Two Rescued Ginger Cats Take Over The Internet With Their Adorable Photos

One day, someone heard tiny meows in their garden and didn’t know where the noise was coming from. That’s when a man saw who was making all the fuss. It wasn’t just one little kitten. There were two ginger newborn kittens who were abandoned.

The man brought them to a family, and that’s how these tiny kittens started to thrive. Anya Yukhtina, a producer and event manager, lives in Moscow, Russia. And she is the proud mommy of two ginger kittens. You won’t believe how cute these balls of fur are!

20. A Few Days Old

When the kittens were a few days old, they were found in a garden. Anya said in an interview that ‘My friend’s father found them in the garden of their country house and my friend brought them to me’…

19. A Happy Mommy

Anya was happy to take care of the little cats. They were only 10 days old when they got to her house and these balls of fur were inseparable right from the start. Anya had to feed the babies…

18. No Rest

Anya and her family always had to be there for the kittens to feed them and teach them how to do it. But after three weeks, something unfortunate happened!

17. A Tight Schedule

The kittens had to be fed every four hours, they had to be cleaned and to be kept warm. These ginger babies were so fortunate to be in caring hands. But there were also some difficult times…

16. Getting Sick

The family took care of the kittens, but Anya said that ‘When they were like 3 weeks old they got sick with ringworms’. That meant the ginger kittens needed treatment and some baths.

15. Bath Time

‘We had to wash them every 2 days and do medicine shots to cure them’, said Anya. It took the kittens almost a month to learn how to eat by themselves and another month to get well after the treatment…

14. Sleepless Nights

Two months of sleepless nights and a lot of work to nurse the furry babies back to health soon paid off. These furry brothers started to grow healthier and stronger! Guess what their names are?

13. Fatty and Skinny

Yes, one of the gingers is called Fatty and the other one is called Skinny. They’re adorable and glowing with health and you can see their adoptive mommy has spoiled them a lot! This is what she said…

12. Everything Together

‘They are always together! They sleep and eat together.’ Anya has an Instagram page @anyagrapes, and she has gathered over 34.3k followers. She has over one thousands of beautiful photos but photos #8 and #3 are our favorites!

11. Heart Warming Photos

Some of her photographs are with landscapes and people, with her and her kitties and pups. And of course, there are photos of Skinny and Fatty everywhere around the house.

10. Stealing Our Hearts!

As we said, Fatty and Skinny are best buddies and inseparable. ‘When they try to steal something from the table they also do it together. They are the best friends!’ said Anya. Can you guess where they love to spend most of their time?

9. Taking Over the Sink

The two ginger kitties grew bigger and bigger, and now they’re almost two years old! They love to play and when cuddles time starts, their favorite spot is the sink. Check the next photo!

8. Our Bed!

Skinny and Fatty also love to share the bed with their mommy, and when it’s time for a photo session, they love to pose. And if it’s nap time, you won’t see one ginger cat sleeping alone!

7. It’s Our House!

Skinny and Fatty rule the house together, sharing the bed, the sink, the tub, the cuddles from Anya and all the time. They’re two spoiled kitties that happily live under the same roof.

6. A House of Purrs

These kitties are so happy that they constantly shower their mommy with tons of purrs. And who wouldn’t be in awe of them, when you see these cute fluffs giving back some love?

5. Watching a Movie

These cats have found the ultimate mode of entertainment, and they look like us on our ‘busy’ Friday nights. Chilling in front of a movie and just purring away!

4. Time for a Nap

You know cats love to sleep a lot and Skinny and Fatty would give up chasing each other in the house for an opportunity to cuddle and sleep in their mommy’s bed. Or in the washing machine. Yes, we said washing machine…

3. This is Way too Comfy

If you’re the fresh owner of a kitty, expect to find them in the weirdest places ever. And if you forgot to close the door to the washing machine, then that’s where it could be dozing off.

2. Best Friends Forever

These kitties have had the best of luck! They got rescued just in time and were given a happy home, under the best care ever. Now, they’re healthy and happy and everyone on Instagram adores them!

1. An Awesome Mommy

You can find more photos of them on Instagram @anyagrapes. We’re so happy that these gingers have the coolest mommy ever and that they’re happily living together!

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