Kitten Saved From Death Row Finds Identical ‘Brother’ And Strike The Cutest Friendship Ever

When a tiny and cute kitten got to a shelter, it was only a matter of time until he would have been put down. The shelter only kept strays for a week, and if nobody showed up to adopt them, they would have to be put down. Fortunately for this little tabby, a woman saw his photo on a website and she was shocked!

That tiny kitten looked exactly like the woman’s cat. She had to get the kitten! So, she went to the animal control center and that’s how it all started. Now, these two identical cats are taking the internet by storm!

20. Brace Yourselves For Cuteness

Beware! We’ve gathered a lot of adorable tandem photos of these identical cats, and you might experience cuteness overload. So, browse the photos at your own risk. Now, let’s see the whole story…

19. Browsing a Website

On her work break, a woman saw something when she was browsing a website: ‘a kitten who looks exactly like my cat, Suzume, was at the animal center. Kittens can only stay there for one week’. The deadline was close…

18. Saving the Kitty

The woman took a day off, and at 4:30 in the morning, she went to the animal control center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, in Japan, to adopt the tiny kitten. It was right on the day of the cat’s deadline!

17. Going to the Vet

Right after taking the kitten into adoption, the woman headed straight to the vet and get checked. The tiny kitten was small but healthy. You won’t believe what he did when he was brought into his new home…

16. A Scaredy Cat

It was a long journey that day, first towards the vet, then finally at home, but the kitten whose name is now Unagi didn’t want to get out of his carrier. Some other cat was nearby, waiting to meet him…

15. What Did You Bring? It Smells Weird!

The woman said that Unagi ‘was 2.5 months old and weighed 860 grams, a bit bigger than Suzume when I got him.’ And talking about Suzume, he was very eager to find out who was the new member of the family.

14. It’s a Mini-Me!

We’re sure that the cats don’t know they look strikingly similar, but just by looking at them it’s like we have a deja-vu! Suzume was also a rescue cat and he probably understood why Unagi needed a little time to adjust.

13. Meows Filled the House

When his mother brought Unagi at home, the kitten started meowing. That was when Suzume came running to see who was doing that noise. Then he saw Unagi and greeted him from afar. It took them some time to make friends…

12. Getting to Meow Each Other

The woman let the cats get used to each other’s scent and step by step, a friendship was born. Later, Suzume took the role of the big brother, showing Unagi around the house and being his best friend.

11. Inseparable Kitties

Not only they are identical, but now they are inseparable! They took a little while to make acquaintance, but right after that, it was clearly a strong bond. Wherever Suzume was, Unagi would follow. They are so cute together!

10. Unagi is a Shadow

Now, it’s like Suzume has a furry shadow because the little kitty follows him everywhere! If Suzume is on a shelf, the tiny one would struggle to reach and snuggle with him. And it doesn’t matter if there’s no room…

9. Cats Have a Liquid State

We all know that cats can fit into almost everything, so when Suzume showed us he can fit into a bowl, Unagi came to surprise us. If a cat fits into a bowl, what makes you think two cats can’t do it too? Just look at them!

8. A Persistent Little Brother

Unagi is very persistent, but Suzume loves his brother, even if he is overly attached. He would groom the little kitten and look out after him. And if Suzume happens to be inside a basket, you know Unagi will immediately hop in.

7. What’s ‘Privacy’, Anyway?

Not even when Suzume takes his bath he can’t get some privacy. It seems that Unagi loves his big brother so much, that privacy is not an issue. And Suzume doesn’t mind his clingy little brother.

6. He’s Behind Me, Isn’t He?

‘Mom, give me a hug fast before he sees us. Aww, he’s right behind me, isn’t he?’ These tandem photos on their Instagram page are just too cute to bear. And wait until you see the videos – they’re a hoot!

5. Teaching Him Stuff

Suzume is a great big brother, as he’s taught Unagi a lot of things and now they rule the house together. They plan little mischiefs together and in the spare time, they’re trying to get their paws on the fish!

4. A Great Family

Thanks to that small break and to this woman’s initiative, a kitten’s life has been spared and it brought tons of happiness in the house and in our hearts. Looking at them, we know they’re happy to be together.

3. Showing Suzume New Things

Who said that Suzume was the only one who taught Unagi how to live in a house? Here, Unagi shows Suzume a perfect hiding spot to spook the humans in the house. The face on Suzume, when caught in the act, is so precious!

2. Happy Cats

Both Unagi and Suzume are so happy together, hunting the red dot and giving each other tons of baths before falling asleep next to each other. These guys are the best friends ever!

1.The Cutest Cats on Instagram

If you don’t believe us that these furry babies are the cutest cats on Instagram, check their page – suzume0513, and watch some of their videos. We promise you’ll either die of cuteness or of laughter!

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