Loving Pit Bull Refuses To Leave His Blind Friend’s Side

This April, Blue Dozer the pit bull arrived at the Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) and behind him was OJ, a blind old dachshund, and his best friend. These two pooches have been together for the last four years. But when their owner became homeless and couldn’t care for them, she had to do the humane thing and surrender them to the shelter. She only asked for one thing: they must stay together.

20. It Was A Tough Decision


Christie Chipps Peters, the director of RACC said that a woman came with two dogs, as she couldn’t keep them anymore: ‘they had been living in her car for a while and she had been through some other personal things recently…’

19. She Wanted One Thing


‘All she wanted was to find them a new home together,’ said Peters. Not only Blue was best friends with OJ, but he was also great at guiding the 12-year-old dachshund around. The tiny dog was counteding on his friend.

18. An Adorable Pair


Seeing how cute these boys were together, Peters knew that adopters will come and ask about them. When getting to the shelter, they felt a bit anxious into their enclosure, but they settled fast. They had each other, after all!

17. Super Cute


‘Blue is like this super tough muscular guy, then OJ is a teeny tiny dachshund. Seeing them together is super cute’, said Peters. She also said that whenever they were out for walks and playtime, ‘OJ was Blue’s little shadow.’

16. Two Days At The Shelter


Only two days passed and life at the shelter was almost over, as a family drove in to see Blue and OJ. They talked about the dogs and then signed the adoption papers. Nobody thought this would happen…

15. Alone on the Road


Not much time after being adopted, OJ was found on a road, all alone. Was he abandoned? A man driving by OJ stopped and took him to Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center. They checked his new microchip…

14. Calling RACC and The Adopter


The new microchip led OJ’s trace to RACC and then the staff called the adopter. Meanwhile, the first posts on Facebook about this pair, which became viral in a few days, were uploaded by Page Hearn, who runs ‘Virginia Paws for Pits’. You won’t believe what happened next!

13. Surrender Blue


After finding out that the adopter abandoned OJ, RACC staff called them to surrender Blue too, to avoid getting charged with abandonment. The name of the adopter wasn’t disclosed until early today, in the news…

12. Asking For Help


In an interview, the adopter, whose name is Colleen, was said to have asked Hearn for help. She wanted to only keep Blue and surrender OJ. You won’t believe why she wouldn’t keep the blind pup!

11. She Knew All About OJ, Except For One Thing…


Robin Young, outreach coordinator at RACC said that Colleen spent a lot of time with the staff, learning all there was about OJ’s situation and why she had to take them as a pair. But Colleen didn’t know this detail…

10. She Didn’t Want To Surrender Them


‘I did not have any intentions of separating them whatsoever,’ said Colleen, defending herself. On social media, people were outraged when they heard OJ was found alone and Colleen felt miserable because she didn’t actually abandon the old pup.

9. A Temporary Solution


Colleen asked a friend of her to watch over the blind dog, because he nipped people, and then he also bit that friend. Colleen said that her friend ‘talked to someone else that was looking out for him for a little bit until there was a decision made’.

8. Hesitant to Surrender Him


It was a misunderstanding, it seems. The adopter said that she didn’t ‘want to get rid of the dog’, and when she was called to get to the shelter, she ‘was actually hesitant to sign him over’. And there’s more…

7. The Story Was So Entangled


Tracey Meadows, who is acting director of the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services center said that Colleen ‘was very nice about the situation and confused as to how OJ came to us’. She didn’t know what happened to the old dog…

6. She Placed Him in a Different Home


Colleen told Meadows that she indeed separated the dogs until ‘she could make a more thought out decision.’ But Meadows stated that the new owner of the two dogs did not abandon OJ.

5. Surrender Them Both


The adopter knew the pair of dogs was inseparable and she did an honest mistake, fearing OJ will keep biting and causing more problems. Her temporary solution got her into more trouble than she asked for…

4. In The Best Interest of The Dogs


RACC said that it was in the best interest of the two dogs that Colleen surrendered both pups back to the shelter so that they find them a proper home. On the other hand, this is what the woman said.

3. She Could Have Kept Blue…


She said that she got advice from other people ‘that by no means did I even have to turn the dog back over to them’. The contract didn’t say that when she surrenders the dogs, they have to be given back together!

2. …But She Didn’t


‘I willingly did that,’ said Colleen. She surrendered Blue Dozer to the RACC because she thought of what was best for the dogs. We can all agree that Colleen didn’t think how OJ would react when he would be alone, without Blue.

1. A Rushed Decision


A blind dog like OJ can be a little aggressive, as he feels threatened because he cannot see around him. But Blue’s presence made him feel safe.

The story ends on a happy note, as we promised! OJ and Blue Dozer are back together at the RACC and snuggling. They’re also waiting for a perfect home that will understand their special connection.

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