Curious Blue Shark Swims In Front Of Diver, Surprising Him In The Cutest Way

Stories with divers and unexpected encounters with sea creatures are many, but those that involve meeting sharks are not the stories we like to hear. Well, except for this amazing experience a diver had off the coast of Portugal. He was surrounded by different sizes of blue sharks when one of the creatures approached him.

Stefano Ulivi is the lucky Italian diver who had caught on camera the amazing moment when a shark came to get some love. Check out the photos below and you won’t regret it!

20. An Eventful Expedition

When Stefano Ulivi from Florence went to lead a diving expedition close to Pico Island, he and his crew got their whole gear and went filming underwater. Little did he know he’d encounter a very friendly blue shark…

19. Getting Closer

The divers were looking to film some of their encounters and knew they will find blue sharks around. So, diving into the water, they started filming. Blue sharks are very curious, and they’re likely to come in front of the cameras to check things out.

18. Who Are You?

After finding a group of blue sharks, the team remained in their proximity. The group of sharks was peacefully swimming about, but one of them was more curious, so he started circling Ulivi.

17. What’s This?

The shark was so curious, that he got closer and closer to Ulivi. The diver was not afraid, actually, he was pretty excited. He knew that sharks use their touch to discover creatures and prey… This is what the man said.

16. Once in a Lifetime

Stefano said that he was ‘full of emotion, things like this only happen once in a lifetime.’ He felt an adrenaline rush as the shark came close and waited to see what the creature wanted to do. His next move stunned everyone!

15. Super Curious Beings

Ulivi knew that the shark will retreat in the last moment: ‘It was incredible of course, usually sharks are super curious, they arrive very close but at last moment they always change direction.’ But this shark had a plan…

14. A Professional Knows How to Act

Ulivi knew that sharks are not that aggressive, and the odds of being killed by one is 1 in 3.7 million. With that in mind, Ulivi was relaxed and just curious to find out what the shark was up to. He did not expect this, though!

13. Coming for a Hug

The blue shark came close as if he wanted a hug. And then, at the last second, instead of swimming away, the shark booped Ulivi in the face. If that was not a kiss from a shark, then we don’t know what else was! And that’s not all!

12. Is This Food?

Ulivi said that ‘this guy was trying to test me’. He said it was probably checking if it was food or not. Before giving his new friend a kiss, the shark swam with them for a couple of hours, and then he built up the courage…

11. Using Their Nose

The diver explained that because sharks don’t have hands to touch with, they use their nose to smell and touch and discover things around them. So, Ulivi thinks that ‘the shark was curious to know if I was food or not and if not what I was.’

10. Bad Reputation

Unfortunately, according to George Burgess, who is a shark expert and director of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History, sharks don’t have a great reputation, and that’s because of this.

9. Stories and Videos

Many stories of shark attacks and videos of them reacting aggressively don’t shed a good light on sharks, even though they’re not that bad. And the thing is that many videos have been scripted, explains Burgess…

8. Luring Sharks

‘Most of those videos you see of the sharks jumping out of the water chasing something, they’ve been lured by photographers using styrofoam props in the shape of a seal,’ explained Burgess. And they’re a threatened species!

7. Shark Fin Soup

This bad reputation is not helping the species. Moreover, 73 million sharks are killed each year to get cooked into shark fin soup. That’s just sad and we hope that this friendly shark kissing the diver could help shed a good light on the species…

6. Blue Sharks Confused

Back in 2013, Nick Robertson-Brown and his wife Caroline were photographing sea creatures when they saw some blue sharks very close to the coast of Cornwall. They too have been surrounded by some sharks…

5. A Nerve-Wracking Experience

‘To have one press its nose right up against your diving mask is quite a nerve-wracking experience’, said Nick. But they knew what they were up to, and were properly equipped. You won’t believe what kind of gear you need to wear!

4. Get Black Diving Gloves, Or Else…

You don’t want to choose a different shade or color, because Nick said that ‘sharks can often mistake white gloves for fish, which is when you could end up losing a hand.’ However, when it comes to swimmers…

3. They Won’t Bite

‘Swimmers aren’t in danger from these sharks. They are highly unlikely to bite humans,’ said Nick. Sharks will feed on fish and squid and they travel in packs, also being known as the wolves of the sea.

2. The Baby Sharks Are Called Pups

A female blue shark can give birth to 25-50 pups, the biggest one ever recorded was of 135 baby sharks. The gestation lasts about 9-12 months. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classified the blue sharks as a Lower Risk.

1. A Good Publicity

We hope people will care about these curious blue sharks after seeing how sweet they can be. After you see the footage on YouTube, kissing a shark now sounds awfully cute!

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