Pit Bulls Welcome “Potato” Into Their Foster Home

This story has a deep-rooted narrative, dating back to when Calley Gibson-Stoll rescued an adorable pooch named Pikelet. He was saved from death row when he was just 5 weeks. Then he was the best pooch around foster puppies. He loved showing other puppies how to dog and then Patty Cakes joined the family. They’re now known as Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll and Patty Cakes Huckleberry Stoll.

Later, they met another puppy in need of a foster home. His name was Potato and we’re 100% sure it’s a sweet Potato variety because this pup is ultra-cute!

20. Best Help Ever

Pikelet and Patty Cakes are the best foster brothers a pup in need of a home and friends could ever wish for! They are adorable and always jump in to take care of the new foster pups, kittens, and even ducks!

19. Helping Hands and Paws

Potato is a pup rescued from a pet shop, along with his brothers. He was going to be sold at a very early age. The poor pups were separated from their mother too early and they were weak, they had worms and were dehydrated… This is shocking!

18. It Was Heartbreaking

‘If it wasn’t for the determination and helping hands of many over at Wollongong Animal Rescue Network Inc., little sweet-Potato here would have been placed into a small plastic cage,’ wrote Calley on her rescue page on Facebook.

17. Infested With Mange and Fleas

Not only Potato and his other six siblings were taken from their mum at only 5 weeks of age, but they had wounds, mange, fleas, and worms! They were very weak and small. This is what his foster mom said.

16. Living in a Pet Shop

Living in a pet shop wasn’t the right place to thrive. He would have shared a cage with his brothers, in artificial light and sleep in their own poop, not to mention no veterinary care… Potato was very tiny!

15. Tiny Tato

‘Hard to believe that at just 1.2kg little Tato was ever that tiny,’ said Calley in a photograph of the little pup. Next to the first photo, she added another one with Potato at 11 weeks old. He reached 4.5 kg, a huge difference in just 5 weeks.

14. No Human Contact

Calley explains what could have happened to Potato and his siblings if they lived in a shop until being bought by people for thousands of dollars: ‘no real loving human contact, no one to cuddle him to sleep or to rub his full belly…’

13. Saved at The Right Moment

But Potato and his siblings were saved before anything like that would have happened. Each pup went to a foster home and Potato went to meet his best bros ever: Pikelet and Patty Cakes! And then, the magic happened…

12. Adopting Sweet-Potato

Potato was lucky to find the perfect foster home, where Pikelet and Patty Cakes had made it their life mission to save little pups like Potato and show them how to dog! They’re so sweet all together. Wait until you see the photo from #7!

11. Too Adorable

This adorable trio has made it around the world and captured everyone’s hearts on social media and in the news. It seems that Pikelet and Patty Cakes are now a dog’s best friends! Calley wrote about Potato on Facebook…

10. Foster Puppy

‘After a tragically sad start to life we would now like to officially introduce you to and welcome foster puppy…. “POTATO”. You are safe now baby Tater. You are safe’, wrote Calley on her first photo with little Potato.

9. Ready to Be Adopted

Calley and her beloved Pikelet and Patty Cakes took good care of Potato, and they taught them how to be a great pet. She said that after that, ‘this baby Tater Tot will be adoptable via Wollongong Animal Rescue Network Inc.’

8. Couch Potatoes

It took little Potato five weeks to get stronger and healthy. He learned all the best things from Pikelet and Patty Cakes, especially how to live to his name: being a couch potato! This is what Calley said next!

7. The Last Potato

Calley’s fans on social media that have been watching Potato’s story received great news: ‘Serving up the last Potato these next few days. This little French fry has himself an adoption pending and leaves on Friday.’

6. Almost Baked

‘This Potato is just about baked. Two more sleeps then off to his forever home’, wrote Calley on an adorable photo of the pooch. He would soon start a new life surrounded by a big and loving family!

5. Going Home and to School!

‘Tater is moving into a house with a number of pup-siblings and a large family of humans too,’ added Calley. He will also start his puppy schooling! Fans all over the world were in awe of this happy pooch!

4. More Great News!

Potato has three furry siblings and six humans to love him all day long. Even with all the new surroundings and people and pooches, Potato is doing great and he even kept his funny name. You won’t believe how he looks a few months later!

3. An Updated Potato

Calley got to meet Potato again and she also took Pikelet and Patty Cakes for a reunion. When people saw Potato all grown, they couldn’t believe their eyes. This is what one of the commenters said in the next photo…

2. A Huge Potato!

Kirstin Kranenburg couldn’t believe her eyes: ‘Can’t believe he has gone from itty bitty tater tot to ginormous baked potato with a side of fries.’ Yes, Potato is the pooch on the left!

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop!

‘If you see a pet shop with sick or depressed animals or animals kept in terrible caged conditions, the best thing you can do is report this to your local rescue’, urges Callie. She also mentions that Potato and his siblings ‘came from one of those so-called “good breeders”.’

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